[DAO: QmYFAxa] Should decentraland dao move forward on acquiring a suitable public ENS domain? (like mana.eth)

by 0xe809968423551135675f38ca77d9595c5d225918

It’s my strong belief that virtually every person/corp/org/dao thats affiliated with crypto will want to pick up an ENS domain in the future. The domain chosen is a big decision as it becomes part of that entities brand. There’s a big difference in brand effect from being beer.eth(https://bit.ly/3o7UgWH/) to b33r.eth. I believe mana.eth to be a strong contender for ideal domain for decentraland dao.
I believe being forward thinking and swift moving is this area is going to be massively beneficial. As the market begins noticing increased demand, like any piece of scarce digital property, the prices could be driven up quite high. I think that’s why people have been willing to pay a premium to secure powerful/clean domains(Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke cops tobi.eth ENS for 30 ETH | CryptoSlate).
Something I would just like to point out, that I don’t think has been realized yet, is the power of subdomains. The dao would be able to issue everyone their own subdomain of their choosing (i.e. jack.mana.eth, sage.mana.eth, etc) which the person could then put in their twitter profiles and such to show their support of the dao - I believe this will become very common place in the future.
We’re still very much in the nascent stages of ENS development. Only a few coins can be assigned an address but in the future you should be able to send any coin to an ens address, from any chain and layer. Right now it seems dao’s are largely sleeping on the importance of a domain, but once again I think in the future nearly every dao will want one.

As the current owner of mana.eth, my motivations are obvious, but I also strongly believe in the future of digital identity that ENS is building towards. I’m hoping to reach those who also believe in that future and perhaps have a bit of influence in the dao and encourage you to light the fire in this area and get your domain secured - whatever you collectively end up deciding it to be.

P.S. - I’ve just found the dao already owns dcl.eth that it uses on its backend for ingame name registrations I believe? Well if the dao doesn’t wish to use ENS in a public way, that’s its own decision. But if I had a strong position in the dao, I’m absolutely certain of what my preference would be - I would want mana.eth shown on the dao’s twitter page, and I would want as many members putting their subdomain in their twitter profile(and other socials) as possible. And I would want it to look like jack.mana.eth over jack.dcl.eth - one is very clear support for decentraland, the other is ambiguous and would clearly need the acronym explained until its understood what it is.

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You could donate it to the DAO and it could be put to used to represent the mana contract. Otherwise, subdomains can always be added to the dcl.eth registry to present contract addresses.

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Should decentraland dao move forward on acquiring a suitable public ENS domain? (like mana.eth)

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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