[DAO:7418c45] Going Full Time in Decentraland

by 0x5985eb4a8e0e1f7bca9cc0d7ae81c2943fb205bd (helpimgolfing)

Should the following $40,000 grant in the Social Media Content category be approved?


I am seeking funding to be active full time for the next coming years if not forever.
I will but not limited to:

  • Provide services for covering events, games or experiences that the community ask of me.
  • Continue to create fun interactive events, spontaneous or planned.
  • Continue releasing free music and soundscapes for Dcl.
  • Perform and create music on lands with my hardware equipment as a joint interactive experience.
  • Always be there as a familiar, trusted face ready to on board, help or be with anyone or any group that is involved in dcl.

Grant size

40,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

12 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Helpimstreaming is becoming a house hold name and I wish to direct my full self and full efforts into this world for ALL inhabitants and groups.
I believe I give a lot of value and have a lot about me that I am not putting inside of dcl yet because I am not here 24/7.
I have always gave away my published wearables (12 published wearables so far) and never wanted to take out of the ecosystem.

Places you can get my wearables for free:

  • GolfCraft LuckyBalls Machine
  • Meta GamiMall
  • My Personal Twitter/x account (@Helpimstreaming)
  • Other People’s Streams
  • Events/Competitions I’ve created
  • In world nearby chat (new users or whoever answers fun questions first)
  • GolfCraft Tournaments

I am asking for this grant to support me in continuing what I do and what I want to do for this place in hopes that it can it can eventually support itself.
I wish to accomplish more in quality, quantity and add more different aspects of my life here.
The groups here should also have an option of using me for coverage, music performance/walk throughs and hosting events, especially on days where there’s not much going on I will be here.

I have worked out that this grant covers 40+ hours at $19.23 an hour for 1 year, this works out to £15.15 an hour and minimum wage is £10.42 here in the UK.
The time spent in total on and off stream would be a lot more due to the nature of the task.

I’ve put a lot of consideration into this as I don’t necessarily want to take too much from the DAO.
I also want to prolong this to make it last longer than 1 year and become self sustainable being here 24/7.
I see this as a great opportunity for everyone inside Decentraland and most importantly to me and what I truly care about and have a passion for.

Twitch Analytics -

(All natural from Dcl category)

  • Followers: 813

Total (From Dec 2021):

  • Live views: 25,919
  • Time streamed: 1,269h
  • Unique viewers: 5,676
  • Ad breaks: 1h52m
  • Average views: 9.5
  • Minutes watched: 725,366m

I have recently been doing events for Golfcraft and I know correlation isn’t causation but they have received DAU of + %400 in this time.

I live a very simple life and I can use this to support me for longer than 1 year, I am far from materialistic even down to not wanting to wear branded clothing because I am not a walking advert.
I cannot stress enough how much I want to be here all the time for everyone and even though I am not a part of any clique or group I want to be a part of Decentralnds grant funded endeavour and to have my whole true self, care and time here.
I want to be ‘Helpimstreaming’ I want to be ‘DclStreamer’ and I want to give myself to this.

Roadmap and milestones

Create monthly/bi weekly community events.
Cover other peoples events.
Be actively here streaming these events or my own community events.
Post relevant social media content surrounding everything

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Voting no here because I don’t think it’s appropriate to allocate 67% of the budget for this category to one person.

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I voted Yes because I know 100% HelpImStreaming will fullfill the obligation with hardwork and real passion for the decentraland community. We need some consistant promotion with new ideas flowing and I believe this would be a great one to start with! :100: :boom:

Ofc no.

It`s a joke and specialy when you have Spiderman voting yes.

ppl here are completely delusional lol

its the same ppl that put 200k in a game like exodus

My reasoning is that I have to have some form of security to be here full time. Grants have been passed asking of roughly the same but for a larger sum and I believe the amount of value I give and can give for the area I perform in out weighs this amount.
Thank you for your time and participation.

Im happy to vote NO on this

Not sure how much metrics I can share but doing routine events at Golfcraft saw them a very noticeable increase in MAU, DAU, new players. Even the time of day where my events were hosted saw a player base over double the average of DAU. Every single one of these attendees were active in communication, posting media and having fun. I want to do events for everyone, I want to be here for anyone and I want to have this opportunity to be 100% committed to Decentraland. There have been similar grants for 60k for a year passed and I believe I have no competition in the uniqueness of my events, likeness and player to host dynamic. Once again I am not apart of any group or clique or people in Decentraland. I believe having me on full time would be the best thing for Decentraland in the content creation department.

Imagine if DAO funded everyone’s stay in DCL as a security to be here full time. Voted no.

It’s not a proposal to just play the game but thank you for your participation

Voting Yes. Helpimstreaming is doing an amazing work keeping people engaged with Decentraland every single day.

I like, vote YES. It is a good initiative and all previous editions have been sensational

A few of the routinely events, these can happen weekly and can change or evolve with what’s most fun and engaging. Other events such as longer format competitions or themed events would happen naturally.

I highly recommend joining BINGO on Monday 9th 6pm UTC. At the start I will talk a little bit of political jargon and explain what these first events will entail if explanation is needed.

Look forward to seeing you.

So are you planning to mainly stream GolfCraft? How will you decide where you spend your streaming time? Will all DCL events/places benefit from this, or just a select few that you choose?

I think it’s unreasonable to expect the DAO to grant you (or anyone) “security” equivilant to a full time job’s salary, especially during a bear market.

I wish to do what I’ve done for Golfcraft in my free time for the whole of Decentraland with all my time.

I wouldn’t of applied for a grant of this size and length without proving I am capable first and the only way to actually see results was using what little time I have in one small section of this eco system. I believe the fact during this time Golfcraft was trending against Decentraland proves my attentiveness and passion is seen by the players of Dcl.

I personally believe all content and all events for players who are playing and for new players is building. No point in a bull market if there’s a decline in decentralands active events which user retention would peg to, just like the decline in dao participation.

As to how I will decide where I spend my streaming time. Outside of the events which will be hosted all over I will also have the time to go to every land. I highly recommend joining bingo on Monday 9th October.

40k for 9.5 viewers on average?
Come on people… =(


People attend my events without joining the stream because the stream is not necessary for participation.

The average views on decentraland category is 0

for me, yes.
decentraland needs new and active users and this is one of the ways to get it.

Full time allows a large sum of fun events/competitions managed, promoted and streamed by me, with event VODs uploaded & short edited clips posted on the relevant platforms.
Remember it’s easier to make a connection with one person than a group of people.
With the direction of entertainment and social activities the connection with the player to the creator is more valuable than ever. Especially in a metaverse.

this is wild… $40k to stream dcl content??? Is every member of dcl not a content creator? should we all be paid $40k to keep making posts?