[DAO: QmQPdhs] Should Decentraland make and auction 10,000 more parcels of land so more people can enjoy the full experience?

by 0x8f9036052ffdca040faab2a792e0138f9450781f (FINNIDAY#781f)

I was looking at the prices for LANDs and then I took a look at the map. Currently, the Sandbox has more parcels of LAND then Decentraland and I think that adding 10,000 more parcels may draw more people to the game. Personally 300,000 MANA on average is pretty expensive now that we are at around $5 so this should get the prices down a bit. We can make 1,000 if 10,000 is too much.

  • Make 10,000 more parcels of LAND and auction it
  • Make 1,000 more parcels of LAND and auction it
  • Keep the LAND market and map how it is
  • Invalid question/options

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Absolutely! I am looking to create something really special and need parcels that are not overpriced to do it.