[DAO:7c2e5f9] Removal of Arbitrary Restrictions on Worlds in Decentraland

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This proposal aims to address and reconsider the limitations currently imposed on “Worlds” within the Decentraland platform. These restrictions have ostensibly been put in place to maintain the value of land parcels within Genesis City. However, this practice contradicts the initial purpose of Worlds, which was to lower the barrier to entry and encourage a broader creator community. This proposal argues that the existing restrictions on Worlds do not enhance the value of Genesis City, and moreover, devalue the overall platform.


Decentraland offers a unique blend of virtual real estate and content creation, providing opportunities for users to own land, create, and share content. To encourage more inclusivity and wider participation, Decentraland introduced the concept of “Worlds.” Worlds were meant to allow creators to develop and share content without owning land in Genesis City. This innovative feature has the potential to invite more creators into the ecosystem, fostering community engagement and platform growth.

Problem Statement

Despite the promising prospects Worlds offer, current limitations make them less useful than they could be. These restrictions include non-accessibility or being hidden from the broader Decentraland community. These limitations ostensibly exist to preserve the value and exclusivity of Genesis City land parcels, yet they conflict with the initial intent behind introducing Worlds.


The hypothesis underlying this proposal is straightforward: making Worlds less useful will not make Genesis City more valuable. Instead, it hinders the value and potential growth of the Decentraland platform as a whole.

Proposed Solution

Immediate Removal of Restrictions: Lift the imposed restrictions on Worlds in the Places dApp, to make them discoverable for all users.


Increased User Engagement: More creators would be able to share their creations, enhancing the overall ecosystem.


The restrictions on Worlds neither enhance the value of Genesis City nor promote the core philosophy of Decentraland, which is decentralization and open participation. Removing these arbitrary limitations will likely result in a more engaged, dynamic, and valuable ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

  • Yes, Allow All Worlds to Be Discoverable
  • No, Keep Only Worlds Belonging to LAND Owners/Renters as Discoverable
  • Invalid question/options

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tl;dr remove this restriction in places:

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All, including non-Foundation worlds servers.


Currently building a world. And since it will be used for multi-media art and artists, having this scenes more discoverable its easier to pitch the idea to new users for what is possible for them.This is a great idea and will open up the doors for others. More accesability should be our goal on the platform.

:brain: for it.


Anything that leads to more facilities and fewer restrictions for users is a good idea and in the long term if enough measures are taken it will result in greater adoption.

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Totally +100. Tho indexing Worlds from non-Foundation content servers might be trickier, it may need some sort of way to integrate from the outside, while not showing the ones that are currently hidden is an extra filter on the data that is currently available, it’s extra effort to get less value, to me it’s a no brainer to start removing that, and we should also start thinking how we can let Worlds from other servers to also show up there.

There is no doubt that Worlds should always be different to Lands.

I agree with this, having the scene more discoverable will always help and when i talk with medium size brands to join DCL through World, they always hesitate for a bit due to lack of discoverability.

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I like this idea but i’m sure there are people who would want to keep it “private”. What i would suggest is to make an option for LAND or WORLD owners for them to choose if they want it discoverable or “private”.

Removal of Arbitrary Restrictions on Worlds in Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes, allow all worlds to be discoverable 90% 7,689,146 VP (97 votes)
  • No, keep only worlds belonging to land owners/renters as discoverable 9% 848,125 VP (6 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 816 VP (5 votes)

Removal of Arbitrary Restrictions on Worlds in Decentraland

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