[DAO:ddb0640] Proposal to improve the DAO Grants Program

by 0x858343382132b9ab46c857a7d52fdbafc039f784 (Zino)

The Decentraland DAO Grants Program has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of our ecosystem. However, recent insights and the evolving needs of our community necessitate a restructuring to enhance the quality and impact of funded projects.

New restructuring is needed, and the following DRAFTS proposals should clarify the restructuring, but to accomplish the need, we should address the following points:

Reviewing Grant Request Processes: Currently, there is no comprehensive assessment of grant applications in terms of quality, feasibility, budget, and alignment with Decentraland’s strategic direction. This gap must be addressed to ensure we support projects that genuinely contribute to our ecosystem.

Refining Grant Categories: It’s crucial to specify the types of projects we fund and the conditions attached to these grants. This refinement should incorporate feedback from the latest Revocations Committee recommendations and the last governance proposal regarding financial reports, ensuring we fund projects that align with our community’s values and objectives.

Defining Budgets for Each Category: Establishing clear budget limits for each grant category will enable better financial control and allocation efficiency within the DAO. This approach requires revisiting, especially in light of the rejection of the last proposal due to disagreements over budget distribution percentages.

Your input is vital in shaping the future of the Decentraland DAO Grants Program. Please share your thoughts and suggestions to help us refine and finalize this proposal. Together, we can ensure that our Grants Program continues to be a pillar for innovation and growth for our community.

If the poll passes, we will move forward in two stages:

  • Stage A) Review Grant Request Process
  • Stage B) Refine Grant Categories and define % budget for each category.
  • Yes
  • No
  • Invalid question/options

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People won’t read reviews, waste of time, money and energy.

The categories are useless IMO, it’s totally arbitrary. For example we have a very consequent (in the budget) category solely for 3-4 teams… We should just abolish the categories.


I 100% agree with HP here.

Lets work out a more efficient way.

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I 100% agree with @HPrivakos and @InJesterr on we should abolish the categories and all other friction that is in place. Let’s focus on the core propose on why this DAO was created in the first place. To focus on getting funds to ventures Decentraland actually needs to improve the platform that can not only build the community but also solid product that gives them a reason to stay long term.

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Hi @HPrivakos , @InJesterr , and @AaronLeupp ,

Firstly, thank you for your feedback on the current review process and category system of the Grants Program. :slight_smile:

Your concerns about the efficiency of the current approach and the arbitrary nature of categories have been noted.
We want to explore potential solutions to address these issues further, so @InJesterr @HPrivakos do you have any specific ideas or suggestions on how can be improved the categorization system?, please feel free to share them.
@AaronLeupp, that can be part of the framework of one main category, for example, right? Something like : “The main goal should be to improve the platform (i.e core code)”

Once again, thank you for your contributions, and we look forward to hearing more from you. :raised_hands:


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remove it completely.
Documentation is next to not usable as it’s so small, core unit is hogging a big part of the budget for a small percentage of teams, and some categories like social media have no business being here at all.


And how about the Platform Category? Would you remove it, or like @AaronLeupp said the DAO should fund projects that directly improve the Platform (?)

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Return to the old system where all categories share 1 budget, but this time add all quarterly budget together as a general category.

Now import rules to what is required to receive a grant from the dao points like:

  • It must contribute directly to decentraland or the dao
  • It must include monthly financial reports

Because if it doesn’t contribute to the dao or dcl there is no need for us to fund it. They should take a loan from the bank for anything outside of dcl.

now define what contributing to the dcl or dao means:

  1. Onboarding users to the platform.
  2. Creating something that is needed and can be used by the DAO and DCL.
  3. Being entertaining and adding value for existing users.
  4. Developing tools or features that enhance the overall functionality and user experience within the DAO or DCL ecosystem.
  5. Participating in community-building initiatives to strengthen the sense of belonging and engagement among users.
  6. Regularly updating and maintaining existing systems to ensure security, scalability, and efficiency.
  7. Collaborating with other contributors to foster a collaborative environment that promotes innovation and creativity.
  8. Conducting research and development to explore new opportunities for growth and expansion within the DAO or DCL framework.
  9. Providing educational resources and support to help users understand and navigate the decentralized platforms effectively.

The grant system is in complete shambles as Moster Hall was lost - by far the best thing on DCL with hours of actual gameplay. Maybe the graphics needed improved - that could be fixed with a 50 dollar asset pack. DCL also lost the Blunt Farm, DealerZone, DecenTrollTerd Slayers, DooDoo Space Launch and Robot Apocalypse- all top-notch mini games. These were projects that already delivered excellent work not just offering some promise of future deliveries with a past of mediocracy at best. The grant system is being used to deal favors to friends and people who fit a certain profile. Pay the software license bill on stuff already delivered before handing out money to your BFFs

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OG, I have your laser tag wearable game and it’s genius. You seriously save DCL’s “dead mall” status with this invention. I’ve been following your story and all they try to do is stop you from improving the ecosystem. Now parcels that were empty Blender files are transformed into the perfect environment for a round of laser tag. It’s an embarrassment to the DAO that you haven’t received a single mana for the work you’ve done they should air drop you ASAP. In 1 week you delivered the first ever multiplayer FPS, then BOOOOM transformed every parcel on the map into a fun game. No gamer influencers can complain if they receive your laser tag. DCL is FINALLY competitive with Roblox thanks to you. Every MANA and land holder owes you right now and I go to your snowball game and I see you’re getting harassed most likely be a jealous delegate. The strobe light is what jealousy looks like. I won’t be surprised if all your code is stolen just like the trademarks are around here. You have a great idea looking backwards on grants instead of future promises and ‘woulda coulda shoulda’. Pay the bill first -YES

Thank you @InJesterr for sharing your thoughts and suggestions.
How do you imagine incorporating the KPIs to measure the impact and success of grant-funded projects in the process that you proposed?

Your insights on this matter would be greatly appreciated to continue to refine and improve the grant program that we can keep discussing in the draft if this poll passes (remember that one of the stages is to re-define the category requirements)

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Hi @OGContraBand

I empathize with the frustration and disappointment over the loss of several projects that could be considered valuable. We need to understand what happened to mitigate this kind of issue and learn from the past.
Could you tell me if you identified some reasons why the projects you mentioned decided to step down?
Your input will be significant in continuing to improve the grants program! :raised_hands:

Thank you a lot.

Hi @Zino,

Appreciate your thoughtful question. To incorporate KPIs into the process, I suggest enhancing the grant application with checkboxes for agreement on terms. The GSS can then verify compliance by reviewing the grantee’s adherence to these terms in the grant. I propose a return to a unified budget system with quarterly categorization and the introduction of rules for grant eligibility. These rules emphasize contributions to decentraland or the DAO, requiring monthly financial reports.

The criteria for contribution involve onboarding users, creating valuable assets, entertaining and adding value for existing users, developing tools, participating in community-building, maintaining systems, collaborating, and contributing to research and development. This structured approach ensures that funded projects align closely with the DAO and DCL objectives.

Thanks for your feedback.
Currently, there is a checkbox at the end of the grant application process. that means that the grantee gives their consent in terms of they had understood the grants framework (including requirements and performance metrics)

Could you specify at what point you suggest such a change in the process?

Thank you!

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Just changed my vote to yes since you are willing to cooperate with the communities suggestions.

Certainly, let me provide further clarification on the proposed changes. To address this, let’s initiate the framework update, focusing particularly on the first checkbox.

Additionally, it is essential to integrate rules into the Grants Framework and revisit the existing categories.

In my perspective, it would be prudent to exclude the Accelerator & Sponsorship. Consequently, we can consolidate the budgets of the remaining categories into a single shared budget. The rationale behind this consolidation is to prevent surplus allocation in individual categories at the end of the quarter. Nevertheless, retaining the categories for tracking purposes allows us to identify the alignment of each proposal with a specific category.

Now, you may wonder, how do we determine the shared budget?

We calculate the combined amounts of all existing categories, and this total will be shared among each category.

For adjustments in the Grants Framework:

  • Remove Accelerator & Sponsorship.
  • Clearly specify that proposals in most categories must be beneficial to the DAO or DCL.

Regarding metrics:

  • Metrics Social Media: Align with contributions to Decentraland or the DAO. For instance, a social media grant posting about Rihanna may not contribute to the DAO or DCL, but metrics tied to activities benefiting Decentraland or the DAO are more impactful.

  • Metrics In World: Measure engagement on a parcel, utilizing reliable and verifiable sources such as DCL Metrics.

  • Metrics Platform: Count contributions to the main code repository or measure tool/application metrics upon deployment to the production environment.

Defining contributions to DCL or DAO includes:

  • Clarifying the meaning of contributing to the DAO or DCL is crucial. Examples include onboarding users, creating valuable assets, enhancing functionality, and participating in community-building initiatives.

To prevent misunderstanding, specify what is not considered contributing, such as building real-life houses or starting businesses unrelated to the DAO.

These adjustments aim to enhance clarity and align proposals more closely with the objectives of the DAO and DCL.

People don’t ignore reviews; it’s just that people’s time is precious, and not everyone here like you, has a high salary. (I’m just using this as an analogy, not against you.) If they don’t find positive energy or income from reading comments, why would they waste their time here? Can you give me a reason not to leave this place? (I’m just objectively looking at this issue.) However, you’ve given me a hint. I have a bold idea. Suppose we design a DAO Comment Mobilization Plan where all participating commentators receive 1 MANA (just an example; the specific reward can be discussed later if necessary ) as a reward or basic salary. The advantages of this approach include attracting more talent to actively participate in the DAO, effectively bringing in a new wave of players or bring more ideas, and perhaps driving a surge in MANA. The downside could be that it might make the DAO more chaotic—too many people could lead to disorder. However, considering the current state of affairs, it’s already chaotic enough, so we might overlook that when things are at their worst.

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100000% agree :+1: with you


Proposal to improve the DAO Grants Program

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 98% 4,853,829 VP (63 votes)
  • No 1% 1 VP (1 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 61,169 VP (5 votes)

What would this mean for Platform grants that are currently required to open source their code? Do we set a requirement that all grant deliverables in code form need to be open source?

Thank you for the feedback!

These inputs will be considered during the Stage B.


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