[DAO:470456b] DCL Gaming-focused Twitter and Blog Content

by 0x153b2252eddcb3690ae6f5e9f38be13779e1364d (JAR0D)

Should the following $15,000 grant in the Social Media Content category be approved?


Produce 3-3,500 words of blog content weekly, covering topics such as:

-Weekly Gaming Event calendar
-Interview with Creators
-Reviewing and discussing Grant requests
-In-depth articles on topics like improving QA in web3/DCL or design analysis of successful game loops in Decentraland.

Also, tweet about games and gaming events daily, and engage with community project tweets.

Grant size

15,000 USD

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



While I am probably never going to make a top ten list or win a skill-based gaming event, I don’t think anyone has spent more time writing and tweeting about Decentraland gaming than I have, and few are more excited about it. While I’ve been playing games in DCL since my first day at WonderMine I didn’t start writing about Decentraland gaming until June 2022.

The growth Decentraland gaming has had in the 1.5~ years I’ve been here has been exponential. Where some people look and can’t see past “Playstation One graphics” I just see the infinite potential.

Every single time I get to do something in Decentraland I couldn’t do before I can’t help myself but tell everyone who will listen. If I had infinite money I wouldn’t ask for this grant, helping creators find an audience has been the thing that brings me the most joy over the last year and I would happily write and tweet about the people working to make Decentraland a more fun experience for free.

Some writing examples include:

My Twitter following has been around 3,000 users until recently when someone purchased approximately 60k followers for me. I am currently in the process of requesting that Twitter removes them. Luckily, I have access to historical data for reference.

Engagement metrics:
Over the 91 days before someone purchased me fake engagement, Nov 23rd - Feb 21st, I had
- 406.6k Impressions (4.5k/day)
- 5.6% avg Engagement Rate
- 979 Link clicks (11/day)
- 513 Retweets without comments (6/day)
- 7.1k Likes (78/day)
- 2.2k Replies (24/day)

My average tweet count was pretty low over this window; I feel confident that with this grant and the ability to focus 100%, I can maintain or improve all metrics.

Performance Metrics:
- 25-35 Blog Posts
- 270 Tweets (not including replies or engaging with the DCL community on their posts)
- Average 150-250k~ Twitter impressions a month

Roadmap and milestones

Weekly Deliverables

Articles: 1-3
Words: 3-3.5k
Tweets: 21~
Impressions: 37,500-55,000
Engagement Rate: 5%+

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I have to give credit to Jarod for introducing me to Knights of Antrom (Dice Masters back then) and for also making the collab happen between Decentral Games and Knights of Antrom. I believe that might have been one of the first DCL game collabs where a wearable received utility in more than one game.

He has always shown a lot of passion for DCL games in general, has had some very entertaining twitter space interviews with DCL creators, and he has also created multiple high quality blogs describing some of the DCL games.


This one in particular really stuck out to me back then, when Jarod really puts effort into something, I believe that he is able to deliver very well written and high quality content.

I think this is a fair grant request, the $ amount is not unreasonable. The only thing I would add/request is that he adds a couple of DCL related twitter interviews to this also.


I’m voting yes on this because I think Jarod has the drive to make content and push the platform forward. Anyone familiar with SEO will know that the content in blogs will come up in different search results than just paying for more short-term social media advertising like Facebook and Twitter. If websites like Coindesk are going to continue to print misleading articles to promote FUD around Decentraland, I think we need an arsenal of creators with the knowledge and passion to tell our own story. Good luck Jarod :+1:


Is this proposal paying Jar0d 5k a month to write tweets really gonna pass? :melting_face:
$11 CPM for Twitter is HUUUUUGE, that’s several times higher than what youtube even pay.


Hi HP, great question. I can see how I did not do an adequate job of explaining my request.

Let me attempt to clarify why I do not believe this is a reasonable Apples to Apples comparison.

While CPM is one of the more popular metrics used to measure marketing, it is meaningless in a vacuum.

CPM without the context of additional Engagement Rate is only a good metric for measuring an existing project against itself in the future.

If you have a CPM of $2 but an Engagement rate of 1% you are paying the same amount per engaged user as someone with a CPM of $10 and an engagement rate of 5%

agree with HP, i like the idea but i think the amount asked for is too much.

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What do you believe is a fair price for well-researched blog content promoting Decentraland Gaming?

It has been suggested that @HPrivakos’s comment could be misleading to others and that I should make it clear that the majority of this grant is going towards creating high-quality written content.

Jarod is pretty active DCL citizen :cowboy_hat_face: Definitely YES. Good luck.


Hey @jar0d, thank you for taking the time to write this grant request. I really like your writing style, use of graphics and detailed explanation of the projects and people behind the projects as shown in your writing samples.

Are you willing to remove this type of discussion in your content since it may show your personal feeling around a creator/game trying to acquire a grant? I don’t think the DAO should fund someone’s personal opinion around potential grants through Tweets and Blogs.

If you voted no on a gaming grant request, would you still promote that creator/game through your content should the grant be approved?

If your intent is to bring positive content around all DCL gaming, then I am all for supporting this initiative even though I believe it can be done at a less expensive rate.

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Sure. I would clarify that I imagined the content to be more about making people aware of the Games attempting to get grants and highlighting the aspects I found innovative, and noting any existing commentary/sentiment from the community. But happy not to do that also.

I think this is a tough question to provide a blanket yes or no answer to. It would probably depend on why I voted no. I’m struggling to think of examples because, in the current Decentraland landscape, there have not been very many Game related grant requests that aren’t doing something novel.

I imagine I would probably refrain from long-form commentary on such a game. There are lots of things being made in DCL that excite me, and generally, I can’t write falsely flattering things effectively. I would have no issue boosting specific content mentioning events, but if I found something worthy of voting against, I would probably find it difficult to promote it in a way I felt was honest and genuine.

I’m usually open to acknowledging when I am in the wrong or have made a mistake, so in the event I voted no on something that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t come around on the game.

When creating arbitrary and reductive things like “DCL RPG Tier List” I do my best to make it clear that my subjective thoughts are not objective facts and that anyone building something in Decentraland is awesome, and you should check them out.

To be clear though, I have no interest in spending my time creating content that attacks the work people are putting into building things in Decentraland.

jar0d has demonstrated his commitment to promoting DCL projects and DCL as a whole. DCL has benefitted from his efforts to onboard new users into Web3 and into the DCL environment specifically.

Granting funds to content creators focusing their content on increasing visibility of the DCL ecosystem is one of the better uses of the DCL treasury.

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I like the man i vote yes

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Let me see if i understand correctly,
The most toxic person on DCL is asking for a grant to pay him $ 600 per blog post which is more than what a bloomberg journalist earns per article.
He is acusing someone of faking his twitter stadistics but bragging about them at the same time.

I wonder why jarod shared his twitter stadistics and not the blog stadistics, how many visitors go into the blog posts? Why not sharing the key information of this grant?

If someone bought fake followers to your account jarod, forget about those reach numbers, you are automatically shadow banned.

This is a huge no and i hope the community can see it before we end up cancelling once again grants.


There have been grants for similar proposals and none has managed to successfully execute in a way that provides a tangible ROI for Decentraland. What will be the significant difference that will provide a game changer to what’s already out there and where others are already doing it for free? I would consider changing my Vote to Yes if the proposer has showcased ability in video interviews, tutorials and conduct live unmasked conversations with members of the DCL community to promote DCL. If this proposal is gonna be just for writing, then the amount does not justify the actions proposed.

Also, nothing that is proposed here that can’t be done and generated by ChatGPT.


I like this one! and will vote for this!

i did a little looking around and found this article:

this person is charging between 0.5 and 0.8 USD/word. with your min of 40k words, that works out to between 20k - 32k. However, this person is (according to their own website so…who can say) at a relatively high-level when it comes to copywriting and has been writing professionally since 2014, so nearly 10 years.

This is entirely subjective, but I would vote yes if this grant was for 5k

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I don’t understand how you presented data that says that just writing the content alone would cost 20-32k dollars and concluded a grant to both write and promote the content should be worth 5k.

I do not engage with bad faith arguments written by blattent sockpuppet accounts.

I will note that this is a myth.

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You would have to provide specific examples if you would like me to answer questions like “what will be the difference?”

unless i misunderstood, you’ve been writing for less than a year - so what i was pointing out that those rates seem high compared to what someone with 10 years of experience at a very high level charges

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