[DAO:cd3287f] Feature request for Worlds to be added to My Assets & Collectibles submenu & names in the marketplace to display if they have a deployed World along with the link

by 0x216f23a92670893fa47dde34e1fa60fb011c79e4 (Blender)

Worlds feature is getting lot’s of attention which is brilliant to see. There are a few areas where we can further capitalise on this brilliant new feature.

1 - Add Worlds Tab Under Collectibles > Categories

2- Add Worlds Tab Under My Assets > Assets

3- Marketplace Names should display (indicate) whether if a World is published under that name & if so have a link similar how a link is generated in builder/scenes

Self explanatory, please vote Yes or No

  • Yes
  • No
  • Invalid question/options

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You can work out the rest of the minor details

Unecessary. That is the marketplace page, it has nothing to do with Worlds

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We let the community be the judge of that :grinning:

Subname degen to the max hahaha :joy:
Worlds deployment is already on Builder’s tab, right?
Or maybe Worlds are considered asset too?? :joy:

For discovery purposes this is super necessary, builder requires to be signed in where the marketplace names don’t.

Yes, I believe Worlds are Decentraland’s greatest assets for onboarding new users.

Assets can be fungible or non fungible.
Maybe Worlds are now NFT, so it is considered an Asset for you here.

Cheers! :joy:

Voted Invalid as feature requests should be sent in Canny: https://decentraland.canny.io/

Canny does not reflect the communities decisions, opinions, views or input.

@JasonX If your goal is to find the community sentiment it is ok to use this, you are right on that. But the title says: Feature request.

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Jason is just trying to pamp his bags. Don’t mind him.

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Once again, false allegation from Jarod, which are becoming a common occurrence these days.

Whether if this proposal passes or fails, it does not affect me a tiny bit. I will leave the final decision to our community.


You must be the other JasonX and not the name shilling transphobe.

There is only one Jason DAWG, please beware of imitators. :dog:

I was wondering why all others call you the clown, now I understand.

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All my efforts are to bring new users to DCL, I am not advertising, shilling, marketing my own website, platform or product. If you seriously can’t see this you must be blind.

So would this be like a directory of worlds so to speak? So that people would have a way to check out what others have deployed in their worlds? I guess that would depend on how private you want your world to be. I don’t care either way but do like having a directory of sorts which would really increase the places to explore.

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