[DAO: QmbsXTv] Linked Wearables Project

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Linked Draft Proposal

Final definitions for Linked Wearables


A proposed implementation for the submission, approval, and in-world representation of third-party NFTs as wearables.


This project will onboard new communities to Decentraland, add new uses to other NFT projects, and be an experiment in NFT interoperability.

The following solution requires the original creators of an NFT project to apply to the DAO to be “registered” within Decentraland. Approved third parties will be able to upload the 3D assets needed to represent their NFTs as Wearables in Decentraland.

This is one more step of a long process, below theres is a list of the proposals involved:

  1. Original proposal
  2. Submission fees
  3. Programmatic collections
  4. Final definitions for Linked Wearables


Web3 has given people more agency over their digital identities and the assets they own, but as more people purchase art from NFT projects, there is an increasing desire to bring these assets into other corners of the metaverse. In short, people want the ability to don their NFTs as wearables when navigating through Decentraland.

The goal of this project is to onboard existing communities to Decentraland, and make them feel welcome by customizing their avatar with their already existing NFTs and giving collectors the chance to express their PFP persona inside Decentraland.


Linked Wearables are 3D representations of NFTs outside Decentraland that can be used as wearables in-world, can be equipped on the avatar, and are found in the backpack.

Linked Wearables are not regular wearables. They look the same, but they carry a completely different meaning. They can not be bought or sold in Decentraland’s Marketplace.

These are the steps that Third Parties need to follow to have Linked Wearables:

  1. Create a DAO proposal in the category “Linked Wearables Registry” to be accepted as an approved Third Party, then the tool will be available.
  2. Wait one week for DAO’s approval and pass the 4M VP threshold.
  3. Submit wearables in the Builder using the available Slots.
  4. Develop the API following this specification.
  5. Wait for Curators Committee approval.
  6. Spread the word! Tell your community that they can enjoy their brand new Linked Wearables inside Decentraland.

Application Process

Third parties will create a DAO proposal in the category “Linked Wearables Registry” to be accepted in the registry. The vote will last for a week and will require a minimum threshold of participation of 4M VP.

The inclusion of the third party into the Registry will be done by the DAO Committee. This process will create slots for the third party and enable access to the publication flow.


A Slot is a potential representation of an NFT as a Decentraland Wearable. They define the maximum amount of different wearables designs the Third Party can use.

Depending on the strategy the collection owners choose, they can request 1 slot (i.e. All holders of the NFT collection will get the same Linked Wearable) or multiple slots (i.e. If the collection has 7,777 NFTs they can request for 7,777 slots to match the wearable with the NFTs look & feel)

Slots are free and requested by third parties on their application. They can later request more slots if necessary.

Wearable Submission

The Third Party will be able to use the Builder tool to submit a wearable design for each Slot. The wearable model must follow the same specs as any regular wearables and will be subject to the curation process of the Wearable Curation Committee.

API Development

Once the wearables are submitted to review the third party must create an API that resolves the assignment between NFT owners and Decentraland Wearables.

This is a scalable and cross-chain solution to accommodate different scenarios. The API might assign the same wearable for every NFT holder; or different wearables for different groups of NFT holders; or even more, a unique design for each NFT holder.

Curation Process

The Wearable Curation Committee will curate the submitted wearables as part of their regular flow. The curation fees are covered by the DAO and will be the same amount as regular wearables, so for a curator, it shouldn’t matter what type of collection it is.

For Programmatic Collections with more the 50 items, the curation won’t review each design one by one, instead, a new curation process will be executed following these general guidelines:

  1. Audit the wearable generation process.
  2. Define a curation plan based on the process.
  3. Curate 1% of the collection (min 50, max 300).


Linked Wearables will enable NFT Communities to customize their avatar in Decentraland. This is beneficial for both parties because the NFTs get a new use case (adding value to the collection and the community) and also, new users will be exposed to Decentraland’s experience.

This proposal will create a new flow of publication of wearables that might compete with the current publication process. This issue is mitigated by several factors:

  1. Third Parties need to be approved by the DAO in order to use this publication flow.
  2. The NFTs associated with these wearables can’t be traded in Decentraland’s marketplace.
  3. Third-party need their own NFT smart contract and build/maintain a public API for the integration to work.

The DAO will not receive submission fees for this process but still cover the compensation of the Wearable Curator Committee, thus increase DAO’s expenses. However, with the current situation of the DAO treasury this shouldn’t be a limitation, and instead see it as a marketing investment.

The Linked Wearables project will also incentivize the wearable creation economy, generating more jobs for 3d designers and studios with experience in Decentraland. The NFT communities won’t pay the DAO a submission fee but will invest resources in those with knowledge in the craft of wearable making.

Expected upsides:

  • Onboard many NFT communities to Decentraland.
  • Become a case study about interoperability between NFT projects.

Undesirable (but possible) outcomes:

  • Communities might not gather enough VP to be listed in the Linked Wearables Registry.
  • Implementation and maintenance of integration might be costly for members of the Linked Wearables Registry.

Implementation Pathways

The implementation of this feature involves the following applications:

  • Governance dApp.

    • Enable the external NFT communities to propose themselves for the registry.
  • Linked Wearables Registry - A new dApp to manage the registry.

    • DAO Committee Members can add new members to the registry.
    • DAO Committee Members can manage available slots for registry members.
    • Registry members can update their managers and resolver API.
  • Builder Tool

    • Managers of the communities listed on the Linked Wearable Registry will be able to create collections using their available slots and submit them to review.
    • Wearable Curation Committee will review the collections and upload the content to the catalysts network upon approval.
  • Third-party API

    • This is an external API maintained by the third parties in Linked Wearables Registry.
    • It enables the mapping between NFT owners and submitted wearables.
  • World Explorer:

    • Wearables linked to external NFTs will be displayed in the explorer’s backpack.


This should be a very inclusive feature that allows many communities to know Decentraland and everything it has to offer. We, as a community, also need to welcome them and make it easy to access but at the same time, secure. Please vote :smile:.

Voting Options

In favor: Approve Linked Wearables Project

Against: Reject Linked Wearables Project

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

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This is an exciting and important development for Decentraland, imo!

Could someone provide some additional guidance or a short right up that is easily accessible (maybe it is something we can include at the top of each Linked Wearable proposal), that describes some metrics or qualitative considerations community members should take into consideration when evaluating “Linked Wearables Proposals”?


Very excited about this and we already have 58 yes votes for our Linked Wearable Collection Project (Waifumon, Metakuza, CastleCrew). Anyway we can lower VP requirements since a lot of our holders I pitch this to vote yes but don’t have never tried Decentraland. I theorize the point of this project is to help grow Decentraland user base and I think this would help since people that have never played decentrlanad usually don’t have VP when they first start out. If not totally cool too have several events going to promote this to our users and even have a massive one with hundreds of attendees locked on the 17th. I will maybe then ask for an extension since i forcast can get tons of votes from that event too. Thanks again.

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This is definitely an important development for the entire Decentraland community, and a strong next step in achieving interoperability in the Metaverse.

Metaverse Architects fully supports this proposal.


This is what we need, and brings us all closer to achieving higher degrees of interoperability.

Supporting this proposal. Let’s get going. :fire:


So hyped for this to take shape.

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Linked Wearables Project

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 95% 7,532,238 VP (38 votes)
  • No 5% 446,021 VP (2 votes)

Linked Wearables Project

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)