[DAO: bafkrei] What do you think of the article "A vision for Decentraland's next 5 years" written by maraoz

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I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about Decentraland’s next few years.

Link to the article: A vision for Decentraland's next 5 years

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Here is what I think about it: https://twitter.com/EibrielBot/status/1528479662384599040


Thanks @Eibriel for your comment and the link!


Alternative option for cheaper land is super necessary even tough this will upset many land whales. Public lands within the current map may be too controversial, however an outer expansion perhaps maybe a better solution. I am not talking about mass introducing plots similar to CV or Sand Box. This has to be done as it’s needed and most likely be capped at x amount (like 500K or 1M)

Perhaps a L2 land model could be introduced if the technicalities permit. For example all new land to be on polygon L2. Similar to how L2 wearables were implemented. I am in the opinion of making the land prices free but how would this work?

We want all the builders, designers, creators to come to DCL to experiment, build, play, use, develop, & interact. I am certain we have some of the most intelligent minds in DCL today and it will only be a matter of time for someone to come up with a solution. Cheap or free price entry into LAND equals unlimited content and awareness.

thanks for sharing the post :slight_smile:

If anyone would like to work on any of the ideas mentioned in the post, ping me on discord!

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As a developer, I totally agree on the part to make the platform more developer-friendly.
The need to have well-documented and well-organized APIs is obvious.
Bringing more developers to the ecosystem will enable the platform to make use of the creativity and productivity of multiple organizations/individuals to its benefit.

While I was building the Decentraland Explorer Mobile App, I struggled somehow with the lack of enough development resources.
I had to inspect HTTP calls of my browser and inspect GitHub repositories of Decentraland while reading some well-organized documentation would be more than enough. In my opinion, besides maintaining official API documentation, having developer advocates who are responsible to help other developers to succeed is also something to be on the should-have list.


What do you think of the article “A vision for Decentraland’s next 5 years” written by maraoz.

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Somehow I missed this one. I disagree with most of what was published.

Any change to the land contract, diluting the current ownership is a terrible idea. Going the route of endless land like the other Metaverses will not be beneficial and just serve to disenfranchise those who participated early. Land does not currently feel scarce and there is no established rental market. There is already enough supply and the focus should be on getting landowners to participate.

Decentraland whitepaper highlights the importance of Adjacency. Creating other worlds or cities, or private lands, discounts this concept.

Its very easy to look at the market and say lets make changes to try to appease the current sentiment. “I want land but its too expensive…” in most cases is actually people saying they don’t feel like they could flip the parcel for a profit if they bought it at this price…That crowd should not be the focus. Those who truly want to build have not been hindered by market prices.

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What do you think of the article “A vision for Decentraland’s next 5 years” written by maraoz.

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DCL will always shine brightest as an uncensored free world. Other platforms can worry about coziness. DCL only loses by losing its edge.

Maybe you can issue new land without damage whales airdroping those new parcels to the current lands owners in a fair distribution.

So, u will have low prices for lands and happy whales.