[DAO:68e1042] DCL Viral Social Media Awareness Campaign

by 0xa719e1805825a8369f43a78139bcbaafed64fcd2 (Dieu)

Should the following $18,000 grant in the Social Media Content category be approved?


This proposal is aimed at expanding Decentraland’s social media presence through the creation of targeted content featuring experiences and games within Decentraland. The primary objective of this increased social media coverage is an increase of new users to the platform and raising awareness about the opportunities Decentraland has to offer.

Grant size

18,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Decentraland represents the future of the metaverse: a platform where users can experience amazing games, engage in a user-driven economy (Fashion~!), and explore their own imaginations through the act of creating their own content. It is a truly innovative platform, but is plagued by a startling lack of quality coverage on social media.

There are already many fun games and activities to experience on Decentraland, if we can showcase them to the world we should be able to see a significant increase in the number of users. I plan on using the funding provided by this grant to produce quality content centred around exploring the best of what Decentraland has to offer. By heightening Decentraland’s social media presence we should see a direct increase in the number of active users on the platform.

I mainly specialise in community management and viral growth (primarily on YouTube, Discord, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter). I’ve worked on both increasing growth in pre-established communities, as well as building up new communities from scratch. I also have experience conducting growth campaigns through the production of viral videos (example below).

Roadmap and milestones

Over the course of this grant I’ll be focusing on creating content about exploring a new Decentraland experience each week. These adventures will make up the bulk of produced content, providing viewers (and potential users) with a first-hand look at Decentraland’s gameplay! Here’s a quick list of some of the content I plan to cover:
Genesis Plaza (DCL’s entry experience)
ICE Poker Stronghold
Soul Magic
Wilderness P2E
Butterfly Prawn Farm
Meta GamiMall
Knights of Antrom

So far, these experiences have been identified as the best Decentraland has to offer; If you want your content to be showcased in front of my audience, please either drop a comment below and I’ll consider it for future videos!

Youtube: Shorts: 6 per week, total 54, Video (8m): 1 per week, total 9
Instagram: Posts: 3 per week, total 27, Reels: 3 per week, total 27
TikTok: Shorts: 3 per week, total 27
Twitter: Posts: 6 per week, total 54

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You need to show more.
What is your portfolio? Ever created a single viral video?
What is your yt short with the most views/likes? What about tiktok?


Okay! I haven’t got an issue sharing more information about my channel’s viewership/demographics!

Yup! I’ve made a viral video before: I linked a YT channel in the proposal that I often use to represent my growth tactics. This channel bloomed to over 90k subs and 3.5m viewers over the course of a couple shorts because of how well I understand the space/what kind of content people want to see more of.

I don’t really like to data-dump b.c I know these graphs can be difficult to interpret for some. I’ll stick to YouTube b.c these are the metrics that matter the most. Everything from the other platforms funnels to YouTube, driving users to the longer videos (these vids have the highest impact on increasing a platform’s popularity). Here’s the stats for my YouTube channel that I’m going to be rebranding towards producing Decentraland specific content. You can see even without new content being produced, the previous evergreen content is good enough to keep gaining new subs on the channel and watch retention is pretty good too (holding at ~14% skips).


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My demographics for this channel are pretty solid too when it comes to attracting prospective buyers, mainly consisting of viewers within the age range of 18 to 45.

So yeah! As you can see: I’m capable of growing and maintaining a pretty large audience!

Why does the yt link u provided show only 1 video?

That channel was constructed as a demo/portfolio piece about a year ago to use as a reference when I was breaking into the Roblox space. Most of the communities I’ve interacted with in the past have been other sandbox communities, exploring what each platform has to offer. Last year, I was literally embedded into the Roblox AnimeStory discord server during its highpoint.

That AnimeStory community was my main springboard into community management and content creation. I ended up becoming the primary moderator for the server and brought in more moderators I’d previously connected with to cover different languages. Eventually I moved away from community moderation to more fully pursue content creation and work on building my own community! Currently the AnimeStory server is sitting at around 37k members and the game has over 19m visits. You can join the server here and search me (‘Kame’) up to see my moderation activities: AnimeStory Discord

I also worked as a dev on several Roblox games years ago, before turning to community management and content creation. While it is not as impressive, the games have been stagnant for a while and I was still learning the ropes :), I was still able to earn a 1K+ MAU crown (something that is rather hard to achieve on the Roblox platform when you are competing with millions of other games).

Why in the coverage list is not Golfcraft?
I vote NO then :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll add it to the list of prospective content for future coverage :smiley:. I plan on continuing to explore Decentraland’s games past the end of the grant period, if the content is popular enough. So it is handy having a list of more noteworthy games to cover!

Note: I’m a little biased b/c I’ve worked with Dieu/Kameyo in the past (relatively new 1k+ group in VRChat I use to sell scenes/dev tool on the platform that is centred around a brand they prepared). From what I’ve experienced, they have a real talent for rebranding and shifting the main content of social media profiles to new spaces, realigning their audience to a different type of content. They’ve also got a pretty decent network of moderators/content creator communities to lean on for additional collaborations.

With that being said and my bias being stated. It would really be nice to get more positive media out there about Decentraland. We have decent amounts of content now for newcomers to experience, but our numbers are low and I keep seeing videos mocking the platform (calling it a ‘dead mall’ or a ‘$1B platform with 38 users’). We could really use more creators in our corner to shepherd additional user engagement to Decentraland and grants like these seem like a viable way to do just that.

My friends i do this for free :rofl::rofl: i post everyday on Twitter, Instagram events in Decentraland.org

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DCL Viral Social Media Awareness Campaign

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 8,211 VP (28 votes)
  • No 84% 5,671,861 VP (30 votes)
  • Abstain 15% 1,038,008 VP (36 votes)