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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Temple is Free-To-Play, Play-to-Earn combat game with quests and other skills that help player boost the combat capability.

It is deployed on 36 lands located at -69,30 and has >1700 unique players that have already joined to enjoy available activities:

  • Become a farmer that grows and harvests food which can be used as health and energy regenerator or sold for in-game currency
  • Challenge combat trainer to close combat
  • Defeat forest monster and rescue the villager
  • Complete quests and get wearable reward

Existing mechanics:

  1. Metabolism
  2. Energy
  3. Health
  4. Farming
  5. Inventory
  6. Food consumption (healing)
  7. XP & Skill leveling
  8. Marketplace
  9. Close Combat (Attack & Block)
  10. Quests with wearable reward
  11. Wearable utility

Grant size

55,500 USD

Beneficiary address


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Temple is a combat based game with multiple quests and other skills that can be leveled up and allow players to prepare for the quest completion and boost their combat capability.

Here is gameplay video : https://twitter.com/MetaTempleGame/status/1575930730571763712

How to play video :

Party floor video :

Player state in Temple is already saved and players can already plant their garden, leave and when they come back harvest what has already grown, the same goes for the xp and levels that player has gained, everything is saved.

Additionally to the already mentioned farming mechanic that allows growing food for healing and earning in-game currency the plan is to also develop other activities such as fishing as another skill that is a food source, mining and woodcutting for resource gathering that can be used for weapon and wearable crafting and also for earning in-game currency.

As for the combat mechanics the plan is to optimize and expand existing close combat mechanics with more gear options and also develop long range combat skills such as archery and magic abilities.

These and many more mechanics will be added to temple game for everyone to enjoy, giving players the ability to choose from multiple skills the favorite activity to do and level up.

Also parties, can’t forget about those, we know that Decentraland community loves to dance.

Our goal is to develop a place where the Decentraland community could come and enjoy together metaverse role playing game with various skills and game mechanics where everyone could find their favorite activity to enjoy featuring both passive skills like gardening, fishing, mining, woodcutting and active combat skills like Melee fighting, Archery, Magic that can be used in areas where enemy npc’s are spawned or in multiplayer player vs player experiences and quests that require players to complete different tasks that provide amazing rewards.

It is intended for temple game to feature both single-player and multiplayer experiences, the main focus in the beginning will be to fully develop single-player part of the game with all the mentioned skills and mechanics and then release multiplayer player vs player experiences.


Go to Decentraland coordinates -69,30 to experience the already deployed Temple game farming and after harvesting lots of food you can go and enjoy close combat quests.

In the tent next to warrior merchant npc with sword and shield it is possible to already try on the basic combat gear sword and shield that players will be able to purchase for in-game currency, that will help illustrate what it will be like when players would have already crafted their basic combat gear or would be wearing their earned wearable that have combat utility.

If you are up for a real challenge then you can try rescuing the villager that was captured by the evil forest beast. Our goal is to release multiple quests like this as weekly and monthly events for players to enjoy and receive rewards from.

Currently the project is in its early Alpha stage and to be complete we will optimize existing code, do load testing and bug fixes, work on improving security infrastructure and data persistence, redesign UI, build new and improve existing 3D assets, expand existing gardening skill and melee combat mechanics, add enemy npc spawning areas where single-player combat farming will take place, add new skills like fishing, mining, woodchopping, crafting, archery and magic, release wearables with utility that provide players with combat capability like boosted attack, defense and health skills and other wearables that will have ability to boost other skills like farming when the player is wearing that wearable, add markets for trading resources gathered from mining and woodchopping.

To make the Temple enjoyable to players the focus will be to create lots of interactive quests that can be completed in the main single-player area and quests that completely transform the lands by toggling multiple different scenes on the same parcels that will achieve the effect of sending players on the adventure quests to battle new enemy npc’s and explore new environments with beautiful scenery.

After the single player skill mechanics are well optimized then first multiplayer experiences, where players can duel each other to find out which one is the best, will be released.


3rd place Decentraland Game Jam 2022 Winners have joined forces together with some of the best wearable creators such as Doki and Baris to bring the community the next generation of Decentraland Gaming Experience.

We are also open to the possibility of onboarding more Decentraland creators as the time goes on and we contact more talented builders from the community

Project progress updates are available in https://twitter.com/MetaTempleGame

Our goal is to release multiple emotes and at least 30 wearables that would have in-game utility and would be used for crafting skill and as rewards for completing quests.

  • 3D asset creation and animation fees (both wearables and scene assets) - $19000
  • Back-end enginering - $17500
  • Frontend enginering - $16000
  • UI/UX design - $1000
  • Events, DJ costs, Community gaming competitions - $500
  • Website creation, metaverse keyword SEO, promotional material for twitter, twitch, youtube, tiktok- $700
  • Server maintainance - $750

Temple emotes and wearables will be listed on Decentraland marketplace for premium price and give players ability to gain the utility by directly buying the wearable, all of those funds will be used to publish even more new utility wearables

Roadmap and milestones

  • Month 1 - redesign UI and add functionality for level display & how-to play guide, code optimizations, load testing, improving security infrastructure and data persistence, expand existing gardening skill with new seeds, a shovel to speed up digging and fertilizer for bigger harvests, optimize melee combat mechanics, player FPV, add xp gain for metabolism, energy, health, attack, defense, create party floor area
  • Month 2 - add wearable utility that will boost attack, defense, energy and health for the player, add fishing skill, add enemy npc spawning areas for single-player combat farming, add 2nd single-player area quest, leaderboard
  • Month 3 - add wearable utility that will boost farming, fishing and mining skills, add mining and miner market, launch wearable crafting for gathered resources, add 3rd single-player area quest
  • Month 4 - add woodchopping skills and woodchopper market, release new crafting wearables, add 4th quest that transforms the lands by toggling multiple different scenes on the same parcels to explore new environments and new enemy npc’s.
  • Month 5 - release first player vs player multiplayer experience
  • Month 6 - add magic combat skill, 5th single-player area quest
  • Month 7 - expand multiplayer mechanics, add archery combat skill, add 6th quest that transforms the lands by toggling multiple different scenes on the same parcels to explore new environments and new enemy npc’s.

Singleplayer quests will be toggled between each other weekly

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

View this proposal on Snapshot


This is the list of updates that have been made since the initial proposal was published

  1. Added in-game utility for Temple fighter wearable that boosts player stats
  2. Updated UI to display more information about player stats and added XP/Level change notifications
  3. Added XP gain and Leveling for these skills:
  • Metabolism
  • Energy
  • Health
  1. Added another combat quest - rescue the Temple villager that was captured by the forest beast - there was 3D asset updates in the cursed forest and added 3 new npc’s
  2. Redesign of Temple building 3D asset, added teleporter, added dance party area with music and party lights
  3. New animations for the Dragon 3D asset
  4. Optimization of Temple close combat functionality and new updates for the reach (distance in which they can hit) for the different npc’s

We have also already contacted 3D asset creators:
Mr. W - https://twitter.com/MrW_1981
Mr. J - https://twitter.com/mr_j_1987
and they have expressed that they would be ready to create 3D design sets for Temple, but that still depends on the success of this proposal

(image from the new “Rescue the Temple villager” quest


Gameplay video :carrot: :muscle: - https://twitter.com/MetaTempleGame/status/1575930730571763712
Quick how to play video :scroll: - https://twitter.com/MetaTempleGame/status/1568298849659228161
Temple party video :dancer: :mirror_ball: :man_dancing: - https://twitter.com/MetaTempleGame/status/1580286985586888704

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TEMPLE is meant to be Play and Earn, calling it Play-to-Earn was a mischaracterization of our end goal for this project.

I am streaming while commenting on this proposal, I got Introduced to the game by @OldGuy & @ai-avatars, They have shown their worth in Decentraland the minute I joined the game I saw potential which is the reason why I voted yes!

I came to notice that nobody is commenting on this proposal when they are voting no, Do you really want to help the community or just want to give people a hard time? I think its essential to comment when you vote! Especially when you vote NO because these people are putting their time and effort into buidling Decentraland and make it enjoyable for you.

Big YES!


I’m all for great RPG experiences, and while we have something interesting with Dice Masters and Wilderness, I like what Temple is working on in regards to PvP - voted yes.

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Hey there! I have a few questions regarding your build.
Can you give a breakdown of the $19,000 in assets?

Are they going to be better than this NPC?

I also played and have trouble understanding the game. I tried playing the monster and boxing the guy on the 2nd floor. I die with 1 hit. So I am not sure I understand. Also the usage of the tools and modals on screen are giving me issues. I was hoping for clarity on this as well as how this is different than the other Medieval games we have in DCL. It honestly seems exactly like the others.

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TEMPLE (Revised)

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 61% 2,011,461 VP (79 votes)
  • No 39% 1,312,079 VP (40 votes)

Regarding assets, we will be onboarding more professional 3D asset creators for the creation of future assets that we have already mentioned before and we are also in talks with other DCL asset designers and animators, which we are not dependent on to create all the assets we will require, but we are just open to the possibility to feature in Temple more tallented creators from Decentraland that have already proved their tallents in their previous work on deployed parcels and wearables. There will be a need to update existing assets and recreate our land multiple times with new assets for the quests that will transform all the lands by toggling multiple different scenes on the same parcels to give the players ability to explore new environments and new enemy npc’s.

Regarding NPC duplication issue, looks like you ran into some kind of a bug that we have never seen before and we were not able to recreate this issue ourselves, if the issue persists for you please let us know.

Regarding gameplay: For the monsters you would first need to level up health and use the wearable that has health boosting utility as all the monsters will be stronger than combat trainer on 2nd floor. To defeat the combat trainer and receive the utility fighter wearable you would first need to finish all the farming quests and get food for the combat that you can use to heal and restore your energy, while farming you can use our fast healing area on 4th floor that boosts metabolism and the speed up healing while dancing, that will allow you to heal and restore energy faster without the need to eat your food, because you use your energy to farm, this way you can save more food that will help you in the combat

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TEMPLE (Revised)

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New how to play video guide - https://twitter.com/MetaTempleGame/status/1597302496401113088

Due to Twitter 2:20 video length limit some of the text display time had to be very short to be able to squeeze in info about as much functionality as possible in one video overview, sorry for the inconvenience!:heart:
More detailed videos focusing on seperate skills coming soon.