Proposal: Grant Application Flow

Status: DRAFT

Create a template to request MANA from the DAO to fund a project.

Allow the DAO to fund projects that will promote Decentraland development.

This change adds a new proposal type to the governance app that allows a user to apply for funding. The applicant must indicate the amount requested, a link to the description of the proposal, and the address to receive the funds if approved after a vote.

The DAO has a reserve of MANA that should be utilized to develop Decentraland and its community. We need a standard way to request money from the DAO to cover (totally or partially) the expenses of executing tasks that are beneficial to Decentraland.

To enumerate some examples of projects that may apply for the Grant Program:

  • Development and audit of new features.
  • Patronage artists to create content on Decentraland.
  • Research about technical integration with other platforms.
  • Seed funding for companies with an in-game monetization strategy.

When applying for a grant make sure you:

  • Stick to the template below.
  • Add understandable, non-tech, ELI-5 1 summary.
  • Add an abstract: what will be done if the grant is approved.
  • Write a longer motivation with links and references if necessary.
  • Include information about team members who will execute this project.
  • Elaborate on project stages and estimate execution times for each stage.
  • Define the initial budget requested and to what stage it will be allocated.
  • Submit the proposal on the forum and keep the discussion going for at least 3 days.
  • Submit the proposal on-chain for voting using the governance app 1.
  • Once approved, report your progress on the same forum thread.



Simply describe the outcome the proposed change intends to achieve. This should be non-technical and accessible to a casual community member.


A short (~200 word) description of the proposed project, the abstract should clearly describe what will be done if the grant is approved.


Explain why this project is important to Decentraland. Include links and references if necessary.


Present the main collaborators who are going to execute this project. Make sure to indicate their background and the role they will take in the project.


Estimation when the project will be finished. Define clear project stages and estimate execution times for each stage. Include funding events on your plan.


Define an initial budget in MANA and explain what is going to be used for. If you are planning to hire external resources (e.g. smart contract development) please include market hourly wages for those roles. Team members may include a fee for their time as well.

Add a way to request MANA to the DAO in the governance app.

Do not include a way to request MANA to the DAO in the governance app.


Checkout the implementation progress here:

Any further interest in this process. I came to the forum looking for this very solution for a charitable project I want to start. Looks like minimal activity. Entry into DCL land is currently limited for those with money to burn. I wish I found DCL sooner, been busy being a pediatrician…shoulda gone into banking. LOL