A Multi-disciplinary Platform Designed to Boost Decentraland Notoriety and Onboard the Biggest Arts & Entertainment Names

Hi DCL Community, this post is our initial draft of our proposed grant for Metatrekkers, to Boost

Decentraland Notoriety and Onboard the Biggest Arts & Entertainment Names.

We welcome everyone’s feedback, requests for information, or insights.

Presentation and Budget breakdown Link Below:


Grant Tier 5 - $120,000


A Multi-disciplinary Platform Designed to Boost Decentraland Notoriety and Onboard the Biggest Arts & Entertainment Names


The potential of the metaverse in terms of decentralized governance, interaction, socializing and community building cannot be disputed, but at the same time it is true that the health of a virtual world depends on trends, the feeling of novelty, and the ability to evolve. Taking these factors into consideration, we’ve realized that the best way to ensure not only the survival, but the success of Decentraland is by developing multi-disciplinary, cross-world projects like the MetaTrekkers entertainment platform for art and artists alike.

From the beginning, MetaTrekkers’ mission has been to become an immersive platform that allows for artists to tap into the endless opportunities brought by the metaverse, whether its innovative means of interaction with the community and fans, or a new environment where they can showcase and promote their work.

For more than a year, MetaTrekkers has been developing, organizing and hosting a list of weekly events which have become “household” names in the Decentraland community, together with festivals and special concerts headlined by important names in both the metaverse and the real-world entertainment scene.

To ensure the continuity of this series of successful events and, at the same time, support an even more active Decentraland onboarding campaign which advertises the metaverse as thriving environment and increases the number of users, MetaTrekkers wants to invest in marketing, advertising and producing these series of events, and subsequently in the team working on the project and the community taking part in it.

In short, we want to use the Decentraland DAO’s support to become an artist-supporting and arts-expression platform, ensuring a steady flow of new users for the environment.

Grant size:



MetaTrekkers has been developing, organizing and hosting innovative events in Decentraland for over a year and, whether it’s concerts or art shows, we have learned that the foundation for a thriving environment is a tight-knit community with access to a range of features that allow it to benefit from the interaction and engagement inside the metaverse. Knowing this, MetaTrekkers wants to become the platform that brings the artist and metaverse-user communities together and rewards them for their participation in various series of entertainment events, sessions and talks.

The grant would cover the development, marketing and advertising of the events and innovative features aimed at improving the Decentraland user experience.

By expanding the brand awareness of Decentraland as a user engagement-focused metaverse, we are reaching out to new users interested in onboarding and attracting a new, important target – brands looking to adopt new “customer journey” technologies and solutions.

Turning art and entertainment series like the MetaTrekkers x Venice Music Concerts or the BeatTrekkers DJ Battles into Decentraland resident events, we are ensuring a constant flow of metaverse newcomers originating from the artists’ fanbase. As a fresh experience for a new user, we want to offer a full range of engaging performances and means for them to showcase their art, all while being rewarded for their activity with metaverse-specific benefits provided by a large network of partner locations and projects spread all over Decentraland.

Establishing MetaTrekkers as an artist and entertainment platform, which constantly develops new concepts based on community involvement, will provide a ramp for Decentraland to multiply its reach and an incentive for artists and fans alike to discover the endless possibilities featured in a socially active, virtual environment. The possibility for the Decentraland DAO and the platform to become a hub for visionary artists who want to explore the virtual environment and experiment together with their following, relies on investing in the proper partnership and communication opportunities, like the MetaTrekkers x Venice Music collaboration and the development of a Decentraland onboarding standard, which will be made available to all Decentraland venues through an open-source kit.

The funds from the DAO grant will serve to build the platform as a self-sustainable project that represents a portal for artists and fans across the planet, and from other metaverses, to access Decentraland and make it the go-to virtual world for entertainment and arts.


To paint a clear picture of the importance held by the MetaTrekkers events regarding onboarding new users into Decentraland and building an organic community, we must start from the beginning of our metaverse entertainment journey.


Our first step into the (big) live events territory was when the MetaTrekkers Clubhouse hosted the 24 hour / 24 artists Dub Fest, the first event of its kind in the metaverse, which brought over 300 visitors to the Decentraland location, out of which we succeeded to convert into Decentraland regular users around 80%.

By partnering with the organizer, we’ve also taken part in the marketing and advertising campaign preceding the event, representing Decentraland and the features it offers in support of live streaming performances, audience interaction and community engagement. This event has also proven to be a launching ramp for our artist and fans onboarding program which, by the time we submit this proposal, is responsible for the induction of a couple of hundred new users ranging from performance artists and their followers to tech early-adopters.

The lineup for this 24-hour metaverse music marathon introduced the following live acts:

  • AllDays
  • Blk Orchid
  • Cam Murdoch
  • Cath Gairard
  • Courtnee Roze
  • DJ Sykone
  • Dyl
  • Eduardo de la Calle
  • Evaflow
  • DJ GetBizzy
  • Godcloud
  • Griffter
  • Herbert Lewis
  • Isaiah Brown (x2)
  • Jack Frost
  • Mr. Swe
  • Phuturemusic
  • Serena
  • Shark Anthony
  • Switzon S. Wigfall, III
  • The Queendom
  • VJ Deliria
  • Vörđr

Venice Music

The MetaTrekkers entertainment journey continued with a partnership that emphasizes the overall importance our initiative holds in regard to making the Decentraland metaverse known and accessible to new target audiences. We are talking about the MetaTrekkers x Venice Music series of concerts. It is worth mentioning that this music label was founded by Troy Carter, former manager for artists like Eve, John Legend and Lady Gaga, and one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry to direct their business towards web3, through an NFT-gated, professional collective.

The first concert of the series also brought a strategic collaboration for MetaTrekkers – teaming up with Decentral Games in order to offer the best onboarding experience for all the fans who wanted to attend their favorite artist’s concert but were new to the metaverse. Considering this was also the first virtual world experience for the four musicians headlining the event, the onboarding sessions presented by MetaTrekkers and Decentral Games had a semi-official theme, making sure that Decentraland and its features are represented to the best of their potential.

Hosting the concert at the MetaTrekkers Clubhouse and streaming it on location at the Decentral Games venue proved to be a successful course of action for the first concert of the series because we offered more than just a performance by elevating the artist - fan interaction to a direct dialogue regarding the future of music and metaverse together.

The artists without whom all this new metaverse milestone could not have been reached, are:

  • Grent Perez (over 2.3 million Spotify monthly listeners)
  • Dylan Davidson (over 1 million Spotify monthly listeners)
  • Sarah Barrios (over 600k Spotify monthly listeners)
  • Sophia Alexa (over 70k Spotify monthly listeners)

To put it into numbers, the first MetaTrekkers x Venice Music concert has given us the opportunity to reach a new audience of 2.5 million social media accounts (all four artists’ following combined).

Yossy Concert

The next milestone of our Decentraland entertainment adventure was an important event for the Latinx NFT music scene, and it was marked by a special concert featuring Yossy, a Latinx musician and first-time metaverse performer.

This event has allowed us to reach a new, niche audience of over 12k followers, of which some became Decentraland users after receiving their metaverse onboarding.


Currently the biggest DJ battle series of events in the metaverse, BeatTrekkers is MetaTrekkers’ biggest initiative to date as it engages twelve competing artists, guest artists, the Decentraland and MetaTrekkers community, plus new audiences – the participating artists’ metaverse-newbie fans and general public interested in the benefits associated with NFT music and being part of a developing metaverse community.

The BeatTrekkers DJ battles have strengthened the relationships between various venues in Decentraland and allowed us to work together with projects we hold very close to our hearts and are proud to call partners:

  • Decentral Games

  • DigiFun

  • DCL Report

  • Roustan

  • Dragon City

  • Wisher Vodka

  • Peanutbutta

  • MultiNFT

  • CromUland

  • Innkeeper

  • B-verse

  • DCL Brasil

  • Dhinga

  • Purple Bee

  • BeatBlox

As for the participating artists, we are happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with names like:

  • Serena Elis
  • PopRoXxX
  • Abilitea
  • Shark Anthony
  • Steve Saiko
  • GetBizzy
  • Category 5
  • Acutek
  • Webber Don
  • GucciToe
  • Phuturemusic
  • Harrison First
  • Mr. Big Mouth
  • DJ Trax
  • VJ Deliria
  • Clyde Rouge
  • iamabverse

Since our aim is to give back to the community as much we can, one of the main rewarding ideas within BeatTrekkers is to give fans and supporters access to the artists’ work, well beyond the live performances, in the form of wearables, NFTs and private lessons led by the artists themselves. On top of it all, we aim to constantly add value to both the user and artist’s experience, which is why using the grant to market and advertise the platform and events will be a direct investment into increased notoriety and exposure for the artists, bringing more and more visitors and users to Decentraland and allowing us to offer increasingly attractive rewards for the community.

The first BeatTrekkers series is designed to take place over the span of twelve weeks, ending with a final battle, which will decide the big winner who will receive support, marketing and promotion for their NFT album and “the sweetest deal” a musician can ask for – Venice Music representation and access to their resource-filled artist platform.

The BeatTrekkers series has the potential to become a platform for Decentraland to onboard big names in the music industry. We believe that by partnering with Decentraland, we can provide a unique and immersive experience for music fans and help grow the Decentraland community.

As BeatTrekkers, we have a proven track record of delivering high quality music events and we believe that our experience can help Decentraland reach a wider audience. We are committed to working with Decentraland to create a series of events that will be truly unforgettable.

In order to make this happen, we are requesting a grant of $120,000 USD. This funding will be used to cover the costs of marketing, event production and artist fees. We believe that this grant will pay off in the form of increased awareness and adoption of Decentraland, as well as providing a fun and immersive experience for art and music fans. The users already onboarded through our program have bought Decentraland parcels, created and submitted wearable designs, also play an active role on the wearable purchase and minting market.


The professionals involved in developing and delivering the project from beginning to launch are:

Chris Oniya – MetaTrekkers Founder

CK Bubbles - Web3 Advisor

Chris West - Digital Marketing Specialist

Shakes – Creative Director

Swivel Meta – Metaverse Development

Yan - Video Editor

Rick - Graphic Designer

Berlin Angelo – SDK/Builder

Junel - Decentraland Events Manager

Joyce - Social Media Manager

Jayrald - Public Relations

Anele - Web3 website developer

Roadmap and Milestones:

As described above, the BeatTrekkers series of DJ battles takes place over the course of 12 weeks with the final battle taking place in November 2022.

During this time, we will also organize and host, together with our partners, the MetaTrekkers monthly concert series, featuring Venice Music artists and independent musicians, through which we will onboard big names and new users into the metaverse.

All these events will benefit from investing in the marketing and advertising campaigns developed to communicate the clear incentives designed to reach and attract an audience of at least 50,000 new (organic) social media accounts.


  • Development of the Decentraland onboarding kit standard
  • 4 BeatTrekkers weekly battles
  • 1Venice Music/independent artist concert together with an onboarding campaign for artist and fan newcomers
  • All 5 events will promote a specific communication, marketing and advertising campaign. The campaign will be shared by the artists with their followers and fans, thus increasing Decentraland awareness and bringing in countless onboarding opportunities


  • 4 BeatTrekkers weekly battles
  • 1 Venice Music/independent artist concert
  • Day of the Dead Series special
  • All 6 events will promote a specific communication, marketing and advertising campaign. The campaign will be shared by the artists with their followers and fans, thus increasing Decentraland awareness and bringing in countless onboarding opportunities


  • 1 Venice Music/independent artist concert
  • The final 4 weekly battles of the first BeatTrekkers series, with the grand finale (1) as the crowning event
  • The marketing, advertising and communication campaigns for this month’s BeatTrekkers DJ battles will be developed to emphasize the importance of the events and will be designed to reach a larger audience


  • The first 4 battles of the second series of BeatTrekkers
  • 1 Special Venice Music/independentartist concert to mark the coming of the new year
  • The marketing and advertising campaigns for each performance will be developed by the MetaTrekkers team to match the specific communication required during this special month


  • The second set of 4 BeatTrekkers battles
  • 1 Venice Music/independent artist concert
  • These events will serve to open new connections with content creators from streaming and social media platforms, as we will develop the marketing, advertising and communication campaigns to fit the narrative of each channel


  • Celebrating the final 4 DJ battles of the second BeatTrekkers series
  • An anniversary Venice Music/independent artist concert. Together with it, we will also be organizing and hosting a “Thank you!” party as a show of appreciation to our core community and as a “Welcome!” to new users
  • All the events produced this month will benefit from an “aggressive” communication campaign that aims to cross into other metaverses and engage their audiences, with the promise and delivery of the biggest artist and entertainment platform in the metaverse
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Chris and his personnel have been showing a lot of will to onboard and give artists the opportunity and exposure they deserve! This is an easy yes from me, we need more things like this.

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easy YES from me! the title word “disciplinary” is odd to me but read it and def yes and of course Chris has been amazing in DCL community!

Chris has a great track record of success and committment in Decentraland, this proposal is strong and well thought out! I look forward to seeing the long term benefits this has to offer the community!

This is a yes for me as well, Chris has a proven record of bringing community to DCL, and he is a master of community building!!! I hope this project can bring more vitality to the platform!

[quote="MetaTrekkers, post:1, topic:15222

Is this really being asked by the same people who wanted to charge $350 for one 10 second announcement during their Beatrekkers DJ battle that wasn’t being held at their venue nor was paying the DJs to perform?

He also expects to be paid for a small shout-out for an event that cost him nothing to put on. He deleted his comments, but I have screenshots to prove. This is clearly not about the community for him. He can take his Harvard Degree elsewhere because if anyone who claims to have gone to Harvard one of the biggest things they should have learned is building professional relationships and if I choose to release the screenshots, you will see his true side.

Read my comments, if you want to see Chris’s true colors.