[DAO:130a58e] Port names from Ethereum to Polygon

by 0x5670297049f46489989d0feaa93a5c3d2d53f3c8 (goddamm7it)

I think ethereum names should be bridged to polygon! WHY?
Because gas fees are too high
What does this cause?
-Lower number of minted names. The premium is too high, paying 120/150 MANA(depending on the price of ETH) to buy a domain worth 100 MANA makes little sense
-Lower collection volume in the marketplace, dclmarket/opensea=less DAO revenue
-Users lose money when they transfer names out their wallet, high gas fees like i said

  • It will be impractical to do anything useful with names because you’ll have to pay 5/10$ to interact with any smart contract in existence, nft lending or subdomain leasing will be a pain, so sooner or later names will be ported regardless
    I don’t know if it’s better to leave l1 and l2 names like wearables or airdrop names to l2 directly and exclusively use them on l2. In-game intergration with names will have to be changed and few other things, i’m not a dev, this is dev talk, write your comments,ideas and guidance below.
    It’s my first proposal so there might be mistakes. Thanks!!!
  • Port names to polygon
  • Stay on ethereum
  • Invalid question/options

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It would make it incompatible with ENS.

Certainly i forgot about it at the time of writing, my bad. I am aware of that, the solution is to move to unstoppable domains on polygon, i will search for other alternatives but that would be it.
Scrap the entire ENS ethereum thing because it’s just terrible

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I missed a BIG detail i apologize, i just thought i could do a proposal on the fly while hearing billy dj at vroomway! Don’t regret it

I hope there’s a smart contract developer here either from or outside the decentraland foundation to clarify if there would be a way to still be able to use dcl names on ENS while the nfts are on polygon, i have my doubts. But certainly if not possible, unstoppable domains comes as main alternative, as i said i’m not a developer so i’m asking

There is way to use polygon - wait for ENS to add L2 support.

maybe it’s not a bad idea to have L2 names :eyes:

but you lost me when you said a Layer 1, 1/1 subdomain ENS is a terrible idea and to scrap it…

In the past these options were explored and community came to conclusion to leave DCL names as it is. ENS will soon have L2 integration which will benefit us greatly. With the existing ENS app it is very easy to set DCL names as resolver & use them as human readable crypto wallet addresses. This way we have access to everything ENS has built over the years & anything new ENS is either building or working on. Switching over to Unstoppable will not stick with the community.

I really loved hearing about your proposal on our Twitter space this week! I think all conversations around this topic are valid and very useful… not just for names but all aspects of Decentraland NFT’s (LAND, Wearables, Emotes, Etc.)

I hope to discuss this more and try to find more ways to reduce the barrier of entry financially for new users. :+1:

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Eth names should stay on eth, but having the option to purchase future names that haven’t been claimed on polygon would be great.

Unfortunately not possible at this time, but if ENS were to ever seek to support L2s (especially if using ZK-rollups) we should revisit this!

polygon is not compatible with ENS, it would be great if these types of changes were implemented.

This topic has come up in the past. Unfortunately there is no easy solution. The closest thing may be to allow the subdomain minting of .dcl.eth on polygon L2 and leave all the names on ETH. If this happens one day I am more than happy to give out free names to all new users from my own stash.

Port names from Ethereum to Polygon

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • Port names to polygon 1% 1,225 VP (99 votes)
  • Stay on ethereum 23% 1,819,968 VP (25 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 76% 5,901,860 VP (48 votes)