[DAO:47c63e9] Add Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to Builder for Publishing Worlds

by 0xbc02db030361121dd43bbb2fcbcb4f9f98c1dc7d (Ambassador)

Decentraland is struggling to bring in new users & I feel one way to onboard new users is by targeting crypto/nft native communities rather than focusing on Web2 users. ENS currently has over 700,000 users and this number is growing rapidly. Yemel has already mentioned about this on this proposal. Link below.

I say we fast forward things and bring this into reality. Since most underlying works are done for DCL Worlds under builder, I’m guessing it shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate (include) ENS and allocate them 25MB Storage.

In order for us to become the ultimate decentralised platform, we must constantly innovative & let others know that they are also welcome.

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Doesn’t the foundation control that?

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That’s correct, it’s the foundation’s server. If they want the crowds to come in they have to decentralise the server similar to how the DCL Worlds are done. I’m pretty certain they can figure this out as they are a smart bunch.

I am in talks with ENS and they 100% support this initiative. After all everyone in Web3 deserves to have their own Virtual Space. :grinning:

How would the DAO go about making the Foundation do this if the prop was to advance through all three stages successfully?

Or is this more of an attempt to show the foundation people support this idea?

Not to worry, they will figure it out. I believe people will support this. For those who need more than 25MB storage this can be attained from either Atlas Corp or HP for a small fee. The concept is to bring in more crypto/nft/web3 native users. Let them try Decentraland, build their desired 3D Virtual Space. For those who believe this is is going to devalue dcl names; please note, ENS users are always going to be guest users in Genesis World. Think twice before you vote. Right now we have 230 active players inside Decentraland across all realms. Think of what a difference the 700K user base can bring.

This idea is similar to the Freemium business model. The proposal by Yemel also supports the Decentraland’s token and NFT holders giving additional benefits to the higher risk takers, investors and believers in the form of space allocation. I like it.

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I don’t know how or where Yemel pulled those ideas from. For now we have to keep it simple. In layman’s terms, 25MB server storage space is enough for ENS fam to come in, be excited & start deploying/building. This way it doesn’t piss off DCL fame as it’s 1/4th of what they have. Main point is to bring in Web3 native crowds & why should we stop at ENS? We need to open up Decentraland to everyone. Those who lack to see the real vision or are pessimistic will always be questioning such proposals as this one.

Charge them 100MANA for enabling DCL Worlds for their ENS names.
Extra revenue, extra exposure, extra extra! hahaha

If they had to pay 100 Mana we would not need to onboard ENS because they can just mint a DCL name and receive all the perks automatically. Once again this proposal was intended to onboard new users, not so much to make money from them. If it turns out that they need more storage they can still opt to own/claim a dcl name or have 500MB space for $4-$5 per month.

May I know how DCL generates revenue from Worlds?
It’s unfair to give ENS names free 25MB space without spending anything.
And just to inform you that “700,000 users” is misleading as one user can own multiple wallet/ENS.
FYI, I own 23 ENS in 10 wallets.
Need to change my vote from Yes to NO.


100 Mana from all name claims goes straight to DAO.

25MB Free Space to ENS holders was not my idea to begin with, you can take this up with Yemel

I am only going by what the ENS team has put out, which is available to public on twitter

FYI, I own 200+ ENS names in one wallet.

You are most welcome to vote as you please.

Sure :joy:
My vote has no say anyways hahaha

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I was under the impression that ENS holders had a world of their own without owning a DCL name. Correct me if I am wrong, please, cause I found this to be a bit disturbing. https://twitter.com/DCLjasonx/status/1666936225352265728?s=20 or what exactly does this mean?

Yes, it is true, ENS name holders will have a world of their own without owning a DCL name. Please read Yemel’s proposal below.

Add Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to Builder for Publishing Worlds

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

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  • No 34% 1,855,649 VP (20 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 755 VP (1 votes)
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Add Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to Builder for Publishing Worlds

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