[DAO:cf9dd79] Creating Collaborative Short-Form & Live Streamed Content for Community Members

by 0x2bbd17c07e6f178ba6f51e1b526a43125662c248 (Bleace)

Should the following $24,000 grant in the Social Media Content category be approved?


This initiative focuses on producing vertical content that community members can post on their own accounts, featuring the Decentraland logo prominently to enhance brand visibility and recognition. Through an open call I ensure an equitable opportunity for all community members to participate and share their unique perspectives and experiences within Decentraland. This approach not only democratizes content creation but also fosters a sense of ownership and pride among community members.

Grant size

24,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



For those who know me in Decentraland, I am Bleace, but my real name is Ryan Lannom, a multimedia specialist with a rich background in film, video editing, and social media content creation. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Film and Video from Florida Atlantic University and an extensive career, including five years as an Associate Producer/Video Editor for CBS Sports, my journey has been a continuous effort to improve and grow.

The power of short-form and live-stream content on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram is undeniable. Yet, a cursory search of #Decentraland on these platforms reveals a concerning trend: an overwhelming presence of negative content that overshadows the innovative and community-driven aspects of the Decentraland experience. This proposal aims to counteract this negative perception by dedicating 40-60 hours weekly to the creation of positive, engaging, and informative short-form content in collaboration with Decentraland community members.

The core objective of this proposal is twofold: firstly, to significantly increase the volume of positive, brand-aligned content related to Decentraland across major social media platforms, thereby improving the public perception of the Decentraland community. Secondly, to empower community members by providing them with the tools and photo and video content to share their stories and experiences from their own account especially for those who may not have the means to do so, creating a more vibrant, engaged, and positive online community.

Through extensive content creation within Decentraland, showcased across YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram, I have gained invaluable insights into the platform’s ecosystem and its audience’s desires. My work for Dollhouse in 2023, resulting in nearly 100,000 views on TikTok and YouTube, underscores the potential impact of targeted, high-quality content. Yet, several pressing questions have emerged: Why is Decentraland not more widely recognized? Why are its engagement and event attendance not reflective of its technological advancements? Why doesn’t Decentraland have a Top-10 Music Performance in terms of number of active attendees? When people see my content on TikTok or YouTube why are they guessing it’s Sandbox, Roblox and not Decentraland and not even knowing Decentraland exists? Having the technology expand is great, but that means nothing if no one knows about it or a want to use it.

Drawing from my extensive experience both within and outside Decentraland, I’ve noticed a significant gap in resources available to many community members. I’ve been fortunate to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, including a high-performance Alienware PC equipped with an RTX 3090 GPU, 128GB RAM, and a 12th Gen i9 CPU, alongside a 32GB RAM laptop, a Mac Pro desktop, and an iMac. All these are connected to a fiber internet connection in Brooklyn, NYC. This arsenal of technology allows me to present Decentraland in its finest form and explore innovative content-creation methods. With access to advanced software, I’m equipped to bring new perspectives and elevate the community’s digital presence.

Website: https://www.ryanlannomdesign.com/
Socials: https://linktr.ee/bleace

Roadmap and milestones

Phase 1
Calendar Setup: Launch an online booking system for community members to schedule photo shoots, video recordings, and live stream sessions.
Community Outreach: Initiate a campaign to inform and encourage community members to fill the calendar with their events.
First Content Drops: Produce and share the initial batch of content created from scheduled events and collaborations.
Phase 2
Weekly Events Launch: Start hosting weekly events in Decentraland, beginning with the Wellness Week build and expanding to other community spaces.
DJ Bookings: Secure commitments from DJs and performers, both from within and outside the Decentraland community, for upcoming events.
Phase 3
Content Amplification: Increase the frequency and variety of content produced, aiming for at least one post per day across multiple platforms.
Collaboration Deepening: Strengthen ties with community members through featured content projects, highlighting individual talents and stories.
Event Variety Enhancement: Introduce new event formats and collaborations to diversify content and engage broader audiences.
Phase 4
Performance Review: Analyze content engagement data, community feedback, and overall project impact to assess the achievement of initial goals.
Feedback Integration: Incorporate community suggestions and lessons learned into the project’s future direction.
Scaling Strategy: Develop and share a plan for scaling successful aspects of the project, including potential new content formats and partnership opportunities.
Progress Sharing
Monthly Updates: Share detailed progress reports with the community via Decentraland’s official channels, social media, and live stream Q&A sessions.
Real-Time Engagement: Utilize Discord and Twitter for ongoing project updates, sneak peeks behind the scenes, and direct community interaction.
Transparency Portal: Establish an online dashboard where community members can track project milestones, upcoming events, and real-time content production efforts.

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Excellent idea, youtube shorts and tiktok give out 1000s of free views to almost anyone. I think your target audience size of 60000 is extremely conservative… If 10 people post daily for 6 months the math works out to be:

10 users x 180 days x 1 post a day x (100 or 1000 views) = 180k - 1.8m views

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Thank you so much for the reply! I am definitely being conservative on the numbers and did choose the low end on the numbers as I have seen it to be a tendency to over-exaggerate outcomes so I wanted to do a number that I know I can hit. Even the post number is conservative, I plan on creating a lot more posts than that, which again was a very low conservative number.

Good idea but how benefits from this program all the community how what to do something in Decentraland or just a few party a asking this question because i m the founder of DclRomania and yes i don t have time and money to learning to do staff but i want to see more Romania guys in Decentraland and i think this can of grant can help the community of Romania growing. And to be honest i want to see 3D artists 3D game to do this can of the grant to help community like DclRomania to on-board ppl in Decentraland, before i vot i have to see you answer, thanks

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NAH I don’t think so

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There are many users like @jimsedric doing this for free daily, i see no point in paying 24k :frowning:

Hey Serena, I am just curious as to why you are strongly against this? Just surprised out of everyone in Decentraland, you specifically would be outspoken against this, when we used to go to your event every Friday, have created a lot of content for you and help mint out your first NFT project, it shocks me to see this comment from you.

Hey Injesterr, To be clear this initiative is not just me posting from my personal account, this is creating and editing content for community members to post from their account and only having Decentraland and DAO logos on the content, not plastering my own logo or anything. This is about generating a lot of UGC content with community members, using the number of computers I have to capture this content at a very high resolution and have the experience to edit this content to make it easily digestible to a wide audience across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. I assure you, there is not content being made like this right now, and not at this volume, especially from those who don’t have the capability to do this.

I was kind off saying it to dclchess, I mean to @dclchess that if hes voting for views etc that 24k isnt worth it.

Hey Ballan, I will be opening my calendar to all in the community and prioritizing those who do not have the resources to create such content and would love to help you and your Romanian friends create content for your platforms. I will not be plastering my logo or anything on the videos, I will be adding Decentraland and DAO logos to it to raise overall brand awareness. So when I open the Calendar, you book a time that works for you and we can set up some shoots of your wearables, your build, whatever you want to do, we can set that up and then I can edit those videos for you.

That is a very fair price for what I am going to be doing and what I normally charge for an hourly rate to edit video IRL. I am doing this rate as it is my first proposal and am trying to be understanding. If you look at other grants and see that they are paying Graphic Designers for 4 months $22,000 for 4 Months of Work, that is not even close to what this all entails, just saying for comparison on what I have seen up to a vote and what is getting passed.

I strongly against this because I think this is way over budget. I know you get paid from some other grants so not sure why this would be needed on top of those extra payments.
#2 just because you bought a NFT a from me doesnt mean I need to bow down and give a Yes.
I was one of your biggest supporters with your crew welcoming you into decentraland when you came here so I supported you just as much if not MORE. So please don’t use those tactics with me.
I also didn’t appreciate the name calling in my dms that you deleted. Don’t need to spread that info in the comments, because I’m not like that, but I would appreciate if we keep the convo here and stop Dming me.

Im voting because this is a red flag for me. And I vote what feels and makes sense according to my observation, and the proposal as a whole.

Thanks for understanding and respecting my vote.

I am not getting paid by other grants, that is false. I am not asking for you to say yes, I said I was shocked to see you come out so much against this. I have not name called you in the DMs either, again this is false. And you have never supported anything I have done, it was all about you and your events, nothing else. I really haven’t heard from you since your grant was passed and you left for Dubai. But thanks for voting.

Calling me a ‘coward’ is low. I don’t forget anything. Don’t try and play me cause your only playing yourself. Don’t be smart with me Bleace, I should have trusted myself then but I gave you the benefit of the doute.


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For context, I was someone who financially backed you and for you to stop responding all of a sudden, for you to read messages and not even have the decency to respond out of nowhere without giving any explanation whatsoever, was being a coward, yes. I honestly felt like I was rugged by yet another NFT project being treated like that and was hurt by it. This is the first I have heard from you since you left the country. And I know others who feel the same, who also financially supported you, we feel like you just left us without a word.

It’s about this project that’s over budget. This is off course

If you want to go there, I have bought NFTs from your friends, your girlfriend as well. Should I consider this a rug too ? I haven’t hurd from them either till now. I wore your clothes as well. I mean what more could I have done to support ? Very weird again.
I supported so many of your Twitter spaces back when you have 4 people listening, maybe you forgot. You started acting real weird and idk what happened so I decided to distance myself. Which paid off. I started seeing success shortly after. If your offended because I’m focused on creativity I’m not sure what to say, sorry you feel this way. I don’t owe anyone an explanation for anything.
Whoever feels the same, hasn’t told me anything so idk what other people your talking about.
Last I heard you said you don’t get involved in the dao cause it’s toxic when I reached out to you my proposal. So not sure what the change of heart is. I haven’t left I am still in the same spot right where I started right where you found me 83,74 lol. So idk what you mean left us. Some of the community has shown their uninterested in some of my work, but I continue to work regardless. I’m unbothered by nonsense.
Back to course….
Being in the dao requires to put aside some of our feelings. And that’s what I do
Maybe your not built for this ? If your hurt like this.
We need to move past our feelings and focus :clap:on what your presenting here. And the funds that seem quite high for what your trying to achieve.

This wasn’t a very contrstuctive addition to the conversation. Why not just vote and not say anything?

If you weren’t trying to be hurtful, I’m unclear what your goal was, and I’ve defended you from all kinds of people saying varying degrees of rude things from Spottie all the way to people I consider friends.

I think you are better than this.


I wanted to say something b/c that’s what my intuition pulled me to do.
So I did exsactly that. I highly trust myself. Weither anyone thinks it’s constructive or not.

People can say whatever they want about me, It literally doesn’t effect me in the slightest anymore.
I’m free in my mind :dove:
But thanks for caring

I hope we can stay focused though on the proposal. Seems like we are loosing tunnel vision. :hole:

Agreed, and I am vowing to work 40-60 hours a week creating content for community members, for them to post on their own accounts, not going to plaster my logo all over it either, only logos that will be on the content will be Decentraland and the DAO. I will provide the tech to pull off this content as well as the editing of the content that they are free to use across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram plus Twitter. All of which if you look up #Decentraland you will see covered in negative posts that are misinformed, so this will democratize the content and also allow people to create content who may not have the resources to do that. With my experience both in-world and out, I can provide a unique skillset to this content that is much needed right now as competition for attention has never been higher.

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Decentraland has a ton of great events. But when an event is over - it’s done. The only way it lives on is through social media. As someone who has worked tirelessly in this space for over two years, I know how difficult it is to maintain social media while managing an active venue schedule. Being able to rely on someone to share all the great things we are doing on social media (as well as report weekly stats and make specific recommendations for improvements - very important!) has tremendous value!

Bleace was Social Media Manager for Dollhouse for the better part of the Dollhouse in 2023. Dolls initially had no presence on social media beyond Twitter/X, and I asked Bleace to help expand our presence on other channels. Using just our in-world content, he made hundreds of videos for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, both long form content and short term content. Furthermore, he started the Dollhouse KICK channel bringing us to Affiliate status just as the Grant ended!

  • 119 YouTube videos (23.5k views)
  • 135 TikTok shorts (50k views)
  • 316 posts on Instagram
  • 3.9K followers on Twitter X
  • Kick Affiliate

Bleace was always resourceful, suggesting different marketing tactics, like helping us with our (short-lived) Twitter space. He was available to assist at all times, often going above and beyond what was necessary. He adapted quickly to changing circumstances and stayed positive throughout. He was very good about sharing analytics, testing and adapting his methods based on platform data. Bleace is reliable, mature and professional with a true passion for Decentraland, which is something we see less and less of these days.

We, the creators, are the ones that make Decentraland a place that people want to experience for themselves! But we need to do what we do best, and let people like Bleace work on sharing what we do with the rest of the world. I see this proposal as beneficial for any active creators in DCL, and most importantly good for Decentraland!