[DAO: QmP3bTc] Play to earn Mechanics!

by 0x3f43e5d0a148e440a53ae601ab24c63b06f10e30 (DefiHim#0e30)

Add an in-game coin you can earn by logging in, visting locations , other daily objectives which can be exchanged for mana OR nft marketplace items. This would work best with an extended catalog of marketplace items between 2-4 Mana.

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  • No

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Curious how this has managed to get ~89% of the current yes votes from a single wallet… mostly from 17 LAND they are holding? hmmmm :thinking::thinking:

I really have to question how this would work logistically… like how would the exchange of this new in-game coin to MANA work? if it was fixed ammount lets say 1 MANA = 5 xMANA, this could have an drastic effect on the price of MANA and therefore could destory the value currently held by MANA…

Anyways, if you search through the events pages on decentralands site, some events do giveaway NFT’s which then can be claimed later, as well as most events giving POAP’s for attendance.

This already is quite a bit of free stuff if you go digging deep enough/attend events etc, I think “welcoming POAPS” could be cool or perhaps unquie poaps for each district perhaps.

I really hope this gets more discussion before the vote passes as it could be a better idea if fleshed out and explained more…