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Black Lives Matter 2021

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BLM T-Shirt

  • Description: Black lives matter!
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Category: upper_body

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BLM Hoodie

  • Description: Black lives matter!
  • Rarity: rare
  • Category: upper_body

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  • Description: Black lives matter!
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Category: hat

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Hi, just commenting here about the IP rights for this:

The phrase “Black Lives Matter” is public domain. Here are two articles that talk about how there have been lots of patent and copyright applications for it but all have been rejected:

The font itself is “Maven Pro” which is freely available for commercial use:

The fist image is the “Other version” found here on wikipedia commons, and has been, “Released into the public domain by its creator. The wider motif itself is not protected by copyright.”

Let me know if there are any issues with this or the glb files. Thanks!

Despite all this being public domain, do you intend to make donations of profits to the Black Lives Matter Movement or adjacent social justice movement?

I would love to support this wearable but would like more information about how profits will be used before doing so.

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That’s a great idea, although I don’t know how exactly I would do that or announce it.

Hey there, just bumping this thread for someone to review these please. Thanks!

doesn’t it make sense to actually be apart of said organization if you plan to fashion their wears? this could almost be a form of digital cultural appropriation
if u ask me… looks sus af, but what do i know.

sus? how so?

I make it because my friends and I thought it was cool. There apparently is no “”, only a “” which is some for-profit thing I guess.

I would be open to donating to real charities, but I don’t think there official is one for BLM…

I did suggest doing some kind of charity event for the release of these here:

Let me know what everyone thinks about this and if there are any technical issues with these wearables that need to be fixed. Thanks!

What if an actual nonprofit comes along and wishes to donate 100% to a charitable cause, but an individual already beat them to utilizing the public IP? In this example, the individual could be donating 5% and profiting from the rest - I think this raises a much larger question around profiting from public domain.

Would it make sense for Creators to be required to submit transparent pricing and donation splits whenever they utilize public domain IP for profit?

How about updating the design to be just “Lives Matter”? We find this to be racist, as the term is prefixed with a race. Isn’t “Black Lives Matter”, the logo on the wearables here, the same organization responsible for destruction and terrorizing major cities? Let’s leave the failing politics of the real world out of Decentraland. Thank you for your understanding!

Thanks for you input everyone. @EndRacism unfortunately I think many people will see that as more racist because it tries to take the focus away from the “black” part of it, which is critical to the overall message.

I personally believe you could make something more artistic and unique to represent BLM, rather than just slapping the logo on some clothing, but that’s just me…

I agree, @Ecto. The problem here goes beyond just public domain IP.

@EndRacism, I feel that by changing the messaging to “Lives Matter” while keeping the same logo, you will be doing precisely what you say you want to avoid—bringing politics in.

True, the entire matter should be postponed until later point in time, quite possibly Black History month which is nearly 8 months off now.

@yemel I was told by @Kat to tag you…

This proposal has ended: Black Lives Matter Collection

Can someone please refund me the mana and delete the collection?


Hi @DecentraJim!

I’m Yemel from the DAO Committee. Your original proposal had two options: 1. Accept, 2. Reject and Refund. The community voted for the second one and the collection was rejected.

At the moment the DAO does not have a policy for refunding rejected collections and you could be the first case. However, if we do it we should do it for all rejected collections as well. Which is an interesting conversation to have and I want to encourage you to put up a new proposal just for this.

The proposal should have a title, summary, motivation, specification, and clear votation options. Feel free to DM me if you need feedback before publishing.

Please check the proposal about compensating the curation committee based on items reviewed (approved or not). The amount still needs to be defined (stay tuned).

If we issue refunds for rejected collections, some community members might believe the DAO should not make a full refund and subtract the amount required to pay the curation committee services. Please include this as a voting option in the proposal.

Looking forward to seeing a refund policy set up!

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