[DAO:c65c522] Is allowing 100 visitors for Decentraland Worlds Beta fair to current land owners?

by 0x60206b4b0eeefed1c5fb8f755527f72fa872b143 (Pdubverse)

My name is Pdub and I have been apart of the Decentraland community since 2020. I own POI Pdubverse. Back in 2020 I started out with 1 parcel and traded my way up to a 16 parcel estate in a span of 2 years.

With the new Decentraland Worlds Beta announcement the only thing that rubbed me the wrong way is that we are allowing someone with only a 100 mana name to create a build that will allow up to 100 visitors at a time (4 parcels is alot of space if you level up.) If you go to the Places tab the only location that consistently has over 100 visitors at a time is The Stronghold for Ice Poker.

What is preventing someone going overboard by creating a few names, having multiple Decentraland World locations, and only doing it for a couple hundred mana? Not to mention that person/company may never buy land in Decentraland because what is the point when you can do what you need to do for 100 mana.

Depending on how this poll turns out then maybe we should re-review the number of allowed visitors for Decentraland Worlds Beta. I’m curious to hear everyones thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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here is being asked for feedback, and I think it would be good idea to reward Genesis Land owners with extra space or limits, even if a self hosted server is necessary. Beta release of Decentraland Worlds [Discussion] - #3 by esteban

@pablo would say this is an invalid question because this is NOT a DAO decision. This was the Decentraland Foundation’s decision and what they say, goes.
Do you really believe they care about Genesis Land Owners? If so, please share the evidence. I am lacking evidence to come to any other conclusion.

I feel as if we might be missing the forest for the trees in this case:

The 100 person limit is merely part of DCL’s architecture. Reading through the ADRs is a very good way to get a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s ambitions until 2030, and how the foundation takes decisions regarding the technological development of our open-source platform.


From what I understand the Architecture Decision Records are not decisions to be made by the DAO. Therefore, while this is helpful insight, I am not sure if we have the ability to influence these decisions that are made by the Decentraland Foundation.

My only question would be “will the event you host on DCL Worlds show up on the events page?”

I feel that would be a bit unfair but as I plan to buy a 2x1 I may be biased.
Currently I think it’s fair as I imagine a small creator with limited land will have a couple of links in their build to their DCL Worlds experience(s) so it works as a complementary feature.

If thats the case then I think 100 visitors is reasonable as you would have to put a lot of effort to spread the word about your DCL World to reach that limit and therefore see no reason to put a cap on the number of visitors.

Could we assign every parcel of Land its own associate World as well to even the playing field?
Land parcels in genesis city would be a digital 3D “front door” to worlds while names are just a url.

Are there technical limitations to having people visit a land via the worlds setup - eg no surrounding lands?

Seems like worlds population limit should be lower, with an “upgraded” name allowing for additional visitors with the upgrade cost going towards the dao.

Pdub thank you for starting the dialogue on this very important issue. I think most land owners would have thought twice about their purchase knowing that land would be easily accessible through DCL Worlds. I’m trying to see the benefit of it, but it is a legitimate threat to the scarcity of our LAND contracts. My hope is that the interconnectedness of Decentraland will ensure that there’s still more benefit to owning LAND rather than access to a DCL World.

Joke of a take. Thousands of abandoned non deployed on parcels owned by land sharks. People here for no other reason then to make a buck fn over the player base who actually wants to build be part the eco system and do kick az sht. You own land connected to direct actual main map in play. Seamless transition from one parcel to the next with no realm hop. You hustled hard flipped we can respect that you still on that bs mb limitation tho. You still have a bigger space. Id be more happy that people can build and do stuff. Then worrying about some other person throwing a 100 viewer party. Otherwise they/people may just say f the land prices and this whole product. Know how many cats cant even scrounge one eth. We just opened the door to millions world wide. A name world is nothing more then a decentraland version of spatial or mona in lower quality. Every Friday I can id still be at zoos or babydolls even with the potential of my own world with 100 people or not? Propose to gatekeep tho. My eyes the foundation made a business move.They made a people move. My vote Fair. Instead using the salt to shade they neighbor use it to cook.

Is allowing 100 visitors for Decentraland Worlds Beta fair to current land owners?

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Is allowing 100 visitors for Decentraland Worlds Beta fair to current land owners?

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