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by 0x6de1ac36fd4c11af0fbeab1dd12c4fecbbabd8c1 (INTELLIGENCE)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Temple is Free-To-Play (F2P), Play-to-Earn (P2E) game deployed on 36 lands located at -69,30 where players can already become farmers that grow and harvest food which can be used as health and energy regenerators or sold for in-game currency in the market.
Players can also already become fighters and challenge temple combat trainer that will prepare them for the most interactive future combat challenges.
There is also active ‘Defeat Combat Trainer’ quest with wearable reward that will make player look as strong as the combat trainer.

Existing mechanics 1)Metabolism 2)Energy 3)Health 4)Farming (Gardening) 5)Inventory 6)Food consumption (healing) 7)XP and skill leveling 7)Food marketplace 8)Close Combat (Attack & Block) 9)Quests & Rewards

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Want to be a farmer? You can already plant and harvest food
Want to be a fighter? You can already fight combat trainer that will teach you combat mechanics for the future combat quests and skill leveling
Want to be a fisherman? We have a pond and fishes will be released soon
Want to be a miner? We are digging a mine
Want to be a Woodcutter? Trees are growing and getting ready to be chopped down.
Archer, Mage, Wearale Crafter? These and many more mechanics will be added to temple game for everyone to enjoy.
Also parties, cant forget about those, we know that Decentraland community loves to dance.

Our goal is to develop a place where the Decentraland community could come and enjoy together metaverse role playing game with various skills and game mechanics where everyone could find their favorite activity to enjoy featuring both passive skills like gardening, fishing, mining, woodcuting and active combat skills like Melee fighting, Archery, Magic that can be used in areas where enemy npc’s are spawned and quests that require players to complete different tasks that provide amazing rewards.

It is intended for temple game to feature both single-player and multiplayer experiences, the main focus in the begining will be to fully develop single-player part of the game with all the mentioned skills and mechanics and then release multiplayer player vs player and player team vs npc’s experiences


Go to Decentraland coordinates -69,30 to experience the already deployed temple game farming and boxing mechanics or if you are up for a challenging sword fight and ready to experience what future quests would be like when players would have already crafted their combat gear, go to
and help the wizard rescue the villagers from the castle that was captured by the evil warriors.
Our goal is to release multiple quests like this as weekly and monthly events for players to enjoy and receive rewards from.

Currently the project is in Alpha stage and to be complete we will optimize existing code, do load testing and bug fixes, work on improving security infrastructure and data persistence, redesign UI, build new and improve existing 3D assets, expand existing gardening skill and melee combat mechanics, add enemy npc spawning areas where single-player combat farming will take place, add new skills like fishing, mining, woodchopping, crafting, archery and magic, release wearables with utility that provide players with boosted attack, defense and health skills when wearing them, add markets for trading resources gathered from mining and woodchopping, create quests that can be completed in the main single-player area and quests that completely transform the lands by toggling multiple different scenes on the same parcels that will achieve the effect of sending players on the adventure quests to explore new environments and enemy npc’s, release first multiplayer experience where players can duel each other to find out which one is the best.


3rd place Decentraland Game Jam 2022 Winners have joined forces together with some of the best wearable creators such as Doki and Baris to bring the community the next generation of Decentraland Gaming Experience.

INTELLIGENCE - Back-End engineer - twitter.com/ai_avatars
Frequency - Front-End engineer, UI and 3D asset creator - twitter.com/in_frequency
Doki - 3D asset creator - twitter.com/Doki3D
Baris- 3D asset creator -

We have just launched a new twitter account for the Temple Game - twitter.com/MetaTempleGame where everyone will be able to start following the development progress and event announcements, more social media accounts across different platforms for promotional purposes will be created soon.

Our goal is to release at least 30 wearables that would have in-game utility and would be used for crafting skill and as a rewards for completing quests.
We are open to the possibility of featuring also other Decentraland creator designs in our project as the time goes on.

30 wearable submission fees - $4500
3D asset creation and animation fees (both wearables and scene assets) - $19000
Back-end enginering - $17500
Frontend enginering - $16000
UI/UX design - $1000
Event and DJ costs- $300
Website creation, metaverse keyword SEO, promotional material for youtube, twitch, twitter, tiktok - $700
Server maintainance - $750

Roadmap and milestones

Month 1 - redesign UI and add functionality for level display & how-to play guide, code optimizations, load testing & bug fix, improving security infrastructure and data persistence, expand existing gardening skill with new things to grow, a shovel to speed up digging and fertilizer for bigger harvests, optimize melee combat mechanics, player FPV, add xp gain for metabolism, energy, health, attack, defense
Month 2 - add fishing skill, add enemy npc spawning areas for single-player combat farming, add 2nd single-player area quest, add wearable utility that will provide boosted attack, defense, energy and health for player when wearing them, dance floor area, leaderboard
Month 3 - add mining and miner market, launch wearable crafting for gathered resources, add wearable utility that will provide boosted farming, fishing and mining skills, add 3rd single-player area quest
Month 4 - add woodchopping skills and woodchopper market, release new crafting wearables, add 4th quest that transforms the lands by toggling multiple different scenes on the same parcels to explore new environments and new enemy npc’s.
Month 5 - release player vs player multiplayer
Month 6 - add archery combat skill, 5th single-player area quest
Month 7 - add magic combat skill, add 6th quest that transforms the lands by toggling multiple different scenes on the same parcels to explore new environments and new enemy npc’s.

Created single-player area quests will be toggled between each other weekly.

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Hi I’m Barış, excited to work on the development of the Temple Game. Can’t wait to start it!

Hi there. Are you familiar with DiceMasters, Butterfly Prawn, and Exodus? These are all games that are identical to yours and have months of development completed already. Why does DCL need another RPG game? Doesn’t seem to be an efficient use of the DAO funds. There are hundreds of game genres that have yet to hit DCLs ecosystem and I feel as if another RPG doesn’t add enough value to the platform.

None of your mentioned projects have as interactive combat experience as our project already has and when archery and magic skills are released together with multiplayer player vs player experience this will trully be unique experience for players to enjoy and challenge each other.
You can already check out boxing mechanics at our location -69, 30 and swordfighting quest here https://castle-dcl.herokuapp.com/?realm=v1%7Ecastle-dcl.herokuapp.com&renderer-branch=master&position=0%2C0

Sorry for the proposal text formating, all the spaces created with “Enter” were removed when it was submited

Have you checked out Wilderness? They have dynamic spell combat. As well as attributes that you level up like you’re proposing.

You didn’t really answer my question as to why you think DCL needs another RPG. :sweat_smile:

$19k is also a lot for models and animations. How many wearables and assets does this include?

Also, did you participate in GameJam this year? This structure looks pretty familiar to several of the games that were top 10 winners.

It is already mentioned in the proposal description that part of the team is GameJam 2022 winners and for the wearables that the plan is to create atleast 30…

36 lands does seem like a lot of parcels to fill, also considering the mentioned quests that would be toggling multiple different scenes

Correct @ApexPredator , but I did say that this structure looks like “several” entries…not just theirs. Moreover, their prize equated to $5,500 + 1 LAND. Usually, GameJam winners take those winnings and develop further. This build was only pushed today at the same time as the proposal. There are no metrics provided on growth, DAU, session times, etc. Mostly because it just went live today. When asking for $60k there should be some proof that this is A) needed in DCL, B) wanted by the community, and C) provides something new to the ecosystem.

It says 30 wearable submissions for $4500, but then $19k for wearables and assets. I’m asking how many other assets. If you visit the estate you can see that majority of it is already filled with a forest, a dragon, and a market. There is one patch that is undeveloped but wouldn’t take much effort to fill the rest of it out. Thanks for allowing me to clarify my comment :smiley:

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Not saying anything bad about Vroomway, but when checking your proposal for $60k there was nothing built for Wromway as a concept and you also could not provide metrics on growth, DAU, session times…

I’m not trying to do a back and forth with you on this, however, I’d encourage you to go through the comments and our socials for that proposal because it was talked about there. I invite you to attend our public AMA via Twitter tonight at 12:00am UTC as we will talk a lot about our story and our plans.

Vroomway was birthed from my VroomVroom wearables. They are vehicle wearables and when they were released there was a micro-community that formed around them. I had plans to do a whole line of vehicles (See Model O and Model D/Divinity) and do races with them. Then the wearable committee let us know that we couldn’t make more because it didn’t really fit the vision for what wearables are intended for. So we held a few events specifically for VroomVroom holders. Both events brought over 100 people on parcel at one time. Our event on April 4th was in fact a demo of Vroomway. I used all the sales from the VroomVrooms and my fashion week skins to fund the events. We rented land for 24 hours and even gave away three 1:1 unique Helmet wearables as prizes. We put thousands of dollars back into the ecosystem and proved that there is a desire for these vehicle wearables and a desire for more. Because of the ban on vehicle wearables, the only other way to achieve this was via SDK. So I took several weeks to figure out what was and wasn’t possible with SDK and this vision. Found a team willing and passionate enough to join me.

We had metrics that we shared: growth = gradual sales of vehicles, users = +100 at each event +150 unique buyers, and session time = 100+ people for 3 hours each event. They weren’t traditional, but they were real. Also, even if we did not do all of that and just got a proposal through with no proof of concept (not common) the point isn’t any less valid.

None of my comments come from a hostile perspective but rather a protective one. Proposals have changed a lot in the last few months and there is a lot of distrust being created within it because of some malpractices. So if I have questions I’m going to ask them. As everyone should.


A quick video was just posted on of how to play Temple Game at -69,30

We are currently on trending page 5th place, come say hi, will keep everyone updated on DAU status every week

@ai-avatars my friend , could you contact me?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SinfulMeatStick

yes, message sent from https://twitter.com/ai_avatars

As one of the revenue models that we will be pursuing is offering our wearables for a premium price that will help us maintain development and help continue publishing new assets long term, we have listed our first wearable in marketplace.
There will be added wearable utility, this specific wearable will boost player health and energy stats, it is already available as a rewards for completing existing quests.

Hello, thank you again for reaching out on Twitter. Will give same feedback here.

I belive NikkiFuego has a point, before DAO funds are asked to develop a project, we should know if there is a demand for the continuation of developing once there is a least some interest from community. Like i said, this might change within a few days since it was just published today, went by to check it out, I’d encouraged those who haven’t.

My main issue and why I voted no for now is, I don’t believe wearable submissions should be DAO funded in a project.

I tested the combat system when it was launched in GameJam and it felt so good and like no other experience in Decentraland, the requested amount seems quite reasonable to start and I would support a later bigger grant request once results are shown.

About other similar experiences, similar but not the same, what would be cool is, if they are so similar, that they can work together, but it’s not something easy to just join a bunch of people and ai-avatars themselves deserves an opportunity.

voting yes here.


I have voted yes, I agree with @pablo about combat system and would like to see this game improve in Decentraland.

I participated in GameJam myself and it was not easy to create a game in Decentraland, after GameJam when I started thinking about continuing it and working on back-end, I just abandoned it. It is not easy to create a secure backend for these type of games where people can gain something, (NFTs, crypto) they will try to exploit them every way possible.

About wearable submission fees @Crypt_Sannin - I don’t have anything against it, because money will basically go back to DAO. :slightly_smiling_face: