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This poll is to revoke the grant, “FIRST METAVERSE ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE”
The grant is trying to organize and develop the first Metaverse Architecture Biennale to be held cross-metaverse in Decentraland and W3rlds in September 21-24

They claim a Target audience size of 50,000 but go on to say: We expect to reach coverage of 3+m people through creators and partners’ social media, media releases and collaborations with influencers.

At this time, less than one month before the event is set to happen, their most viral tweet has been seen by 157 people.

It is difficult to believe the team is going to be able to reach close to the target audience size or the promised 3+ million people.

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  • Do Not Revoke
  • Invalid question/options

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115K for 3 days…

All the Decentraland celebrities and groupies voted No, still passed…
theres some good washed hands on this.

Hi! Here I am. Metaverse Rick from Metancy.

This is unargumented proposal. The author undertakes to condemn marketing results without understanding the course of the project, progress, and promotion channels, without looking for information, and certainly without any knowledge of marketing.

You are trying to pay attention to the volume of media coverage while arguing this with figures from one of the accounts in social networks, which also obviously did not have a promo. When you give facts, it is advisable to give complete ones, and not pull out of context what is profitable for u to show.

Twitter (X) is not our strong point now, and the emphasis was placed on Instagram and LinkedIn because there is more of the audience that we advertised for up to this point.

I suggest you go to our accounts and make sure that not only 100 people see our posts =)




BTW thank you for paying attention to Twitter. As you can see, we are still conducting it, but there has not been a promo yet — there will soon be an announcement of NFT activity together with an eminent partner, and now it will just become a boost to our Twitter and affect the Web3 audience.

THE MAIN THING is that media coverage is a figure that comes from a variety of sources.

What is at least our current Media Coverege built from (not to mention what will be typed by the day of the Biennale):

Our main media partner is Design Boom. Their Instagram >4mil - they made a story and thebpost. That they gain 300k+ views.

They also published us in their web version, which is probably less viewable, but it’s also at least tens of thousands of people.

Then we detect articles about the Biennale on the resources: binance, parametric architecture, cryptonews, archup, indesign, architecturelist, archlovers, metaversepost, and more (links added)

A subscription to newswire content distribution service gives a large number of publications and views in various media connected to their service — it’s enough to google metaverse architecture biennale to see this, but I’ll attach some links so that you don’t bother.

In conclusion, 30 architectural studios participate in the biennale; 13 of them are architects with a worldwide reputation and popular accounts. If we count with the studios that participated in the open call, there are more than 100 architects who participated. Most of them posted information about us and their participation in social networks and communities.

As I have already written in the update - we have not summed up the interim results in terms of coverage, because at least it is still early. But we will definitely do it, thank you =)

With best wishes

Rick from Metancy




This “event” (if you want to call it that) is a total joke… They have about ~30 some followers on Twitter and Facebook combined. These stupid things never work and are a total waste of DAO funds.

What type of people have the audacity to ask for $115k and don’t even include some lousy T-SHIRTS?!

this is an interesting one. While I have tried to give @MetaverseRick the benefit of the doubt, Most questions have been ignored or answered very vaguely. 1 month out from the event and still no speakers/ topics announced. According to rick this is some sort of marketing tactic but how can we be excited or support this event when almost no details have been released? Waiting to vote to hear input from other community members…

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I feel this is bypassing the whole Revocation committee process. If there were some sort of foul play going on, I believe the GSS what have caught it by now. In addition, the event is about 19 business days out- why propose to revoke the grant now? We should at least give Rick an opportunity to complete the event before jumping to any conclusions. I do agree though, the 3 million coverage will be a tough target to accomplish. However, with paid campaigns on multiple platforms- I think it can be achievable.

This reaks of Skank Fest mixed with Beattrekkers cooked in Mind Easy, dressed with a phygital teeshirt and a side of 2DCL… washed down with a large WonderZone. :frowning_face:


Hi! As mentioned above, Twitter still needs to receive a proper promo. The Instagram and LinkedIn accounts of the project are much more active and full of life.

We are preparing a lot (10+) of wearables, not just the lousy T-shirts you are asking for. =) Take a look at some of them:

Hi man!) Have a nice weekend☺️

Thank you for such a correct opinion over that proposal. A revocation system is needed to protect the funds against projects in poor condition, not performing roadmaps, ignoring GSS and the community, scammers, etc. Not to just ruin the grants somebody doesn’t like.

In addition, I would like to concretize information about the KPI of the project — media coverage is calculated from a vast number of promotion channels, publications of any participants and visitors of the biennale, web and social media views of announcements and press releases. Any viewing of information about the biennale by a person, even just a glance at the picture and the title of the article, is already media coverage. Even the monthly newsletter from Decentraland is media coverage for us since there was an article about the Biennale as one of the major events.

Thus, the task of 3 million media coverage is relatively easy. I would say that visitors to DCL is now a much more difficult task, and achieving a range of 3 million people is comparable to bringing 20,000 visitors, if not even less🤷

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Hi! Thank you for being interested in the progress of the Biennale!

The lists of speakers and topics are formed - the events will be registered in early September and announced immediately. Just wait for nice public announcements, and please do not force us to publish important information in the form of comments and answers to questions. Thanks)

There are more fundamental things to come in the coming days. As mentioned, 30.08 will be the first deployment test with the Decentraland Foundation. We will record the tour, and then we will cut out and connect the parts where we will show the public spaces and buildings of the headliners that will be used in the promo campaign. We will be able to share such a video.

BTW we can share a video of the flight through the space of the Biennale https://youtu.be/pinQ9VwkaXs?si=gDyb_3X9i1dmaMA2

Those aren’t done yet, are they?

Why pass it in the first place and then revoke it afterwards?
Let them deliver $115k worth of metaverse experience and see the result afterwards.
Those who vote “no” must honour the result of the governance poll also.

It’s lonely in the metaverse despite spending million dollars a year in this sector, so let them dominate September event, and meet and welcome new users warmly and retain as many as we can.

I hope we can retain 10~50 users here hahaha



wow I hope this is not the final product

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voting to revoke after seeing the only posted progress (the wearables) Imo this is not a project that is using $110k wisely if wearables are coming out like that. plenty of community members who could have done better with that job. One month out and the only things shown are very basic models imo. @akasya.eth you can see on the original post that this was only passed with less than 10 users votes so your question of why pass it in the first place is misguided imo.

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these are 3d modeling experts??? who make this???


Why are you spreading false information? grant updates are posted on the official page, not here. Check please https://governance.decentraland.org/update/?id=cda80230-2ad3-11ee-8fbb-d9eddf5c2b3f&proposalId=82250970-1836-11ee-93a7-ed9294f83f74

Next, GSS checks the grant updates and we are successfully following the roadmap, the progress of which is also checked and completed by us.

Our official Roadmap posted by GSS Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Also I posted totally new video yesterday here https://youtu.be/pinQ9VwkaXs?si=gDyb_3X9i1dmaMA2


im just repeating what you said in the discord? I have absolutely no dog in this fight… Like I said tried to give you the benefit of the doubt but every question has been met with hostility and the worked you have shown is subpar

Thank you for your opinion! The project is on track - you can check the latest news on Instagram or LinkedIn

BTW We have 30 participating architectural studios on board - it’s possible even more than 50 people )))

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I am noob but I believe I can also do that.designs.
But maybe those are just $1k/ $115k of their budget.
I hope not everything is a flop.

Anyway, the DAO has decided to pass their grant so it’s better to let them deliver in my opinion.
Even if it’s less than 10users who voted for this metaverse experience, they are still part of the DAO so their decision is valid.

Some of the proposals were usually decided by almost 10users, which was usually those with 500k+VP so no issue here.