Let's get the Decentraland DAO started!

Hi everyone! First post.

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Decentraland DAO is live! (1, 2)

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As you can read here, the DAO was granted 222M MANA with a vesting schedule of 10 years. You can see the current state of the vesting contract on this nice dashboard. At the time of writing, 12,898,770 MANA / $1,021,518.11 USD have already vested for the DAO to use.

I thought that the first step to get the DAO started and actually push the project forward is to get it funded! Thus, after some fighting with Aragon tech, I got to submit a proposal to make the DAO claim its currently vested MANA.

Some quick ideas of what we could do when the DAO has funds:

  • provide liquidity for MANA/ETH pairs on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.
  • provide funding for gitcoin grants for the development of the protocol.
  • provide funding for the development of alternative explorer clients.
  • burn MANA (why not?)
  • fund community-organized creator contests.
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Here is the proposal: https://governance.decentraland.org/proposal/0x0741ab50b28ed40ed81acc1867cf4d57004c29b6/vote/3
And the more cryptic Aragon version of the same proposal: https://client.aragon.org/#/dcl.eth/0x0741ab50b28ed40ed81acc1867cf4d57004c29b6/vote/3/

Let’s make the Decentraland DAO an active DAO and start funding the growth of the project and MANA! :rocket:

ps: I think this forum should have a “Governance” category


(I had to split the original post in 3 parts due to a forum limit on the amount of links in posts. :man_shrugging:)

Hi! @maraoz, Great to see the DAO being used!
Could you explain exactly what your proposal will do?

The sites don’t show any information:

This proposal, if executed, will make the DAO claim its currently vested MANA from the vesting contract. More precisely, It’ll make the DAO issue a transaction to the vesting contract calling the ‘release’ function, so that the already vested MANA (~13M MANA) goes to the DAO’s treasury. That’s it.

After that, further proposals will be needed to specify what to do with those funds.

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I like the idea of adding liquidity on DEXs, this is a way to add more volume to MANA and to make some income (other than the vested MANA) for the DAO!


The released founds can be later allocated (sent to an ETH address) using this same voting mechanism?

Completely support this proposal.

BUT I think we need to move away from burning and reallocate that to incentivise people that bring value to the platform.

Either those that hold MANA or LAND or better - if there’s a metric to measure value adding, (maybe content/traffic to parcel etc).

I think the whole burn mechanism should be changed to redistributing that to value adders. But that’s for another proposal :p.

We 100% need liquidity for DEX’s and funding for content creators etc.

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@Eibriel yes, but that needs to be in a separate voting, and a separate proposal. My idea with this proposal was to give funds to the DAO. What we do with those funds will be decided later.

@dclblogger thanks a lot for your support! I think I agree in that the DAO funds should mainly be used to drive adoption (in terms of content creation and user retention). DEX liquidity would be nice and easy to get approval for, too. But first we need the funds released :slight_smile:, let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much.


Let’s do it! believe the vote will be passed :slight_smile:

The voted passed the inbox and is ready for final approval!

We need to reach 20% support, so if you agree with funding the DAO, please vote!

Support reached! :tada:

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Funds arrived!

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