[DAO:294685a] A Multi-Platform Entertainment Series Designed to Boost DCL Brand Awareness

by 0x86edb92e217605dbecf606548e48daaf1b817da1 (MetaTrekkers)

Should the following $186,500 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


MetaTrekkers - MT
BeatTrekkers - BT

This resubmission was encouraged by the Grant Support Squad (GSS) to provide a better explanation and more detailed event information. Check our last proposal here: A Multi-disciplinary Platform to Onboard the Biggest Arts & Entertainment Names

The potential of the metaverse in terms of decentralized governance, interaction, socializing and community building cannot be disputed, but at the same time it is true that the health of a virtual world depends on trends, the feeling of novelty, and the ability to evolve.

In short, we want to use the Decentraland DAO’s support to become an artist-supporting and arts-expression platform, ensuring a steady flow of new users for the environment.

Grant size

186,500 USD

Project duration

10 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Full Length Proposal (posting here due to grant proposal character limitations) - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X1\_jt_jgIo89qdkQghmGthbXODkwb_DGk0P73oFem0Y/edit?usp=sharing
Canva Presentation (includes budget breakdown, accountability and metric chart for BeatTrekkers Series 2, Series 3 and Monthly Concerts) - https://bit.ly/beattrekkersproposal2-present
MetaTrekkers Directory - MetaTrekkers Directory - Artists Platform - Google Docs

MetaTrekkers has been developing, organizing and hosting innovative events in Decentraland for nearly 2 years, whether it’s concerts or art shows, we have learned that the foundation for a thriving environment is a tight-knit community with access to a range of features that allow it to benefit from the interaction and engagement inside the metaverse. Knowing this, MetaTrekkers wants to become the platform that brings the artist and metaverse-user communities together and rewards them for their participation in various series of entertainment events, sessions and talks.

The grant would cover the development, marketing and advertising of the events and innovative features aimed at improving the Decentraland user experience.

By expanding the brand awareness of Decentraland as a user engagement-focused metaverse, we are reaching out to new users interested in onboarding and attracting a new, important target – brands looking to adopt new “customer journey” technologies and solutions.

Turning art and entertainment series like the MetaTrekkers x Venice Music Concerts or the BeatTrekkers DJ Battles into Decentraland resident events, we are ensuring a constant flow of metaverse newcomers originating from the artists’ fanbase. As a fresh experience for a new user, we want to offer a full range of engaging performances and means for them to showcase their art, all while being rewarded for their activity with metaverse-specific benefits provided by a large network of partner locations and projects spread all over Decentraland.

The funds from the DAO grant will serve to build the platform as a self-sustainable project that represents a portal for artists and fans across the planet, and from other metaverses, to access Decentraland and make it the go-to virtual world for entertainment and arts.

Currently the biggest DJ battle series of events in the metaverse, BeatTrekkers is MetaTrekkers’ biggest initiative to date as it engages twelve competing artists, guest artists, the Decentraland and MetaTrekkers community, plus new audiences – the participating artists’ metaverse-newbie fans and general public interested in the benefits associated with NFT music and being part of a developing metaverse community.

Roadmap and milestones

As described above, the BeatTrekkers series of DJ battles took place over the course of 12 weeks with the final battle that took place in November 2022. All these events have and will continue to benefit from the investment in marketing and advertising campaigns developed to communicate the clear incentives designed to reach and attract thousands of new audiences and (organic) social media accounts.

BeatTrekkers 1st Series (Finished Project)


Compilation of BeatTrekkers Series 1 Event Posters BeatTrekkers Venues - Google Docs

Accountability and Metric Chart - BeatTrekkers

Accountability and Metric Chart - Concert

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These still some of the best rosters in so many epic DJs in our community. Look forward to more events with them and more with this as well. Also been great to see the time and dedication over a year now in the space from this team I have seen time and time again, Chris and the team can execute as well.


Looks very promising and will be great for DCL <3
Voted yes :heart:


I like that there is a much better breakdown of the budget now and i think its great that we are trying to drive new users into decentraland, i think its a step in the right direction. I wonder if we can do more things to retain those users, i also like the idea that some of the events are being runned on scenes owned by the community which allow them to develop too.


I would love to see this proposal go thru as METATREKKERS has been a very good example of a entertaining project when showing music art and talent to the space. I’ve been party of many events and even part of the project as a host helping to onboard and inspire many to decentraland. I’ve learned from many dcl people and METATREKKERS team was one of many. I can say till today I ask for advise and help in decisions to so far none have failed me or given me a bad name. I would love to see more events with this project as the beattrekkers 1 series was so dope and cool not to mention all the great friends and new community people I met and did work with in the long run on my own projects with them. It was a great experience a social network and community bonding time. Many artist today from across the Irl and metaverse came to METATREKKERS to perform and seeing the faces of many of those performers on screen for the first time in this space was the same joy I felt from seeing those same reaction in others who have spaces in dcl. Community growth comes in many forms and shapes but with unity nothing beats that beattekkers connected so many artist with each other community’s that follow those got to see posts videos on their pages or outlets and the exposure of the space was the goal and that goal I think was achieved so a space so young in development. Dcl community today shows to prove the community building is what is expanding and attracting the space we call home plus it’s growing a family with in it while experiencing these memorable moments together


Voted yes. Fully support Metatrekkers and Chris. We need more people in DCL and more user experiences. We are all trying to make DCL better and Chris is one of them.


Voting NO.

Reason :

" @Yannakis If you keep trying these political and manipulative games. I will submit a proposal to remove you from the wearable committee."

This is just a quick reminder who we deal with.


I think BT 1/ Unite community DJ, players, projects, and landlords together 2/ bring traffic from real-life events, which will have higher transfer 3/ have the potential to be economically sustainable. 4/ Solid business proposal. So yes, I think it deserves a chance to prove itself.


Wow, gorgeous! Wow, gorgeous! ( in Chris’s voice) …I have to give it up for ChrisGPT on this grant write-up…I don’t think you should be issued another grant based on your previous one being revoked midway, so I’m going to vote NO.


The consistent avoiding questions and lies from Chris is a hard NO. Is this who you want to promote the brand of Decentraland?


i’ll give you the benefit of a doubt and let you in on an open secret: chris peaced out with the grant pause, and came back when grants were unpaused. he’s only here to extract grant money. hell, part of the utility of being a metatrekkers nft holder is that he will vote yes on your dao proposals. it’s dirty antics all the way down.


Your 120K Grant didn’t get revoked for no reason.

Voting NO


regardless of any drama related to this proposal or its author, I simply don’t think this is where the DAO should be putting funds. I don’t think this kind of content is what will draw people to DCL or keep them interested when they arrive.


agreed 100%. the previous revocation, the attempt to threaten yannakis, and his vote being for sale are really just window dressing.


There is no drama. Im just voting NO and explained why… All good


Im missing details in the break-down aswell…there are just some $$$ numbers, but no details of the expenses. Its really unprofessional. But we all know how Chris is operating.

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i wasn’t replying to you, what do you mean?

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Yeah but i replied to you, that there is no drama

ah, okay i see what you mean now :slight_smile:

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Love it. Just voted yes :slight_smile: