[DAO:9c8e19c] RESUBMISSION: A Multi-Platform Entertainment Series to Boost DCL Brand Awareness

by 0x86edb92e217605dbecf606548e48daaf1b817da1 (MetaTrekkers)

Should the following $150,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


This resubmission was encouraged by the Grant Support Squad (GSS) & Revocation Committee to provide a better explanation and more detailed event information. Check our last proposal here: A Multi-Platform Entertainment Series Designed to Boost DCL Brand Awareness

Full Proposal: BT3 - A Multi-Platform Entertainment Series Designed to Boost DCL Brand Awareness - Google Docs

MetaTrekkers’ mission has always been to become an immersive platform that allows artists to tap into endless opportunities in the metaverse. We want to use Decentraland DAO’s support to become an artist-supporting platform

Grant size

150,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

4 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



MetaTrekkers has been developing, organizing, and hosting events in Decentraland for more than 2 years, whether it’s concerts or art shows, we have learned that the foundation for a thriving environment is a tight-knit community with access to a range of features that allow it to benefit from the interaction and engagement inside the metaverse. Knowing this, MetaTrekkers wants to become the platform that brings the artist and metaverse-user communities together and rewards them for their participation in various series of entertainment events, sessions, and talks.

Establishing MetaTrekkers as an artist and entertainment platform, which constantly develops new concepts based on community involvement, will provide a ramp for Decentraland to multiply its reach and an incentive for artists and fans alike to discover the endless possibilities featured in a socially active, virtual environment. The possibility for the Decentraland DAO and the platform to become a hub for visionary artists who want to explore the virtual environment and experiment together with their following relies on investing in the proper partnership and communication opportunities, like the MetaTrekkers x Venice Music collaboration and the development of a Decentraland onboarding standard, which will be made available to all Decentraland venues through an open-source kit.

External Image

BeatTrekkers is currently the biggest DJ battle series of events in the metaverse, BeatTrekkers is MetaTrekkers’ biggest initiative to date as it successfully concluded two (2) series already which engaged a total of thirty-six (36) competing artists, twenty-four (24) guest artists, the Decentraland and MetaTrekkers community, plus new audiences.

Since we aim to give back to the community as much as we can, one of the main rewarding ideas within BeatTrekkers is to give fans and supporters access to the artists’ work, aside from live performances, in the form of wearables, and NFTs, we aim to constantly add value to both the user and artist’s experience, which is why using the grant to market and advertise the platform and events will be a direct investment into increased notoriety and exposure for the artists, bringing visitors and users to Decentraland and allowing us to offer increasingly attractive rewards for the community.

The BeatTrekkers series has the potential to become a platform for Decentraland to onboard artists in the music industry. We believe that by partnering with Decentraland, we can provide a unique and immersive experience for music fans and help grow the Decentraland community.

As BeatTrekkers, we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality music events and believe that our experience can help Decentraland reach a wider audience. We are committed to working with Decentraland to create a series of events that will be truly unforgettable.

To achieve this goal, we are requesting a grant of $150,000. This funding will be used to cover the costs of marketing, event production, and artist fees. We believe that this grant will pay off in the form of increased awareness and adoption of Decentraland, as well as providing a fun and immersive experience for art and music fans.

Roadmap and milestones

BeatTrekkers 1st Series (Finished Project)

External Image

Compilation of BeatTrekkers Series 1 Event Posters BeatTrekkers Venues - Google Docs

BeatTrekkers Series 2 Series (Finished Project)

External Image

Compilation of BeatTrekkers Series 2 Event Posters

BeatTrekkers Series 3 (Future Project)


BeatTrekkers is a unique, innovative entertainment concept developed by MetaTrekkers NFT. In the first season we had last year, Beattrekkers brought 12 participating DJs into a series of battle. You can read more from this: MetaTrekkers Announces BeatTrekkers, a DJ Battle Series in the Metaverse

And we’ve just concluded the BeatTrekkers 2 that brought 24 DJs, 33 Partner Venues, and 24 Guest Artists!

And now we are bringing BeatTrekkers 3 DJ Battle!

External Image

Registration Form: Beattrekkers 3 Artist Sign-up Form


External Image

External Image

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Hey, nice to see you back. It’s not so loud here without BeatTrekkers. Good luck!


We start the competition in March, April & May. January and February are preparing for competition.

  1. Compensate at least 80 individuals including artists, venues, and hosts. Please reference the Accountability and Metric Chart for BeatTrekkers for full details.
  2. MetaTrekkers will host a minimum of 40 events. Please reference the Accountability and Metric Chart for BeatTrekkers for full details.
  3. Allow members to replay BeatTrekkers competitions within their parcels to provide content for parcel users and owners to assist with user acquisition and retention across the DCL platform.
  4. Onboard 12 DCL users as competing artists for BeatTrekkers Series 3.
  5. Collaborate with 36 venues to allow multiple DCL parcel users/owners to benefit from this opportunity to gain visibility and exposure as well as a financial return on their investment in DCL.
  6. Continue to stream BeatTrekkers on Twitch and expand streaming to include Twitter and YouTube.
  7. 2 Concerts per month in the last two months of the grant.
  8. An estimate of 400 people in total will come and participate in BeatTrekkers 3.

Posting here the images of the proposal that didn’t load above:

Picture 1: BeatTrekkers Series 1

Picture 2: BeatTrekkers Series 1 Schedule

Picture 3: BeatTrekkers Series 2 Schedule

Picture 4: BeatTrekkers Series 3 Invite

Picture 5: Accountability and Metrics - DJ Battle

Picture 6: Accountability and Metrics - Concerts


Ahahahahahahahahahah :rofl:
Also 650 usd per month for streaming? I might have to increase my prices because I’m was only charging 20 usd


The previous 2 grants from this team have been revoked. This team provides no value to Decentraland and is doing nothing but syphoning money from the DAO.




You should at least log into Decentraland here and there to show you care about events other than yours… Last seen 2 months ago.


Welcome back @MetaTrekkers and wish you all the luck on this proposal <3

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@MetaTrekkers welcome back <3 can’t wait for the battles ^^

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I feel like having two previously revoked grants should disqualify someone from continuing to receive grants.


Not again with this. New year, same …


Welcome back, @MetaTrekkers! You and the MT team always work behind the scenes to ideate and build new solutions for the platform.

I haven’t seen many other communities/ community members put on such a large and impactful event as MT has.

Thank you for coming back and trying to bring cool events back to the platform.

I know and trust you and the team will adhere and perform in accordance to your metrics and milestones.

I look forward to this proposal passing and to seeing BT3 come to fruition.

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Welcome back Melanie, will we be seeing you back in world after 5 months? Sounds like you know exactly what is good for the platform being such an active user, and have seen all the successful events by communities such as ABC, CBD, TRU, Vroomway, Dollhouse, Unmondays the last 5 months. Oh wait… you have to log in to actually notice.


Hiiii @maryana! I watched events on VTATV as it’s easier to attend especially when on the go.

Being an active user and hanging out with friends doesn’t always mean you know what’s best for the platform. I have been quite active in the past on the platform and am in communication with other community members via Discord (which is not seen). Plan to see more of me again this year.

Happy New Year and hope you have a better 2024 :purple_heart:!


I can vouch for melz she is a great entrepeneur and influencer :heart:🫶🏻 she was also active during the duel arena events through livestream video and gave her honest opninions too.

sometimes its best to not judge by simple data since real life is bit more complex for others @maryana


I appreciate you sharing context and background that the screenshot @maryana shared doesn’t. No one sees this work because there isn’t a tracking mechanism available for people to check :purple_heart:.

Unfortunately, there are some people on this platform that paint false narratives and share them with the world as facts.

Again, grateful to be here, to have made great friends across the world, and to be a part of something that will continue to transform the world.


This data is public: DCL-Metrics User MelzBuenaVibes Dashboard

Hi @HPrivakos. You miss understood what I was referencing.

In that quote, I’m referencing my DCL involvement outside of attending events in-world.

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Welcome back @MetaTrekkers . It yes from me for now. Want to continue to encourage growth Decentaland until we become the most demand and utilized platform. Open to constructive criticism on what they can improve or change to get the community yes votes, for example @HPrivakos saying he can do for cheaper (even tho he said for laugh lol) or @maryana expression on wanting creators to be more active in the space to build her confidence on there experience on the demand in the space. However not intersted in jumping on the hive mind crab mentality only negative things to say with nothing constructive to add bandwagon vibe the DAO community is now even famous for towards builders the past couple years. Looking forward to the progress not more of the same in 2024 fingers crossed.

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Hi Melanie - I’m glad to hear that you are engaging outside of actually logging in through streams, and of course your DAO particiaption. However, If you want to be the web3 strategic advisor for the project, you should probably login and know what is going on inside the platform from a technical aspect:)

How can you promote the project, build brand awareness, and effectively communicate its value proposition to potential users and stakeholders without EXPERIENCING the current road bumps that exist in the platform? For example, do you know about the new main realm, or how can you explain smart wearables when you never saw it in world? Did you know that the current emote wheel resets? If your audience comes with questions, you won’t know how to answer them since you havent been logged in.