[DAO:cf9dd79] Creating Collaborative Short-Form & Live Streamed Content for Community Members

Hi DCL Fam, as a huge part of Meta Party Vibes since first joining virtual worlds with Bleace back in 2021. Here’s my take on this grant, the first and only grant that Bleace has put out. Which speaks volumes considering how much he has done for the community and for community members for so many years completely selfless and with no pay and if there have been paid opportunities it was for the group effort during Wellness Week and independent freelance work. We both have put a lot of love and passion into Web 3, to onboarding new people, to highlight talented artists, to show the world how the metaverse can enhance our every day digital lives that we already live. Maybe it’s by going to a virtual concert, maybe an experience built by a brand you love, maybe it’s by putting your artwork up in a virtual gallery, or designing wearables, etc. and we have done so in many ways but mainly with short term social media content, live streams some for many hours on end, and through Twitter Spaces with people from different parts of the world. Some Twitter Spaces were bigger than others but we were determined because when we feel very passionate about something we go for it. There were many moments of discouragement of course, especially when you’re putting in endless hours into something that doesn’t pay the bills. Yet, here we are a brand new year. Meta Party Vibes feels like after years of setting this foundation and finding a place in the wellness space, visual art, a long footprint of social media content and events where we have connected with people IRL and Virtually simultaneously that this grant is coming at a perfect time. And no it is not “over budget”. If you look up and see what UGC creators and video editors are making on social media it is right on par with what Bleace is asking from the grant. It is evident that the person claiming to not get their feelings involved in a grant proposal is doing just that. As someone I considered a friend it does hurt to see you act as if we offended you in any way. You unfollowed us months ago without a word, so no I did not jump in your DMs to keep chatting but now seeing your reply’s here I know you were just waiting for the perfect moment to be petty. This is what he meant by the grant can be toxic. It’s unfortunate to see yet here we are! Being a creative force that can’t be taken down. I just want to say thank you to everyone that has voted yes. You’re voting for someone that I have personally witnessed tirelessly work on their own to self publish novels, design clothes, record and edit their own podcasts, record and edit their own audio books, write, direct, act and edit their own short films that have shown at festivals etc etc. for over a decade with my own eyes. Bleace is the most hardworking person I know, no one can outwork him. Can promise you that and now he’s here to work for you! To make UGC content for the people of Decentraland to have videos to post to their social media pages, share with their friends and show people IRL what the Decentraland community is all about! Thank you <3


Thank you Tang for sharing all of that information and for the opportunity to work with you and all the Babydolls in 2023! I hope to continue that content creation for as many Decentraland Community members as I can for the grant that will help get their work out there to more people as well as tell a more well informed story about Decentraland on the timeline. I am very passionate about highlight fellow creators in unique ways that resonate with an audience who have never even heard of Decentraland. So not only does the creator win with this, Decentraland as a whole benefits from this content as well, as they not only get brand recognition in these videos, but also are given content they can share from their account as well.


I guess I just wouldn’t have been so flippant and impulsive to call someone else’s grant request over budget, having received as much money as you have from the dao based on much less detailed proposals.

Was very disheartening to see, and in the future I am going to be more thoughtful myself about those I invest energy in supporting or defending


Appreciate all of this sentiment Kolorful, from someone who has seen all of the behind the scenes of the hours of streamed content, to editing all of the videos we have uploaded across all of the various platforms. Hosting all of the Twitter Spaces for the Music Festivals and Fashion Shows in Decentraland, all of the first-timers we have brought into DCL, or shown them DCL for the first time with our content. Thank you for being apart of the journey!

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Appreciate your honesty and staying true to Decentraland Jarod. I didn’t want to have that conversation here but felt obligated to respond to all comments here as I am trying to be as open as I can during this process no matter how it goes. This being my first proposal I am still learning and just want to provide what I can to help serve a need I see within the community.

thank you Jarod!

I’m deff going to do the same, and be extremely thoughtful who I associate and spend my energy on myself too.

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I wasn’t directing what I said to you bleace dont get me wrong, I believe you would be capable enough to what you say and your price is reasonable.


@esteban is that your 8.5m no VP?

While I am the person leading the charge to freeze all grant spending, I am also currently working on compiling data for a DAO Price guide, and so far, Bleace is the person to have provided the most thorough break down of his costs in his budget of the grants I’ve gone through to get line items, and while I’m still early in the process, while most have a just “subscriptions” Bleace actually lists out the items.

And while perhaps you are unfamiliar with him and he just seems like some random person coming with his hands out, he has in fact put in a lot of time in the community, most recently being the most active person helping promote Welness Week.

Also, the grant is for 6 months, and the hourly he is asking for is insanely low.

The DAO has spent so much more money on way less detailed budgets by people with much less prven track records in making content for DCL

If you aren’t that 8.5m VP wallet, sorry for bothering you, but I just personally know how much it hurts to have some one just dump all over you when you put yourself out there for a DAO grant, and I couldn’t help but notice that his budget was at the very least detailed and thoughtfully composed.

Hope you have a nice day/evening/night depending on when you read this.


Jarod this truly means a lot. And I know you always have Decentraland’s best interest in mind. And @esteban I hope you also see the comment by @tangpoko as it speaks to some of my history creating content for Decentraland and what I hope to continue with this proposal given the opportunity. I will also be providing receipts for payments and will be available via live stream or in Discord to prove my hours worked during this proposal.

The power of short-form and live-stream content on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram is undeniable. Yet, a cursory search of #Decentraland on these platforms reveals a concerning trend: an overwhelming presence of negative content that overshadows the innovative and community-driven aspects of the Decentraland experience. This proposal aims to counteract this negative perception by dedicating 40-60 hours weekly to the creation of positive, engaging, and informative short-form content in collaboration with Decentraland community members.


To clarify, this aims to create content for community members, not putting my logo or anything like that on it -(only logo on it will be Decentraland), it is for community members to use and post from their own account to help them grow as creatives and raise overall recognition for the platform. I will be opening my calendar to all who want my help video recording, video editing, streaming events.

Creating Collaborative Short-Form & Live Streamed Content for Community Members

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 15% 2,197,366 VP (59 votes)
  • No 84% 12,193,481 VP (24 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 31,932 VP (8 votes)