[DAO:ac1518b] A dedicated reporter will publish 50 articles about Decentraland for 120 days

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Should the following $5,000 grant in the Social Media Content category be approved?


We are applying for $5,000 in MANA funding to compensate a reporter who will immerse themselves in the Decentraland DAO community. This reporter will research and exclusively report for DAO Times on all major Decentraland DAO events, proposals, grants, and discussions over the course of 120 days.

This is a non-profit initiative, so all funds will be used to compensate the reporter.

Grant size

5,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



daotimes.com is an independent publication that researches, analyzes, and reports on major news and developments in the DAO sector. We write both about and for builders.

Why we should receive funding?

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The project will provide thorough and consistent reporting on Decentraland DAO activities.

  2. Enhanced Transparency: Detailed news coverage will increase transparency within the Decentraland DAO community.

  3. Knowledge Exchange: The publication serves as a platform for sharing insights and knowledge, fostering a more informed community.

  4. Community Building: The project will promote community engagement by encouraging involvement in Decentraland DAO.

  5. Filling the Information Gap: This initiative helps to address the lack of dedicated DAO sector news coverage.

  6. Attracting New Contributors: By raising awareness of Decentraland DAO, the project may draw more builders and contributors to the ecosystem.

Roadmap and milestones

  • A dedicated reporter will publish 50 articles about Decentraland DAO over a span of 120 days.
  • We will share these articles via our social media channel.
  • DAO builders will learn about Decentraland DAO and join the ecosystem.
  • Decentraland community members will have the opportunity to contact us to suggest improvements or ideas for our work.

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Wow! The cost doubled from $50 per article to $100. Care to explain? The last grant was $1500 for 30 articles for 90 days.

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Wow! The cost doubled from $50 per article to $100. Care to explain? The last grant was $1500 for 30 articles for 90 days.

Thank you for your comment and concerns. The increase in grant funding from $50 to $100 per article primarily reflects our intent to improve the quality of our reporting and attract experienced reporters capable of deep-dive research into the DAO ecosystem, which can indeed be time-consuming. This will, in turn, provide higher value to the Decentraland DAO community.

We understand your concern about the cost increase, but it’s important to note that we’re still requesting funds that are significantly below industry rates for this type of specialized reporting.

As a non-profit organization, all of these funds will directly go towards compensating the reporter and none of it will be used for other purposes.

We hope this provides clarity on the cost increase and we are committed to delivering more valuable content to the Decentraland DAO community.

The DaoTimes is one of the sources I relied on when conducting research into the developments, updates and events that are happening within DAOs in the web3 ecosystem. I noticed that some of the articles only can be viewed by subscribers. Should this vote pass, will the articles on Decentraland’s DAO be open or only to subscribers?

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Thank you for the feedback! All Decentraland articles will be avaiable for everyone.

Some stats:

An average article on the website gets around 100 views with the top one reaching almost 4000 views. Our Twitter has 4100 followers and an average article gets around 500 impressions, with the top one reaching almost 30000 impressions. Our newsletter has 380 subscribers, with 79% of them engaged in the last 30 days. These are not big numbers, but we are growing, and our audience consists solely of DAO builders.

Here are some testimonials from DAO builders and decentralization enthusiasts:

  • “I believe you’re bringing great value to your community members, educating and informing them about DAOs.” (Libertas Finance)
  • “I am very impressed. Your coverage of the DAO ecosystem is thorough, timely, well-researched, and fair.” (Frisson)
  • “Good job with this website you’re running. Keep the good work, and thanks for spending your time this way” (mazafaka.eth)
  • “We commend the work you are doing to push the Web3 industry forward. Keep up the great work” (Cindicator)
  • “Fascinated with the quality of content and every story around DAO shared” (Subham Surana)
  • The best content around DAOs that I’ve seen (Utkarsh|Schrodingrrr.eth)
  • “Your work in this space is already fantastic! Thank you for what you do” (Jawna.ETH)
  • “Love that you’re reporting what’s going on in various DAOs!”(Adventurous Ape)
  • “DAO times is one of my favorite media in the DAO ecosystem” (Kiyoaki)
  • “Love the work you are doing to build cool things in web3” (Accelchain)
  • “The concept of DAO Times looks really amazing!” (Nihar Thummar)
  • “I enjoy their coverage of DAO-related topics thus far.” (Stn)
  • “This a great work that you’re doing” (Gino Cingolani)
  • “DAO times is extremely good” (artdapp1)

Voted Yes as I personally visit DAOTimes for updates on the overall DAO Web 3 ecosystem updates. I do expect more constructive articles on Decentraland DAO should this vote pass.

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A dedicated reporter will publish 50 articles about Decentraland for 120 days

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 28% 1,573,725 VP (45 votes)
  • No 44% 2,334,332 VP (11 votes)
  • Abstain 28% 1,546,047 VP (25 votes)