[DAO:b818707] Support DCL Reporters and Improve Content Quality

by 0xa4244f6711052752e6bb0271bf17c756e6598406 (KevinOnEarth)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Coming into our 4th revision of our proposal we have reduced our request by 75%, and retained only the costs necessary to maintain our operations while focusing on the one thing that matters most: Content Quality.

We have also established our rewards system automation, and approved a 10% royalty return from The DCL Report to DCL DAO

Since January 2021 The Decentraland Report has been a platform for community members to join as reporters and preserve the history of the metaverse. By increasing the content quality and introductory ecosystem value tutorial content, we bring about a greater sense of community understanding of everyone’s work across the entire Decentraland ecosystem.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



The Decentraland Report team has been preserving the history of the metaverse since January 2021, bringing Decentraland to the attention of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. As seen on Major News Networks such as CBS, NBC, Cointelegraph, and more, The DCL Report has grown by developing meaningful experiences around easily discovering and joining Decentraland. However, many creators/developers/designers have yet to discover ways to start exploring the Metaverse.

To prepare for a growing community, our team completed development of an automated rewards system which delivers our $REPORT tokens and NFTs via a smart contract. This initiative was accomplished with the help of community sponsors and the Decentraland DAO to solve problems in security, user retention and scalability.

For example, the increasing size of the community would be limited by the amount of prizes a person could manually send. By successfully automating this, we now are able to keep our $REPORT token distribution fair, transparent, and gives our DAO the potential to remain a platform for the community members to tell their story as they build and participate in the metaverse. Rather than request $240k at once to build this as well as optimize our quality systems, we broke this up into segmented efforts.

This is our 4th revision of this particular grant proposal as in the first 3 versions we seeked to do “Quality” and “Reach” efforts at once. After hearing community feedback, we will break this down into staged efforts, where currently quality is going to be the only focus.

Our decentralized news network is a reputable and cost effective method to generate content about Decentraland. In addition, it gives community members an open platform they can participate in at various levels. Whether as a reporter, or viewers using their $REPORT tokens to reserve coverage and amplify their voice in the metaverse.

Our goal is not to depend on DAO funding to sustain The Decentraland Report. We have budgeted this grant funding to elevate the overall content quality to help the ecosystem and reach a community size where we can maintain our monthly operational costs (i.e. developers, designers, video editors, community managers, social media/marketing director).


Crafted content by DCL Subject Matter Experts explaining how to access ecosystem value will be used posting across our channels.

To address sustainability a SaaS business model has been established. Through a strategic partnership with Xpand.GG, The DCL Report retains 90% of revenue from donations and recurring subscriptions on our community page. Through our Xpand powered Community Page, we can automatically divide revenues across our team as well as our royalty payment to the DCL DAO. We will also pursue long term sponsor partnerships which can allow for more sustainable capital infusions to maintain operations.

With essential infrastructure to support our growth in place, we envision attracting like minded creators who will be positive contributing members of the Decentraland ecosystem.

The style of our content will aim to attract individuals within the following demographic:
Ages 20 - 40
Individuals Interested/Active in Web3 & Metaverse
University/Higher Education Student & Faculty
Backgrounds in Computer Science, Design, Music, and Art

We will focus on posting content within relevant contexts and social channels (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, IRL events).

While content is hosted on each Reporters individual channels, content is also now hosted across DCL Report social and content channels. The budget allocation below is a framework for spending which will allow us to optimize content, ultimately reach our goals in content quality and community size which would enable us to acquire sponsors that could offer sustainable capital for operations.

Weekly Reporter Generated Micro-Content for Social Channels for 6 months ($3k/reporter, 6 Total Reporters)

Lead Video Editor (7 Individual Report Videos, and 1 highlight Video/week)

Cross Channel Content Manager

Metaverse Quiz Giveaway Prizes


Funds managed via a Multi Signature Wallet via Gnosis-Safe.io; 3 wallet owners, 2 managed by KevinOnEarth and 1 by CEO of Xpand Alek. This is done to prevent hacking and transparent tracking of fund use and disbursement.

We are a Decentralized News Network that will always be owned by the decentralized community! By watching and joining our community they will earn rewards, learn how to navigate the metaverse effectively, and use the $REPORT tokens acquired to have their projects covered in the news when they decide to release work themselves.

In addition we will do weekly giveaways quizzing people on their metaverse knowledge. Those who have the skills and knowledge will be rewarded!


Founder - KevinOnEarth999 (www.ImagineOnEarth.com)
Lead Video Editor - Nadim from Taxir
Content Manager - Stefan (our content manager for last 1.5+ years)

KevinOnEarth NFTuesdays - Tuesdays from 11PM UTC to Wednesday 12AM UTC & Thursdays from 11PM UTC to Friday 12AM Twitch

MetaTrekkers - Wednesdays from 1AM UTC to 2AM UTC

FriskyBumbleBee - Wednesdays from 11PM UTC to Thursday Twitch

Moustafa - Thursdays from 4PM UTC to 5PM UTC

Fabinho - Fridays from 11PM UTC to Saturday 12AM UTC

Ina_DCL - Saturdays from 6PM UTC to 7PM UTC

Reporters get rewarded as of now in a few ways:

  • 1 of 100 wearable Report #13
  • 1 of 1 Wearable Report #26
  • Even revenue share of Xpand donations
  • $REPORT tokens weekly
  • Retain all of their own channel revenues, and sponsor fees.

Roadmap and milestones

To see our progress to date you can take a look at our Gitbook: The Decentraland Report - The Decentraland Report | A P2E News

We conducted various surveys and analysis across our platform. While the web3 community sentiment has certainly shifted with the current market conditions, our audience has continued to stay engaged.

Using Qualtrics to measure Net Promoter Score of 66, which is held as an Excellent Net Promoter Score. Here are some of the responses as to WHY people scored this way and why we believe it is time that we spread the word about The Decentraland Report:

“It is the soul of Decentraland. It serves to start and be informed of everything that happens”

The following is a summarized deliverables for our key objectives over the coming 6 months:

Renew Visual Assets and Increase DCL Report Quality
Reports 7 days a week, covering 4 languages
1 DCL Report Public Town Hall Twitter Space a week

Key Metrics which we will track and report each month during the 6 month campaign to measure effectiveness and progress:

Number of Videos Published
Number of Views

Monthly growth rate of followers across channels
Monthly growth rate of members on Community Page

Number of Sponsors Acquired (6-12 month partnerships)
Number of Subscribers on Community Page

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

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Voting no because of false claims you made against me on your last proposal. You also never answered my question of why you thought my vote on your proposal was a conflict of interest. This shows a pattern of behavior I don’t think is appropriate for someone tasked with reporting facts to the DCL community. If you are making false claims and accusations you can’t back up, how can we trust you to report factual and non-biased news for our community?


While I understand there may be some held resentment from previous discussions and unaligned beliefs, our goal is always to set an example for the community and in such extend a heartfelt apology for any misinformation which may have been reiterated by myself from the rumors spreading as of recently. You have my word I will do a better job at this! <3

For now on, it is my belief that the best way to open discourse will be to address any questions or concerns in a public town hall where we can converse with one another on these topics.

Our first Town Hall for this proposal will be held 11/8 at 2pm EST, including other DAO proposal authors who in addition to joining in our discussion on this proposal, will be opening their own proposals to the floor as well.

We aim to have this as a weekly event which all are welcome to:

With accusations of conflict of interest being thrown around, I’m interested how someone voting on their own grant proposal with multiple accounts and plenty of VP would NOT be considered conflict of interest. Has this always been seen as acceptable?


That’s a great step Kevin, but since you blocked me on Twitter for no apparent reason other than voting NO on your last proposal, I am unable to come to your town hall. All I see are patterns of behaviors that make me hesitant to vote yes to give you the amount of money you are asking for. Can you tell me why you blocked me on Twitter?


I have reasons for blocking you, and it certainly does not come down to the assumption you are making that it’s because you voted no on The DCL Report’s last proposal.

Take time to reflect on your behavior, and that of others in the DAO recently, and I think we can both agree that there is no single side to blame for what has degraded to the toxicity levels of a youtube video comment section.

With that said, if you can agree to keeping things civil, you can leave your twitter handle in the comment section here I would be glad to give you access to The DCL Report twitter page again.

Hope this can be a first step in making amends and bringing a healthier conversation to the DAO!

@Canessa lets put someone in favor of blocking people in charge of a “decentralized” news reporting agency… someone with questionable use of previous DAO funds, 5 previous DAO grants with very low engagement brought into DCL from it, and continuing to request more DAO money. I thought web3 is supposed to be different from what we are used to in web2 and mainstream news…?

Anyone voting on this proposal, read the discussions about this proposal in the previous forum discussions.


Conflict of Interest for Metatrekkers and KevinonEarth. (NOT PABLO)


I’ve reflected on my behavior, thank you. Can you tell me where I ever acted in a way that was less than civil? I feel that my conversations in your other DAO proposal that is still active were professional and not out of line. If you see otherwise, can you please tell me how so we can be on the same page of communication? If you have reasons for blocking me, can you please tell me? This might shed valuable insight as I try to understand your motives of why you blocked me.


Interesting, thank you for sharing this @Tudamoon
Also we will read through the link shared by @DCL007, thank you.

He is also the top yes vote in support of another current proposal which has evidence building up for a criminal case, why is a DCL reporter in support of something like that? Shouldn’t a DCL reporting agency be covering these types of things instead?

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@Lawfirm4DAO_Ethics, I noticed that you recently joined so welcome to the Decentraland DAO voting process. I am a DCL citizen who would certainly like to see the nastiness happening over DAO voting END and civility return to the process but now I have concern when you suggest that there is voting happening that may lead to criminal issues. Can you please explain what criminal activities are happening here? Are you a Doxxed Law firm and if so, what is the name of the law firm? Do you have prior experience dealing with DAO legalities? If so, can you please share your experience? Thank you for your time and I appreciate your reply.


(post deleted by author)

@DedHeadJ Please follow the message we linked above, it has the information you are asking. Video evidence is provided of a person making death threats, kidnapping threats, along with other forms of violence towards a DCL member. There have been new threats even after their DCL DAO proposal went live. We will be submitting these along with other messages that are being collected to a law firm to handle the case. The only reason we have shared them on this thread, is because we are wondering why a DCL reporting agency is voting in support of them instead of doing a DCL report on the subject?

Specifically section C
18 U.S. Code § 875 - Interstate communications | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute.

You are claiming to be the DAO Ethics committee, when the DAO asigned that task to you?

Looks like this account is trying to mislead people into thinking its part of some kind of committee.



i vote Yes. already explained why on other proposals.

Lawfirm4DAO_Ethics as an official entity is like saying that Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto :rofl:

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@Lawfirm4DAO_Ethics You Didn’t respond to those questions from @DedHeadJ . I would also like to know which legal entity you represent and which DAO committee you claim to be a part of . Many thanks for providing all this info to the community here so
we can verify your representation.

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Don’t waste time on this. It’s clearly a troll account.


I knew he will apply for a 60k as it wil be easy for kevin to arrange the VP. I think Kevin is just after DAO money, the community has commented with facts on his previous proposals. He just talk and does nothing, I mean the stats speaks on his sociala nd youtube channel. He has misused his funds for purchasing NFTs and did nothing great for Decentraland. He is promoting XPAND and not decentraland. He has no engagement on his Socials and I think his twitter also has fake followers coz I dont see any enagement on his posts. Pls dont agrue here and check the comments on his previous proposals. I see metetrekkers is a reporter and I have known him for making deals with everyone coz he has this 1 Million VP. Metatreakkers is also a REPORTER of kevin so they are just voting on their own proposal and taking out the DAO funds. I would like the grant Squard to take serious action on this type of Individuals. DCLREPORTER has done nothing great and I am sure this is all money grab. If this grant passes this is a serious FLAW in the Decentraland DAO. He has taken around 330k and have done nothinfg except making some random videos with no engagement and some scam token report. good luck kevin the community is watching and karma gets everyone. ur intentions are clearly visible ur hunger for money can be seen @yemel @HPrivakos @Eibriel @Tudamoon @Canessa @Tobik @Canessa

Please dont consider Im a hater but if u go through the comments on his previous grants he is applying one by one u can judge what type of person he is. Stop worshipping such individuals in Decentraalnd.


@Tobik I’m really surprised you are supporting this. @SugarClub Just coz he is from the same OG Era doesn’t means you will support anything which is not beneficial for Decentraland.