[DAO: QmfAdm4] Add more LANDs to reduce market price

by 0xf43db99e2fa0f7394a524c474102597077482e11 (LordNeru#2e11)

The current prices of LANDs are impossible for the majority of people who wants to join DCL metaverse. No free LANDs are available and the entry barriers are very high for those who wants to create content.

As it is a free market, I suggest to create more LANDS to reduce the prices in the market.

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The DAO will never go for this, which is obviously kind of the whole point. Decentraland is open source, so anyone can fork it. That is the obvious relief valve for the kind of market pressure you’re describing.

I think its interesting to think about how could work, and how interop could sort of make them like Brooklyn to our Manhattan. And then further suburbs out from there.

And no one can stop you!

As in the physical world, if you cannot afford to buy land, you rent.
There are many who are willing to rent land.
How many startups or even larger businesses, buy the offices or stores they use?
And there are even landowners around who would be willing to let you use land if you built something useful on it that might turn into an economic engine over time.

Add more LANDs to reduce market price

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Add more LANDs to reduce market price

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