[DAO:4de5a7a] Should Decentraland Worlds be integrated with Places?

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This is a follow-up proposal regarding “Should Decentraland Worlds be integrated with Events and Places?”. Based on the community feedback, Decentraland Foundation hosted a World AMA and proposed a vision for Genesis City and Worlds (check recordings history).

As mentioned in the AMA, the Worlds Content Server was developed as an open-source tool for Scene Preview (Heroku alternative). Decentraland Foundation is hosting an instance of such a preview server and requesting deployments to be tight to a Decentraland NAME. The Explorer supports traveling to a scene from a preview server, using a direct link, typing a chat command, or being redirected by the current scene (like a portal).

To increase the adoption and utility of Decentraland Worlds, and to encourage more content creators to publish content utilizing the Decentraland platform, an integration between Worlds with Places is proposed. The original idea of integrating Worlds with Events is out of the scope of this poll.


  • Places dApp will list indexed Worlds.

  • The Explorer will list indexed Worlds under the “Explore” menu section.

  • Worlds deployed to Foundation’s World Content Server might be indexed automatically. Creators will be able to opt out of this functionality.


This poll aims to test the community sentiment and gather feedback about enabling the discoverability of published Worlds at places.decentraland.org and the Explorer.

The poll is considered a product definition and will not follow the standard Draft and Governance proposal stages, but is intended to guide the conversation about integrating Worlds into the Decentraland ecosystem.

Please share your vote and comments about this feature.

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  • No
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About the author: I’m Louise McLennan, Product Manager and designer at the Decentraland Foundation. This proposal was co authored with Yemel.

I think it is pretty clear the majority of the community wants this, but the majority of landholders that make up a minority of the community don’t.

Given that of active voters, landholders have the most VP as a cohort, and I’m not sure of a way to get these kinds of changes passed via a vote.

Maybe RobL will vote to support this just to spite me. Spite does seem to be one of his more motivating emotions.

After MVFW23 we now have tangible proof that including Worlds in the Places/Events dapps would be extremely beneficial to BOTH land owners and world owners. On the first day of MVFW23 the platform was really unstable in and out of the plaza. This resulted in hundreds of people not having a positive experience. I had to deploy my runway show to a world server the next day for the majority of people to view/experience the show. However, a lot of people were still unable to experience the show because the cord/links in places/events are genesis cords. So if I had the option to include World cords/links then the conversion rate would have been significantly higher. This was not a fault that I could have prevented as it was a platform issue.

So my question to all the land owners that voted no last time is: Why wouldn’t you want two instances of your parcel/land available so that anyone and everyone could experience what you’ve spent so much time and energy creating? Why leave it in the hands and the probability of genesis stability?


functionally how will this work? is there publicly available metadata about deployed worlds?

Worlds are better than Genesis City because the open world in DCL does not work as is. Adding it to places will def make Genesis City even more obsolete than it already is. Genesis City will be worthless unless the explorer team makes Decentraland actually work efficiently. It’s already way behind other Pocketverses like Hyperfy, Monaverse, and Substrata. I do not know what they are spending ALL their time on, but it’s taking forever. I’ll vote YES if someone buys my Tranquility SPA LOL. That will increase the VP of my vote because land ownership is already worth less than the mana it cost.

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I don’t own lands so it’s quite hard to me to really consider how things can go in the future. From what i saw worlds are awesome because they allow to build without owning lands and that’s why i’m actually using it. That’s the 1st benefit i saw from worlds, adding it the fact there is no build limit in it (that is already a BIG benefit compare to lands). So actually the only benefits with lands (from what i saw as i said) is the fact they do have more visibility.

I havn’t voted yet because i wanted to talk a bit about it, but if that last “negative” point from world is solved, what will be the reasons to buy a land? I mean, actually it’s the only reason why i’m considering having one so if worlds solve this point… I’ll probably never buy a land except to increase my VP. If semeone can explain me if i’m wrong, say to better understand how things could evolve, i’ll be glad of it.

As i said i’m not a land owner so in a way this feature is just awesome for people like me. But why buy a land then? I saw some lands owner that voted yes for performances reasons and i definitely can understand that, @NikkiFuego (sorry to tag u), but without your world i think it was not possible to me to attend MVFW events so i’m glad you made this. I’m just asking about how could this feature make people buy a land?

Thank you in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

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Yeah I think this is dangerous to vote yes to for the long term value of DCL Genesis City. If you vote yes, and foundation doesn’t make any major improvements (which I personally don’t really forsee happening properly), DCL will no longer be primarily an open world. And when DCL becomes primarily a pocketverse platform, it is already waaaay behind. I think having a backup in the instances that DCL ain’t actin right is great, but adding it to places will devalue the original idea. This original open world idea may not be the way to go though anyway, because we all just teleport everywhere anyway. i don’t know if I believe in open worlds except like I’ve seen on the otherside test runs.


I think there is a much larger scope to consider. Genesis isn’t going anywhere. Worlds provides an “opportunity” not a full-on “replacement”. I see LAND being prominent long-term regardless of how we integrate Worlds. Think about how we’ve spent the last 2 years telling grants that they should find a land owner to deploy an MVP before requesting funds. Worlds provide that. Why wouldn’t we empower them with the ability to link events and such to that Worlds experience? That only amplifies the ability to improve that MVP and bring it to genesis.

I also see genesis being a place to market projects, storefronts, and other experiences while Worlds can expand on those. Not replace them. Not everyone is going to want to be disconnected from the genesis world and neighbors. While others won’t want to worry about neighbors or the size of the land as a barrier to entry. I don’t understand why people are against having both. If we just gatekeep Worlds and only focus on genesis we aren’t really following the “decentralized” buzzword that everyone keeps using as an excuse to not do other things. We can have the best of both.

Also, people can literally fork the whole game and build their own Decentraland. So in 10 years if the platform is still alive it won’t all just be in genesis anyways. Plus if we don’t integrate this in Decentraland itself, then it’s going to just be built one way or another so why not waste the time and resources and just act now? If people are so hung up on the investments they’ve made in genesis land and are actively building experiences, then there isn’t anything to worry about. Build things that will cause people not to want to leave genesis.

The metaverse isn’t just made up of one configuration. It’s a multi-verse. Video games are the first introduction into a “metaverse” creating a way to connect all of them together is exactly what we should be doing. Not putting up more barriers. Worlds an opportunity to do that and pave some roads for some real creatives to come in and make some amazing experiences. Decentralize the experiences.

We also have no idea where these other platforms like Hyperfy are going to go. Why put all our eggs in one basket? We are still really early. If we vote it through and it has a negative impact, then just vote to remove it. That’s what we do with price pegging and other things why would this be any different?

I’ll also end with the same point I brought up in the last proposal. There are less than 200 Worlds deployed. The genesis land is monopolized by holders for investment reasons. Therefore there are tens of thousands of parcels that will likely never be deployed, or if they do it’ll be years from now. That is a huge barrier to entry for a lot of builders/creators. In reality, most builders that are passionate about building, aren’t willing to fork over a few thousand for a parcel(s) but could afford a NAME and at least test their theories.

(Edit added a paragraph)
A perfect example is my show (sorry to keep bringing it up not trying to shill) at Fashion Week. There were 2 instances of the show that were available. Those who can’t handle genesis land and weren’t able to keep up the loading were able to hop over to the version of the world and experience the show. However, there were still plenty of people that were able to view the show on genesis without any issues. So this solution was to cater to EVERYONE, not just the fortunate/lucky ones. For me as a brand that is heavily invested in the platform, this saved my show from being a complete catastrophe (even though day 1 was :skull: ). This is invaluable as a creator/builder as without it I would have lost a lot of press over something that I have no control over. With Worlds, I have complete control. I was able to also upgrade the Worlds server via Atlas Corp to improve the server and allow for more than 100 players to be on the parcel at one time. Again, extremely beneficial. With bigger and more resourceful brands I can’t imagine what they could create. Imagine a theme park utilizing worlds to have different versions of their park. Rather than instancing and worrying about file size constantly they can just utilize NAMEs. Having places/events integrated with Worlds will do nothing but BENEFIT the entire community. Build together.

Decentraland is severely broken. In the current state it is in, it’s a sinking ship. I’m selling one of my parcels at a loss exactly because we should not keep all our eggs in one basket. I have no reason to hold the parcel since I can do way more with worlds. The explorer team needs to step up and make a platform that works, and onboards easily (no downloading an app, no email list signup, no immediate avatar creation), with a builder that grandma can use. they don’t even have plans for mobile, which the entire world of normies would prefer to use with their short attention spans. Adding worlds to places will only help individuals in the short term. This vote will happen, and you will see. But it’s all already starting to fall apart, so it won’t really matter to reverse the vote. I KNOW exactly where a platform like Hyperfy is headed because the unbelievably talented devs involved in its growth include devs that were shunned by the foundation. And their motivations aren’t financial. I am inspired by what they have been producing. I wish I could say the same for the foundation. If they are even paying attention, “turning off ambient occlusion” would be a small start.


Let’s quit wasting time and money. This should have been done already. Looking forward to seeing this pass. It’s going to be a beautiful outcome.

There is metadata available about Worlds. At the moment the metadata for the World is the same as the metadata for the scene inside the World. Additionally the World name is available.

Genesis City is like the real estate of New York and London in the Metaverse. You wouldn’t expect real estate prices to keep falling in the real world, and the same should apply to the Metaverse. Has anyone realized that land prices have dropped from 3500 mana to 2000 mana since the launch of the open world? While the open world is a promising platform, you can’t just grow a plant and cut its roots. Genesis City represents real estate in the Metaverse, and if its value fell by 42% like New York or London, it would be disastrous. Decentraland needs to protect its real estate or risk everything collapsing.

Now Landlorddao is providing support to new or small creators by helping them deploy their content on the land.

Good question. This is precisely why Landlorddao was founded. We are currently working on achieving that.

This is inevitable. Open World. Open Metaverse.

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I am for worlds! I think it has so much potential! I am all for it! Just worried about land prices that keep falling! Hope we can find a solution. Voting no just to bring awareness.

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Yep! Open worlds is very potential and great, voting no just because the land are really falling to 1500mana now

Why not use your VP to promote the passed poll for the DAO to buy back land into a draft?

Land owners voting to hurt the platforms growth isn’t going to help the price of your bags go up.

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Should Decentraland Worlds be integrated with Places?

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 49% 5,342,697 VP (190 votes)
  • No 50% 5,375,448 VP (16 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 4,655 VP (1 votes)