[DAO:1f2e5b5] Allow builder to support non foundation servers for worlds deployments

by 0xbc02db030361121dd43bbb2fcbcb4f9f98c1dc7d (Ambassador)

There was a recent github repo mentioning builder to support foundation servers for Worlds deployments. Here’s the official link below.

Although the Worlds feature is an excellent idea in many ways, deploying Worlds requires additional technical knowledge. This is not very ideal for new users. Because of this reason foundation has decided to make this whole process user friendly where anyone can deploy a worlds via few click from the builder app. However this feature is only limited to foundation servers. I believe non foundation servers should also be supported. We can’t have a true decentralised experience or platform if only the the centralised servers are supported. We have to open up all services to the rest of the world.

Please note this is a non binding proposal.

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Currently there are two active Worlds Server hosting providers for Decentraland

1- Decentraland Worlds by AtlasCorp - https://decentralandworlds.xyz/

2 - DCL.Guru by HPrivakos - Discord

We can expect to see more server hosting providers come onboard as demand for more storage space & other special requests will nee needed as companies, brands, businesses, individuals look to activate (elevate) private worlds experiences.

In my eyes, this seems kind of pointless if Worlds can’t be integrated with Places/Events page. We should focus on that integration before adding more features to Worlds.


Agree with Nikki on this one. I would like to see more users in worlds… but right now it is as if worlds is not a part of DCL because it is not featured anywhere. It may as well be DCL Studio, or DCL backpack features, or Genesis city map. All of these need to live inside DCL or it gets to be pointless after a while. We are paying for great ideas that no one knows about outside the DAO, no one uses, and they are not integrated into the platform.


At this stage only the foundations servers can be integrated with Places/Events. There were two other proposals which got voted down by land whales. Limiting this brilliant feature to foundation only servers is the wrong decision. We take one step forward & two steps back. I believe the latest proposal by Yemel further confused many people, myself included.

You literally hit the nail on the head.

What’s the point of integrating other world server providers into the builder when the builders don’t have a way/tools to drive traffic to the world they’re building?

Allow builder to support non foundation servers for worlds deployments

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Allow builder to support non foundation servers for worlds deployments

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