[DAO:703c651] Reduce the price of claiming a Name to 10 mana

by 0xac097c7e31a2add6244a0f36dba5776d04f5a3fc (LTC)


This proposal aims to address and reconsider the price of “Name” within the Decentraland platform. A name need 100 mana to claim, which contradicts the initial purpose of Worlds, which was to lower the barrier to entry and encourage a broader creator community. This proposal argues that the expensive Names do not enhance the value of Worlds, and moreover, devalue the overall platform.


Decentraland offers a unique blend of virtual real estate and content creation, providing opportunities for users to own land, create, and share content. To encourage more inclusivity and wider participation, Decentraland introduced the concept of “Worlds.” Worlds were meant to allow creators to develop and share content without owning land in Genesis City. This innovative feature has the potential to invite more creators into the ecosystem, fostering community engagement and platform growth.

Problem Statement

Despite the promising prospects Worlds offer, current price make them less useful than they could be. The 100 mana ostensibly exist to preserve the value of Worlds, yet they conflict with the initial intent behind introducing Worlds.


The hypothesis underlying this proposal is straightforward: it hinders the value and potential growth of the Decentraland platform as a whole.

Proposed Solution

Reduce the price of claiming a Name to 10 mana, to make world discoverable for all users over the world.

Increased User Engagement: More creators would be able to share their creations, enhancing the overall ecosystem.


The high price on Names neither enhance the value of Worlds nor promote the core philosophy of Decentraland, which is decentralization and open participation. reducing the price will likely result in a more engaged, dynamic, and valuable ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

  • Yes. Reducing To 10 Mana
  • No, Keep 100 Mana
  • Invalid question/options

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copy/paste much? xD
i’m all in for lowering the price of names too so joke’s on you

actually i think it would be better to keep them pegged to a price in USD like $5 paid in MANA via chainlink oracle, but I know this proposal won’t go through so :man_shrugging:

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Not gonna happen. If you can’t afford to mint a name for 100 MANA (sub $30) perhaps you should not be involved in the Web3/Crypto space.

Given the benefits that come with owning a NAME, 100 MANA at this current USD price is, in my opinion, not expensive and affordable. Being given a WORLD space (100MB) that comes with the NAME is already a huge benefit. In another web3 metaverse platform, the floor price to own a space/WORLD (not parcel) of 75MB is 1.75 ETH which is 95X more than what Decentraland is offering.
At the time of writing:
1 MANA = ~$0.29
1 ETH = ~$1633.00


I am for decreasing the amount to be paid for names. Not neccessarily to 10 mana, but it should be the item with the lowest barrier to entry for any new users who join.

If we really want users to come in and enjoy themselves with the huge array of personalisation, lowering costs is the way to go.

I understand that this is a creator’s economy, but do we understand the new user’s POV?

Imagine being a new user, coming in, exploring the place and liking it, and then discovering that

  1. Buying a name costs 100 mana (30usd)
  2. Buying a set of nice wearables from head to toe costs another 100- 150 mana
  3. Buying emotes (which are typically free in other metaverses) that costs nothing short of 10-20 mana a piece.

Would you, as a first time participant, feel that you’d like to commit close to 300 mana (100usd) to have a good time? And mind you that this is at today’s depressed price of 30 cents per mana, imagine if its $1.

I am :100: with @3Point1Four, we have to reduce the barriers and part of it is reducing the economic cost of entry, I don’t think it should be at 10 MANA either since as @MetaRyuk said Decentraland is offering you a space.

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You can put up 1000 proposals but this will never pass. :grinning:

You, ser, are making very odd assumptions.

Community votes say otherwise :joy:

Well if voting against the grain means i’m the author of the proposal then I guess u got me.

Get your own VP and we will talk :grinning:

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I don’t see any other world like platforms selling any kind of land for $30-$50. To own a Hyperfy world it’s like 0.07ETH or something and ZTX just had a sale I got one for 0.07 ETH and it’s now over 0.1 or more. The only place you will find cheaper land is TMWSTW. CryptoverseVIP comes in at around $100, maybe more now. What we need is the free option like Spatial and Oncyber and other platforms have. Names should actually go up and at prices right now at 200 MANA it’s still a steal. Thank you.

Reduce the price of claiming a Name to 10 mana

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes. reducing to 10 mana 6% 713,762 VP (24 votes)
  • No, keep 100 mana 93% 9,620,871 VP (76 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 771 VP (3 votes)
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Reduce the price of claiming a Name to 10 mana

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)