[DAO:41a4ce9] DCL Community Celebration and DAO Engagement-Focused Content Creation

by 0x153b2252eddcb3690ae6f5e9f38be13779e1364d (REDACTED)

Should the following $45,000 grant in the Social Media Content category be approved?


Having received Overwhelming community support on my previous grant request, I am resubmitting my grant request with modifications based on the negative feedback given.

This grant proposal aims to bridge the gap between the broader Decentraland community and active participants in DAO governance. With around 20,000 active monthly users on Decentraland, less than 1% currently engage in DAO governance activities. This grant aims to create content that encourages greater participation in governance, thereby fostering a more engaged community.

Grant size

45,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

12 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



To achieve the goal of increasing the current Decentraland communities’ governance participation, the grant project will focus on two primary areas of content creation:

DAO News - “The Medicine”: Regular weekly recaps highlighting active grants and proposals while tracking their progress. These recaps will also report on the successful proposals that have passed, fostering transparency and awareness of ongoing governance efforts. Additionally, upcoming DAO events will be actively promoted to encourage greater participation from the community.

Community Celebration - “The Sugar”: In-depth creator and project spotlights will be produced, delving into the talented artists and communities that contribute to the vibrancy of Decentraland. These longer-form pieces will celebrate the achievements and contributions of community members, shedding light on their work and inspiring others. Examples of similar content can be found at: [https://www.playdcl.games/post/srjh-drawing-the-community-together

Event recaps will showcase the exciting events within Decentraland. These recaps will provide an overview of the events and their impact. An example of an event recap can be found at: [https://www.playdcl.games/post/mental-health-action-day].

Along with this content, I want to explore more List style content like Top 5 and Top 10 rankings. While lists are reductive and subjective, people love them. I believe that the content can be created and presented in a way that makes it clear the list is for fun and does not hurt any ones feelings while also increasing the virality of the content. I think the List style rankings will be a very effective way of making the community aware of individuals they might not otherwise be aware of.

I would publish this content on playDCL.games and allow anyone within the community the right to use the content, with credit, of course.

Along with the written content, I have a proven track record of being able to generate engagement within the Decentraland community and am directly responsible for a number of DCL community members having joined the DCL DAO Discord.

As a member of most Decentraland Community Discords and as someone who has helped many in the community promote events for their project, I am in an excellent position to promote the DAO to the community on a grass-roots level.

Roadmap and milestones

Weekly Deliverables
Short Form News Articles [400~ words each]: Two a week
Features [2000~ words]: One a week
Words: 2800~
Attend weekly Community Twitter Spaces to inform people about, and encourage them to check out, what the DAO is doing.

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I will gladly be the first vote yes for several reasons. Jar0d is a smart and talented writer. He has contributed to my little known newsletter but that does not change the quality provided by @jar0d. I suggest reading some of what he has written before you make your vote and leave any preconceived notions at the door. He is very passionate, and you can see is involvement in the DAO. I believe, he ultimately has DCL’s and the DAO’s success in mind and at heart. If you have ever read his tops lists, he listens to input from many of the community and does not respond with a closed mind. There needs to be more DAO advocates, such as myself, calling people’s attention to get involved. I think Jar0d can articulate that pretty well. Look forward to reading what you put forth.


wow, that’s 61.52% of quarterly budget request.
That would be 10~14 articles per month for 12 months. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The previous grant request I submitted, which received 66% community support and only did not pass because of RobL’s spite vote, was to write for 3 months at 5k a month.

It was determined while debating the merits of that grant that hiring a quality writer with knowledge in the niche we operate to create the content I am proposing would cost more than 5k USD a month.

However, there was still pushback on the cost, and I agree with the general community sentiment that we, as members of the community, should not charge the DAO a top dollar amount to work for it.

It felt like a reasonable compromise if I am going to work full-time on this grant, at a discounted rate of what the work is worth, I should extend the length of the grant period to increase the stability in my life.

I encourage you to research what it would cost to actually hire a quality writer to spend time learning and writing about Decentraland because I truly do not believe you will be able to find anyone with as intimate an understanding of how it works as I do willing to write about it for less.

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I am not opposing to your grant request mate. If this grant will be passed, I may offer my expertise to the DAO too. Or if it will not be passed, we can team up to create a high quality content not only on Decentraland but also on metaverse landscape.

The issue here is the grant size against the quarterly budget. Cheers

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This is EPiC :fire::fire::fire::fire::100::pray::om:


I voted yes the first time and will vote yes again. I appreciate that you took community sentiment around cost to heart and have reduced the requested amount by $15k. Good luck, I look forward to your content creation.


Although I usually don’t agree with Jarod, I have to concede that he’s become more agreeable and understanding from his unique viewpoint recently. I genuinely think he should be given an opportunity to demonstrate his true talents.


This proposal presents a compelling case for enhancing engagement within the DCL community.

With focus on inclusivity, transparency, and celebration of community members’ contributions, the initiative sets the stage for fostering a more involved, informed, and vibrant DAO governance space!

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We need content but this is enough to pay a full year salary, and I don’t think 2 short news articles and one features a week would take 40 hours a week.
Also 1.33 USD per word. =)
Also 0.33 USD per word. =)

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You need to show the work on your math, because it’s wrong,

If you are going to make negative statements, given your position, it is important you remain factual.

Minimum of 145k words… please, show your work.

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Agree with @Existential14. Solid ‘YES’ from me. I distinctly see that Jar0d brings a positive impact to our Community. Although we sometimes have differing opinions and approaches, we are all unique. The proposal includes not only content creation but also active participation and engagement with the Community.


Likely not worth the money for the amount of engagement to the content, though there is no data about that here.

Are you able to provide any sorts of website analytics to show the traffic to your site over the past few months or year?

The budget for this grant is solely covering the cost of creating the written content.

When hiring writers, you are not paying for exposure or engagement. If you wish to include the cost of impressions and the time I will spend amongst the community spreading the information, the cost for the grant would be higher.

As noted in the grant, anyone in the community would be free to use this content to promote their, or the DAOs, work.


Thanks for the clarity. I certainly don’t think it is worth it for the DAO to pay out roughly $850 a week for content with no engagement or promotion from the writer.

Thank you for your words of support and encouragement!

Hopefully, more people will take some time to read what I have written and not just base their votes on emotion or uninformed bias.


Changed my vote to Abstain on this proposal!

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This mfer Jar0d has provided tons of value to the DCL community over the past 2 years. For free.

Put the mfer to work for the DAO and he indubitably will provide even greater value.

Content is king, and a 45K USD investment over a period of a year is solid R/R.

Lfg mfers

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Your proposal aims to “bridge the gap between the broader Decentraland community and active participants in DAO governance” by “creating content that encourages greater participation in governance, thereby fostering a more engaged community”. However only roughly a 3rd of the content is aimed directly at the DAO with no described plan on how you will “bridge the gap” or bring the other 99% of DCL users to be interested and participate in the DAO. You are basically summarizing what is happening or has happened and posting on your own website/socials with no proof of reach or engagement. I noticed you said the grant is not for engagement, however there is no point in investing so heavily into creating written content that will not reach the desired audience.

The remaining of your content will be covering community creators & events. These things are already extensively covered by multiple community members over multiple platforms with a good following, reach & engagement already.

I believe you could generate most of this content using AI pulling directly from the DAO forums & other sources for much less. Your budget breakdown includes only " Rent, Food, and a new computer", which is not where dao funds should be allocated. If you claim to be creating content that encourages greater participation in governance, thereby fostering a more engaged community, then a real budget breakdown in the name of transparency and description of how your deliverables will perform would be more appropriate.

For these reasons I have voted no. I do believe DCL needs something like this to encourage more participation in the DAO and ultimately help shape DCL into something everyone can enjoy no matter their goals & desires within the platform.

Please point me in the direction of this content. I would love to consume it.