[DAO: Qmb8LAi] Features for Automating Community Rewards By The Decentraland Report

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Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Our mission at The Decentraland Report is to preserve the history of our unfolding metaverse. As a Participate-To-Earn Experience unified under this common mission, we have grown into a team of Reporters who stream daily to ensure every day in Decentraland is captured for future generations to reflect on.
What allows our community to contribute their valuable time to our Report is the incentives they earn for doing so.
Over the course of the first year, every aspect of our Participate-to-Earn system was managed manually by KevinOnEarth999 to viewers and reporters; NFT/Crypto/Wearable Rewards. This grant we will create features to automate those processes.

Grant size

120,000 USD

Beneficiary address



More members of our community have requested spots as Reporters, however with all the existing processes depending on manual execution by a single person it will be impossible to keep up with.

Our goal in this next stage is to Decentralize the Viewer/Reporter rewards system to remove the need for one person, KevinOnEarth999, to execute and manage the processes necessary to maintain The Decentraland Report. In this way, we will ensure the ongoing preservation of our history through The Decentraland Report, and via the $REPORT token and our DAO we will be able to continue to decide as a community what direction to take. The Decentraland Report belongs to the people of Decentraland. This next step is crucial to furthering that ownership so in theory, we can continue to watch history unfold in our report for generations to come.

It is for these reasons that the following features have been identified as “must haves” in order to ensure a trustless automated reward system for The Decentraland Report. More importantly, our approach to developing these features through our partnership with Xpang.GG, will also allow any other community in Decentraland to leverage the same FOR FREE! In other words, our mission here will not only serve our community at The Decentraland Report, but every other community as well.

Tune in to our 1 Year Birthday Special where we announced our plans, and tokenomics doc! 1 Year BIRTHDAY of The Decentraland Report - YouTube

Instead of creating a tool from scratch, we will add it as a feature to the Xpand.GG Community pages. The same way we solved the problem of counting score for NFTuesday, while also giving this feature to others, is how we aim to solve the problem of rewards distribution for communities. We can accomplish the above by building the following features listed in a detailed way in our Gitbook page:


The following features will be developed on so anyone can access them as well for their communities, via Xpand.GG

Automating Distribution for Reporter (Moderator) Token Rewards: Reporter Token Rewards - The Decentraland Report | A P2E News

Automating Distribution for Viewer (community member) Token Rewards: Viewer Token Rewards - The Decentraland Report | A P2E News

Token Bidding for Content Requests: Token Bidding for Content - The Decentraland Report | A P2E News


Team information: The Team - The Decentraland Report | A P2E News

Roadmap and milestones

Previous Requests and results, alongside current request and projected time for completion: Funded by the DCL DAO - The Decentraland Report | A P2E News

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Play to Earn is definitely an important element of earning in the future. Amazing work and much needed especially in developing worlds. Please email us at info@imining.com we would like to discuss your grant proposal and possible collaborations. Best for 2022.

Features for Automating Community Rewards By The Decentraland Report

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Features for Automating Community Rewards By The Decentraland Report

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What is the current status of this Grant @KevinOnEarth ?

Hey @KevinOnEarth

Who was coding the smart contract?

I would like to learn more about coding contracts.

Thanks for sharing the informations

Coded by the Dev team at Xpand.gg ! Audited by Decentraland Lead Blockchain Engineer :smiley:

Best team to learn more on that subject would be the folks at Atlas I would say, they are legends. Also MetaZoo, and Last Slice!

Tomorrow we are presenting in the DCL DAO Town Hall, welcome to join.

Thanks @ArtReYou