Beta release of Decentraland Worlds [Discussion]

The Foundation has released this in beta:



Much needed, although I think I feel that 4 parcels is too small, at least 9 would make a difference. I assume it’s already on mind to allow to grow it. In any case, it’s an enormous step forward.


How do you think it should grow?

I feel like if the Foundation starts charging for it, it would stop being an NGO…

I have two ideas to keep it decentralized:

  1. Host your own
  2. Get 1 parcel per X amount of VP that you have

That second idea is really novel, not sure how it would go…



  • Combining both? host your own + stake mana or vp
  • holding LAND, like 1 LAND = 4 world extra parcels (or bigger), to compensate and give an alicient to Genesis land owners, some land owners with low resources that got at least 1 genesis land will be happy. Also gamejam participants that won 1 Genesis land have high probability to develop a “world”. Also allowing kind of “delegation” of land for big land holders.
  • I think you mentioned about staking MANA somewhere? where time and quantity affects the size? in this case, would be interesting that not only you have to stake but others can stake their MANA in your world, they can be rewarded by the world developer. But this also brings problems like “what if… people stop staking?”
  • airdrop of new “world space” nft to land owners.
  • fee going to DAO.
  • accumulative parcels per account, that is, 1 address with 2 names can have 8 parcels.

It’s hard question really, specially in an early stage, being prudent with current status I think is good to see how it evolves and have feedback over time. For now I think I like the 2nd point rewarding Genesis Land owners. I will be back if something comes to my mind.

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I first hated the idea because of concerns about people leaving Genesis Plaza and lands price taking a hit, but it’s honestly no different from someone hosting their own catalyst with their own deployment rules, just easier and hosted by the Foundation.

The only thing I regret is the feature not officially having the option to self-host a World server (according to the blog post, there actually is).
Is it just a question of having to write the documentation on how to do it and not having to deal with support from people trying to self host it for the moment?


Hi, here giving my 2 cents as both an estate owner and a regular DCL player

I personally don’t have much issues with the concept except that I think the no. of pax allowed on DW should be reduced to 32 max. (somewhat like vrchat style?) though i’m not sure as to a max number of land before it has wider repercussions.
If a party/organisation wishes to organise something on a larger scale then it should be on mainnet, with rental being the cost effective option. (imo not too costly to rent a 4 parcel estate).

DW should be used as a stepping stone to onboard users who want to explore building and hosting on a small scale (as mentioned in the post) with the ultimate goal of transition to mainnet. Allowing 100 concurrent users would essentially draw crowds away from mainnet and into their own bubble instead.

My proposition would be 32 users for now, with the potential to increase down the line at a similar rate to adoption, by way of a DAO proposal.


This feature should be game changing for community creators! IMO the price of entry for hosting/testing their scenes has always been one of (if not the) largest barrier for entry. The best alternative to owning land previously was to host the scene as a static site on another platform (Heroku/Vercel), which required a couple extra steps to get set up. With the death of Heroku’s free service (the previously documented go-to for hosting), this release certainly comes at a fortuitous time! This will let everyone easily test and share their creations with the community in a live space without the massive investment of purchasing/renting a GC estate. With the reduced barrier we should see more users creating in DCL, which will drive up the quantity and quality of scenes available.

Given the easy access, this could also change the format of community creation contests: submissions could be pushed onto worlds for judging/community viewing, enabling more organic DCL interactions (as opposed to interactions on alternatives hosts).

I love the idea of being able to scale your DCL World based on the level of investment you have in the platform. I doubt it will ever be able to compete with GC with the given limitations, but having a large pocket realm (that grows with VP/GC parcels) would give even more value to GC parcels!

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Love worlds, not a fan of 4 parcel, 100mb limitations.

If there was an easy option to host my own server or to pay mana to double or quadruple limitations on my world, i would do it in a heartbeat.

My angle is i want to use worlds to host a portfolio of ongoing, completed, and unrealized architecture projects. When i make a design update to my 3D revit model, i want to be able to easily push those changes to a decentraland environment which my client can view and explore whenever they have time.

Right now this is hard to do in genesis city because of parcel size limitations. Limitless local SDK environments are ideal but they are not sharable. Worlds offers the perfect inbetween but the 4 parcel limitations kind of cripple its potential.

Personally I think one solid strategy for growing decentraland is marketing it as a tool for viewing 3D content that is already being used online. Like using it as a tool for presenting architecture design, or as a new perspective on google earth, or an option for viewing sketchfab models. World could be that i think.

Rant over, but i support any idea that allows for less limitations on worlds. We dont need scarcity of land we need people using decentraland as a tool for things that matter.


How easy? The code can be found here: GitHub - decentraland/worlds-content-server
Just need to build the docker image and run the image on a server


Hell yeah thanks. Ill get into this after xmas