[DAO: QmbUgpD] Full process wearable creation and submission tutorials

by 0x5e382071464a6f9ea29708a045983dc265b0d86d (Sango)

Should the following Tier 3: up to $5,000 USD in MANA, 3 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


My aim is to build an in-depth tutorial series of videos to be hosted on the Decentraland youtube channel to cover the very basics, the regular
issues i see the community run into, and more advanced subjects like weighting from scratch, sculpting normals and painting textures through to submitting and minting items.

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



In my time as a wearable committee member i have noticed a lot of patterns that people make when making their wearables which result in it not showing
in the builder when importing, the mesh being squewed, etc. This tutorial series will be broken down into over 20 videos, each one covering a specific subject
so the user could easily locate the video that is relative to the help they need, making it a tool for trouble shooting which in turn will free up the committee
members time from not having to answer the same queries over and over in the discord channels. Also, the series will be a great resource for 3d artists to look over
before making the move into Decentraland so they can see all limits and best workflows when making wearables for Decentraland.
The videos will cover making all the different types of wearables and getting them in-game without any issues and abiding by the resource limits.

For each item (upperbody, helmet, lowerbody etc.) there will be a series of videos following it from mesh creation, UV unwrapping, normal sculpting and baking, texturing, rigging, testing and submission


The tutorials will cover Blender, Photoshop and Substance Painter

The subjects that will be covered are;

--downloading and importing the base mesh correctly


-–model shoes from scratch

--[lower body]
-–model lower body from scratch

-–model upperbody from the base mesh
-–model upperbody from scratch


--painting textures
--shader settings
--emission & alpha

--sculpting & baking normals
--compiling normals and textures together

--auto weighting
--manual weights
-–weighting hands that don’t match armature
-–weighting skirts/dresses
-–weighting feet
-–weighting helmets/accessories

--testing in the builder and in world and talking through common issues and how to solve them

--publishing and minting wearables


Sango - 3d artist, Music teacher, Wearable Committee member, Wearable creator, MetaZoo Int. co-founder - SangoOfTheEast - Sketchfab

I, Sango, will be recording all the video’s and doing the video editing.

Roadmap and milestones

2-4 videos will be made each week until the series is complete making the entire series complete within a 10 week period, Once all the production videos are made I will use some of the grant to publish the items so I can create the publishing and minting tutorials and the wearables will be given out to be used as giveaways at community events.

Once all the videos are complete and the models are published, all the files will be made public.

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A lot of people are already doing it : https://www.youtube.com/c/KatherineJoelleWalker

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yes, some tutorials are all ready out there. This series will be an all encompassing tutorial set that covers alot of things that haven’t been covered yet that the community is always running into errors with


More in-depth knowledge, yes! I’m often looking for how to make improvements. Especially on the technical issues, of which I’m sure you’re more aware of due to being a committee member.

I’m hoping this will also answer some questions I have, e.g. when including an image for the normal map, I noticed it takes up a slot as a texture in the builder, does this count towards the texture count limit?

Also testing, I generally spend between 100 to 200 hours testing in world (dresses are tough, if anyone likes a challenge, make a dress while keeping at least the feet) checking each animation from the front, back, sides, top, to eliminate or significantly reduce clipping. This is before finalizing uv-mapping and publishing. So videos on dresses definitely a yes, I’d like to see solutions by others create.

This is a great idea, I’d love to see this approved!

I think this would be beneficial to the community, though it is already happening organically with creators who share their knowledge on YT like Hiroto Kai (Hiroto Kais - TutorialsDecentraland Wearable Builder Tutorial - Sango's Weight Painting Lesson - YouTube) and myself (thanks @MrVertual!) I’d love to see some tuts from you Sango but I think it would be better to invest DAO funds into other things.

There are creators doing content like this for free already.
How are your videos going to separate you from the rest of those videos?
How are you out-reaching to the community, where is the $5000 USD going?

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Hard YES from me. I have learned a lot from Sango and Metazoo over the years and know they are always ahead of the curve and can continue to teach the community as they have been.

Yes! love this!!

Small feedback:

Why not publish the files with the release of each video, instead of waiting until the end? this way, people following your tutorials can download them and try their own stuff :slight_smile:

Full process wearable creation and submission tutorials

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  • No 2% 43,884 VP (6 votes)

Full process wearable creation and submission tutorials

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Where can we find these videos?