[DAO:41a4ce9] DCL Community Celebration and DAO Engagement-Focused Content Creation

He is an OG of many communities and knows a lot about DCL. I’v seen him help people around. He may not have onboarded 1000s, as we all want to see, but then who has. His write-ups are A-grade and his temperament seems to be bit more settled. There are so many senseless grants approved now & then, atleast this guy we know, will deliver what he proposes, infact, probably more. If he adds a AI video of his writes-up on social media, that will be icing on cake.

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I’ve bumped elbows with Jar0d in the past, but ultimately find his perspective to be insightful and generally fair. I’d like to see what a paid and committed Jar0d is capable of. I believe his brain type is capable and possibly even ideal for this type of content.

I’m also glad to see others being more supportive of Jar0d and his commitment to this platform.

If this proposal doesn’t go through I hope he reconsiders the budget in either total or duration, and to try again.

While I am voting yes, I am unsure if the whales will allow this to pass. But I wanted to show some support for Jarod (even though we have not seen eye to eye a few times) because I think something needs to happen from a marketing standpoint of DCL.

With that being said, the DAO seems to be controlled by a handful of people. So bringing attention to the DAO is a good thing, even though i am unsure if it will make much difference when 2-3 people with 4m+ VP can decide the outcome of basically any proposal.

What I do agree with, though, is Jarod attempting to create content and market Decentraland.
SOMEONE HAS TO MARKET FOR DCL! And while I dont agree with everything Jarod does/says, I believe he at least keeps it real.

So my only critiques to this proposal would be:

  1. There needs to be some short form videos created as well. These tend to do better on socials as people can listen to someone first hand talk about DCL.
  2. There needs to be some inclusion when it comes to games/activities being developed in DCL. (Yes, IK Jarod already does a lot of this). While the DAO is important, most people are not coming to DCL to interact with the DAO, they are here to explore/create things. If we can bring in more users, more people will care about the DAO.

My rant:
The only way DCL has any sustainability is marketing and bringing in new users. And IMO, the players being onboarded NEED to be people who are going to play/interact within the game, DAO, and marketplace. An in-game economy is what will sustain DCL… And not to offend anyone, artists/devs are not in DCL to “Play”, they are here to create (which is awesome). But we need to bring in users that are here to immerse themselves in the games/activities within DCL to create that in-game economy.

Sorry for the last rant, just felt like it needed to be said.

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As I said on that proposal, I will happily say it here.

I think that anyone who has actually paid attention to the ongoing discussions in the community can see that @MetaRyuk is not capable of engaging in intellectually honest or unbiased debates.

He is in business with @RobL and has not been forthcoming about that fact for months while making bad-faith arguments in the defense of DistrictX and RobL.

The motivation for this “report” is not to make the community better, it is to protect his investment and business partner.

MetaRyuk does not care about creating a place for reasonable dialogue, if he did, he wouldn’t continue to defend RobL’s doxxing me and saying “Now that I know who you are, let the games begin”

If MetaRyuk cared about a better community, he wouldn’t himself constantly be sexually harassing woman in the discord, much to the dismay of people like @DedHeadJ.

@Dhingia doesn’t care about treating women with respect, if he did, he would just apologize to the transwomen he has been awful to in the community.

I don’t care how much you guys love Bigots, Theives, and Conartists, I’m not going to apologize to them.

I think that anyone who knows me can read what I wrote to Ney and go “Yeah, that’s how Jarod talks to his friends”

Pretending that someone I’ve hosted many spaces and streams with, and exchanged 10s of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of DMs and words it some random woman being targeted for her vote is not an honest representation of facts. The only people voting to ban me are people upset that I called out MrD for being a bigot.

However, when DMing with MrD yesterday, it became clear he knows exactly why I think he’s a bigot. He is under some misguided impression that the person he knows he’s been particularly horrible to have asked me to call him out, but alas that simply isn’t the case.

You are all free and welcome to embrace bigots, bullies, and thieves. I however will be fine knowing at no point did I sacrifice my integrity in order to try and claw some money out of the dao caufers.

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According to the Grants Program, proposals in the social media category should include engagement metrics and views for the content you are putting forward as proof of concept. I am having trouble finding any of this here. I also went to look at your blog and most of your reviews are 1 to 3 sentences, is this the quality of work you are intending to get paid for? Please also provide a transparent budget breakdown, as there is a standard to be met across all dao proposals and you are not above it. If you are seeking to use DAO funds for personal expenses like rent and food and that is the only explanation you will give, then we have to maintain that this is not a suitable request from the DAO and you should seek more stable support from other resources, not the funds needed to actually boost engagement on the platform.

Hope you can provide more transparency and explain why you should be trusted to represent the platform.

This isn’t a grant to write game reviews. I would encourage you to read the content included in the grant request.

As for metrics, they are included, and more detailed then most grants in this category or others.

Thank you for your questions.

Agreed. This is a grant to pay for your rent and your logistics…

Or a minimum of 140k words. Same difference.

You should copy paste exactly what Esteban tagged me in prior to saying that.

No one paying attention disagrees with my point, just my language.

The rules are clear. Be respectful. That’s the number 1 rule - No profanity and personal attack on the DAO server. You failed to do that and easily succumbed to your negative emotions. You are also the most muted person in the DAO server. I question your ability to be objective, unbias and composed when writing an article about Decentraland or the DAO. Also, the number of DMs i received from others sharing how they are afraid to engage on the server fearing personal attacks from you publicly and harassment privately in DMs is crazy. This is evident that you easily get personal to those who have a different opinion or disagree with you.

I am appalled at the people voting Yes to this proposal given your unprofessionalism in targeting and harassing others both on Discord and Twitter. Based on this screenshot, i will modify it to reflect the current issue: Whoever is promoting, voting and supporting this proposal is supporting a harasser. .

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No. This is not why others are afraid. They specifically shared that they were being harassed by you in DMs.

Also, the only person that needs convincing is you. You accuse without evidence and you want people to waste their time and effort on your fruitless accusation? Stop thinking that you have the ability to influence others with your constant derogatory remarks and profanity on others.

The rest are intelligent enough to know what you are doing is just throwing a hissy fit, a tantrum, desperate for attention yet desperately wanting to be seen as a savior to DCL while failing to bring down RobL that you have a huge obsession with other than just constant complaining about him on a daily basis…

Here’s something that you should consider doing. Get a job. DAO is not here to pay for your rent.

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Who is “they”

It seems that you wish to throw out the kind of baseless accusations you accuse me of. You can not have your cake and eat it top.

By the way, you forgot to reply with your sock puppet.

Unlike you, i have respect for their privacy instead of tagging them like you did at the other topic. Interestingly, baseless accusations is one of your specialty and an expert of. I gotta hand that over to you…

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Good example of another baseless accusation. This is exactly why you do not deserve any grant. Do you think I would go down to a level where i feel the need to make an effort to create a sock puppet account to speak to you? You are truly an insult to everyone’s intelligence. Stop flattering yourself…

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The only metrics I can see is a percentage breakdown of your follower base. Can you please point me in the direction of the rest because I cannot seem to find it. It would be helpful to know how much traffic your website gets, what kind of engagement and reach you receive on your Decentraland-focused content (not engagement farming content), you mention posting across Discord servers but have not offered any indication on which ones and if they would even be relevant to your target audience.

I did read the proposal. I understand that the grant would not be funding game reviews but this is part of content you have put forward as a reflection of your work. When asked for proof of readership, you have deflected or ignored. The proposal is lacking and your attitude towards it feels flippant at best, certainly not how I would expect someone to pitch to investors. You should still be holding yourself accountable. Otherwise, how are we to determine that you can actually deliver on your promises?

It’s my understanding the purpose of your proposal is to encourage more engagement in DAO voting and more discussion on the forum, yet when a new voice joins the discussion you accuse them of being fake instead of welcoming them to the community. It’s clear you’re not willing to give the answers we deserve surrounding the budget breakdown, I would have expected more due diligence.

That simply isn’t true.

It is very unlikely that a “new voice” chose this as the conversation they were going to participate in.

Awkum’s Razor suggests that the obvious answer is that you are a sockpuppet account.

You may love him, you may hate him but the blue bird is most of the times right, his methods may not be the most popular but he is as clear as fresh water with his intentions. + he work relentlesly for DCL. I support you Blue Bird I know you want the best for DCL.


Voting Yes, I think having some form of journalism on DCL is great.

I vote yes because I think all the “hats” should have a voice.

That said, I don’t fully agree on your way to express yourself on the Discord servers.

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You need 45K USD for this? Laughable.

DAO Times has put up similar proposals for this type of content and has cost the DAO way less than the amount you are asking. About 6500 USD total as far as I’ve seen.



Additionally, I do not believe we should be funding someone for promotional content who easily turns to fud, insults and threats towards other community members whenever they don’t get what they were hoping for…