[DAO: QmXAM4C] Build a MANA Based Mainnet

by 0x6fe1a56c978c1b66e97c2ae9b0cfd29e6483d040 (AnthonySims)

Hey everyone, If you let private enterprise also have mini-DAO like structures built off of a MANA chain we could turn Decentraland into a Decentralized social media platform. And I know technically speaking it already is but what I am suggesting is similar to how Facebook has business pages and groups but they would be a DAO structure community page for groups, businesses, event spaces, etc. This way we could have a place for all of our DCL announcements and community without having to use an outside 2 Dimensional resource to communicate with people not in world.

The way the DAO could be set up is generate a coin with however much MANA you put in divided by the coin amount. Price of coin in this use wouldn’t be the main concern because it would be primarily based on it’s utility to vote in your community decisions.

More unpopular opinion: We could also make the pages only accessible to land owners.

  • DAO system built off of MANA for DCL Based Businesses or Non-Profits
  • DAO system built off of MANA for DCL Based Businesses or Non-Profits | Only available to land owners.
  • No MANA Mainnet but this idea is a good idea in concept so I’m not against it but I think it can be done on the ETH Mainnet
  • No MANA mainnet and no DAOs
  • Invalid question/options

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Build a MANA Based Mainnet

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)