[DAO: QmcySV9] Having multiple layers of lands

by 0xe8f4ce88ea2ae400f1b57739483b6b4c16a08e81 (BobochDBrew#8e81)

I think the best way to have more lands is to add multiple layers of lands on top of the layer we have now, each layer should have less and biger parcels than the on under it

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The reason for no, is because DCL was designed to have a scarce amount of land. If we add another layer, it will devalue the level of scarcity, especially for long term land holders.

There may be a case for this at some time in the future, however, there are some observations that are worth making. Firstly, the land which is available now has a fairly large exposure to existing sales. Secondly, Decentraland, is reminiscent of the real world in that it has parks and streets. This will set it apart from other parts of the metaverse in that it will attract visitors who will come to visit just as a tourist district like Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles does now. If we make the world unreal then this may have an adverse impact. Thirdly, once land is of a premium, like a real city Decentraland can spread out with careful addition to the properties without flooding the market. This will make land near Genesis Plaza more valuable as Decentraland spreads out over time. This will protect the interest of initial investors in the same way that purchases near CBDs in the real world accrue value. There may be a place for this in the future, but for the mean time, not today.

Having multiple layers of lands

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Having multiple layers of lands

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