A Multi-Platform Entertainment Series Designed to Boost Decentraland Brand Awareness in Web 3 and Onboard Entertainment Names for BeatTrekkers Series 2 and Series 3 + Concerts and Events. (2023 Resubmission)

Important Links:

Canva Presentation (includes budget breakdown, accountability and metric chart for BeatTrekkers Series 2, Series 3 and Monthly Concerts) - https://bit.ly/beattrekkersproposal2-present

MetaTrekkers Directory - MetaTrekkers Directory - Artists Platform - Google Docs

Grant Tier 6 - $186,500


A Multi-Platform Entertainment Series Designed to Boost Decentraland Brand Awareness in Web 3 and Onboard Entertainment Names for BeatTrekkers Series 2 and Series 3 + Concerts and Events. (2023 Resubmission)


MetaTrekkers - MT

BeatTrekkers - BT

This resubmission was encouraged by the Grant Support Squad (GSS) to provide a better explanation and more detailed event information. Check our last proposal here: A Multi-disciplinary Platform to Onboard the Biggest Arts & Entertainment Names

The potential of the metaverse in terms of decentralized governance, interaction, socializing and community building cannot be disputed, but at the same time it is true that the health of a virtual world depends on trends, the feeling of novelty, and the ability to evolve. Taking these factors into consideration, we’ve realized that the best way to ensure not only the survival, but the success of Decentraland is by developing multi-platform, cross-world projects like the MetaTrekkers entertainment platform for art and artists alike.

From the beginning, MetaTrekkers’ mission has been to become an immersive platform that allows for artists to tap into the endless opportunities brought by the metaverse, whether its innovative means of interaction with the community and fans, or a new environment where they can showcase and promote their work.

For nearly 2 years, MetaTrekkers has been developing, organizing and hosting a list of weekly events which have become “household” names in the Decentraland community, together with festivals and special concerts headlined by important names in both the metaverse and the real-world entertainment scene.

To ensure the continuity of this series of successful events and, at the same time, support an even more active Decentraland onboarding campaign which advertises the metaverse as thriving environment and increases the number of users, MetaTrekkers wants to invest in marketing, advertising and producing these series of events, and subsequently in the team working on the project and the community taking part in it.

In short, we want to use the Decentraland DAO’s support to become an artist-supporting and arts-expression platform, ensuring a steady flow of new users for the environment.

Grant size:



MetaTrekkers has been developing, organizing and hosting innovative events in Decentraland for nearly 2 years, whether it’s concerts or art shows, we have learned that the foundation for a thriving environment is a tight-knit community with access to a range of features that allow it to benefit from the interaction and engagement inside the metaverse. Knowing this, MetaTrekkers wants to become the platform that brings the artist and metaverse-user communities together and rewards them for their participation in various series of entertainment events, sessions and talks.

The grant would cover the development, marketing and advertising of the events and innovative features aimed at improving the Decentraland user experience.

By expanding the brand awareness of Decentraland as a user engagement-focused metaverse, we are reaching out to new users interested in onboarding and attracting a new, important target – brands looking to adopt new “customer journey” technologies and solutions.

Turning art and entertainment series like the MetaTrekkers x Venice Music Concerts or the BeatTrekkers DJ Battles into Decentraland resident events, we are ensuring a constant flow of metaverse newcomers originating from the artists’ fanbase. As a fresh experience for a new user, we want to offer a full range of engaging performances and means for them to showcase their art, all while being rewarded for their activity with metaverse-specific benefits provided by a large network of partner locations and projects spread all over Decentraland.

Establishing MetaTrekkers as an artist and entertainment platform, which constantly develops new concepts based on community involvement, will provide a ramp for Decentraland to multiply its reach and an incentive for artists and fans alike to discover the endless possibilities featured in a socially active, virtual environment. The possibility for the Decentraland DAO and the platform to become a hub for visionary artists who want to explore the virtual environment and experiment together with their following, relies on investing in the proper partnership and communication opportunities, like the MetaTrekkers x Venice Music collaboration and the development of a Decentraland onboarding standard, which will be made available to all Decentraland venues through an open-source kit.

The funds from the DAO grant will serve to build the platform as a self-sustainable project that represents a portal for artists and fans across the planet, and from other metaverses, to access Decentraland and make it the go-to virtual world for entertainment and arts.


To paint a clear picture of the importance held by the MetaTrekkers events regarding onboarding new users into Decentraland and building an organic community, we must start from the beginning of our metaverse entertainment journey.


Our first step into the (big) live events territory was when the MetaTrekkers Clubhouse hosted the 24 hour / 24 artists Dub Fest, the first event of its kind in the metaverse, which brought over 300 visitors to the Decentraland location, out of which we succeeded to convert into Decentraland regular users around 80%.

The lineup for this 24-hour metaverse music marathon introduced the following live acts:

  • AllDays
  • Blk Orchid
  • Cam Murdoch
  • Cath Gairard
  • Courtnee Roze
  • DJ Sykone
  • Dyl
  • Eduardo de la Calle
  • Evaflow
  • DJ GetBizzy
  • Godcloud
  • Griffter
  • Herbert Lewis
  • Isaiah Brown (x2)
  • Jack Frost
  • Mr. Swe
  • Phuturemusic
  • Shark Anthony
  • Switzon S. Wigfall, III
  • The Queendom
  • VJ Deliria
  • Vörđr

Venice Music

The MetaTrekkers entertainment journey continued with a partnership that emphasizes the overall importance our initiative holds in regard to making the Decentraland metaverse known and accessible to new target audiences. We are talking about the MetaTrekkers x Venice Music or independent artists series of concerts. It is worth mentioning that this music label was founded by Troy Carter, former manager for artists like Eve, John Legend and Lady Gaga, and one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry to direct their business towards web3, through an NFT-gated, professional collective.

Yossy Concert

The next milestone of our Decentraland entertainment adventure was an important event for the Latinx NFT music scene, and it was marked by a special concert featuring Yossy, a Latinx musician and first-time metaverse performer.


Currently the biggest DJ battle series of events in the metaverse, BeatTrekkers is MetaTrekkers’ biggest initiative to date as it engages twelve competing artists, guest artists, the Decentraland and MetaTrekkers community, plus new audiences – the participating artists’ metaverse-newbie fans and general public interested in the benefits associated with NFT music and being part of a developing metaverse community.

BeatTrekkers Feature in Yahoo

BeatTrekkers Series 1 Video Teaser 1

BeatTrekkers Series 1 Video Teaser 2

BeatTrekkers Series 1 Video Teaser 3

BeatTrekkers Series 2 Announcement


  1. BeatBlox
  2. CJ Trax
  3. CromUland
  4. DCL Report
  5. DCL Brasil
  6. Decentral Games
  7. DigiFun
  8. Dragon City
  9. Edifice Metaversal
  10. Galeria Sur
  11. Golfcraft
  12. Innkeeper
  13. Jayson’s Place
  14. Metancy Pool
  15. Peanutbutta
  16. Purple Bee
  17. Roustan
  18. Sugar Club
  19. Vox Boards
  20. Wisher Vodka

As for the participating artists, we are happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with names like:

Competing Artists:

  1. Abilitea
  2. Acutek
  3. Category 5
  5. Get Bizzy
  6. GucciToe
  7. Harrison First
  8. Mr. Big Mouth
  9. Phuturemusic
  10. Shark Anthony
  11. Steve Saiko
  12. Webber Don

Pre-Party and Afterparty Artists:

  2. Clyde Rouge
  3. Funksta
  5. PopRoXxX
  6. Sugar Club
  7. Vj Deliria


  1. Trax
  2. Alan

Since our aim is to give back to the community as much we can, one of the main rewarding ideas within BeatTrekkers is to give fans and supporters access to the artists’ work, well beyond the live performances, in the form of wearables, NFTs and private lessons led by the artists themselves. On top of it all, we aim to constantly add value to both the user and artist’s experience, which is why using the grant to market and advertise the platform and events will be a direct investment into increased notoriety and exposure for the artists, bringing more and more visitors and users to Decentraland and allowing us to offer increasingly attractive rewards for the community.

The first BeatTrekkers series was designed to take place over the span of twelve weeks, ending with a final battle, which will decide the big winner who will receive support, marketing and promotion for their NFT album and “the sweetest deal” a musician can ask for – Venice Music representation and access to their resource-filled artist platform.

The BeatTrekkers series has the potential to become a platform for Decentraland to onboard artists in the music industry. We believe that by partnering with Decentraland, we can provide a unique and immersive experience for music fans and help grow the Decentraland community.

As BeatTrekkers, we have a proven track record of delivering high quality music events and we believe that our experience can help Decentraland reach a wider audience. We are committed to working with Decentraland to create a series of events that will be truly unforgettable.

In order to make this happen, we are requesting a grant of $186,500. This funding will be used to cover the costs of marketing, event production and artist fees. We believe that this grant will pay off in the form of increased awareness and adoption of Decentraland, as well as providing a fun and immersive experience for art and music fans. The users already onboarded through our program have bought Decentraland parcels, created and submitted wearable designs, and also play an active role on the wearable purchase and minting market.


The professionals involved in developing and delivering the project from beginning to launch are:

  1. Leadership

Responsible for providing strategic direction and guiding the team towards achieving the overall goals of the project.

  • Chris Oniya - MetaTrekkers Founder
  • Jayrald - Project Manager
  1. Marketing and Communications

In charge of promoting the project, building brand awareness, and effectively communicating its value proposition to potential users and stakeholders.

  • Chris West - Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Melanie Girald - Web3 Formalities Advisor
  • Yan - Video Editor
  • Rick - Graphic Designer
  • Psyche - Social Media Manager
  • Joyce - Public Relations Liaison (Venue and Artist)
  • Julie Ann - Artists Facilitator
  1. Creative and Design:

Oversees the creative direction of the project, ensuring that it aligns with the overall vision and goals. They also lead the writing and design teams to develop compelling and effective messaging, branding, and storytelling for the project.

  • Shakes - Creative Director
  1. Technology and Development:

In charge of building and maintaining the infrastructure of the project, including software development and hardware management.

  • Swivel Meta - Metaverse Development
  • Berlin Angelo - SDK/Builder
  • Anele - Web3 Website Developer
  • Junel - Decentraland Events Community Manager
  1. Key Community Managers

Roadmap and Milestones:

As described above, the BeatTrekkers series of DJ battles takes place over the course of 12 weeks with the final battle taking place in November 2022.

During this time, we will also organize and host, together with our partners, the MetaTrekkers monthly concert series, featuring Venice Music artists or independent musicians, through which we will onboard new users into the metaverse.

All these events will benefit from investing in the marketing and advertising campaigns developed to communicate the clear incentives designed to reach and attract thousands of new audiences and (organic) social media accounts.


BeatTrekkers 1st Series (Finished Project)


Compilation of BeatTrekkers Series 1 Event Posters BeatTrekkers Venues - Google Docs

BeatTrekkers Series 2 and Series 3 (Future Project)

  1. Goals:

  2. Create the first metaverse tag-team DJ battle for BeatTrekkers Series 2. BeatTrekkers Series 3 will follow a different format which will be released on a later date.

  3. Stream Beattrekkers Series 2 and Series 3 into other metaverse platforms, such as Spatial, to bring in new users for DCL adoption. Voting, however, will still be held in DCL.

  4. Compensate a total of approximately 162+ individuals including artists, venues and hosts. Reference Accountability and Metric Chart for BeatTrekkers for full details.

  5. MetaTrekkers will host approximately 130+ events. See Accountability and Metric Chart for BeatTrekkers for reference.

  6. Allow members to replay BeatTrekkers competitions within their parcels to provide content for parcel users and owners to assist with user acquisition and retention across the DCL platform.

  7. Onboard approximately 25% - 50% new DCL users as competing DJs for BeatTrekkers Series 2 and Series 3.

  8. Collaborate with 50+ new venues to allow multiple DCL parcel users/owners to benefit from this opportunity to gain visibility and exposure as well as a financial return on their investment in DCL.

  9. Introduce brands to DCL, build communities, create and create networks to afford new artists/DJs entering the space the opportunity for future collaborations.

  10. Continue to stream BeatTrekkers on Twitch and expand streaming to include Twitter and Instagram.

  11. Description:

With the launch of the new BeatTrekkers series, we want to ramp up the experience and introduce new features to the benefit of both community and artists. A major transformation comes in the form of the battle format which will now have 2 teams of 2 DJs compete against each other. We’ll be using the tag-team mechanics, giving each DJ a chance to give a proper beat response to the other team’s set.

Full Description Read it here

BT Registration Form - Read it here

  1. Number of Venues:
  • Series 2 - approximately 30 to 36 Venue Partners
  • Series 3 - approximately 30 to 36 Venue Partners
  1. Number of Artists:
  • Series 2 - approximately 40 to 45 Artists
  • Series 3 - approximately 30 to 36 Artists
  1. Battle Format:
  • Series 2 - A DJ battle competition consisting of 2 teams of 2 DJs competing against each other. We’ll be using the tag-team mechanics, giving each DJ a chance to give a proper beat response to the other team’s set.
  • Series 3 - Non-tag team, meaning the battle will be a 1 DJ vs. 1 DJ, battle with a diverse set of competing DJs
  1. Show Duration: Approximately 3.5 - 4 hours per battle

  2. Show Flow

1 Battle will consist of 5 events

  • Event 1: Twitter Space (introduction of new artists) - 1 hr
  • Event 2: Pre-Party - 30 mins
  • Event 3: Main Show - 1 hr
  • Event 4: Afterparty - 1 hr
  • Event 5: Voting Facility - 30 mins
  1. Hosts
  • Twitter Space Host - Minimum 1 host; max up to 3 hosts
  • Battle Host - Minimum 1 host; max up to 2 hosts
  1. Publicity:

Produce an article related to BeatTrekkers

  • 1 article via Bloomberg
  • 1 article via Forbes
  1. Fees

  2. Artist Fees

BeatTrekkers Series 2

  • Quarter-Finals Round - $150
  • Semi-Final Round - $50
  • Final Round - $50

BeatTrekkers Series 3

  • Quarter-Finals Round Round - $300
  • Semi-Final Round - $100
  • Final Round - $100


*All official competing artists will receive $300 for the Quarter-Finals Round. (*Beatrekkers Series 2 fees will be divided amongst DJs per round)

  1. Venue Fees (per show)

Series 2 and Series 3

  • Main Venue - $500
  • Pre Venue - $250
  • Post Venue - $250


*Pre and Post Venue will receive additional $100 for every succeeding show after the 1st show

*Fees will be used for SDK redesign and maintenance fees

  1. Host Fees (per show)
  • Battle Host - $200 (will be divided amongst the total hosts)
  • Twitter Space Host - $25 per person
  1. Prizes

  2. Competition Prizes - $10,000

BeatTrekkers Series 2

  • Grand Prize - The winning team will receive Operating Rights of a DCL parcel for 12 months where MetaTrekkers will develop a nightclub according to the winners’ specifications. Additionally, the winning team will receive a cash prize of $800 in MANA ($400 in MANA per winning DJ). Each DJ will also receive their own Venice Music Grow+ membership for 1 year (value $199 annually).

  • 2nd Prize - $600 ($300 per winning DJ) in MANA or ETH (winning team’s choice of cryptocurrency), and the team’s own wearable and emote.

  • 3rd Prize - $300 ($150 per winning DJ)in MANA or ETH (winning team’s choice of cryptocurrency) and the team’s own wearable.

BeatTrekkers Series 3

  • Grand Prize - The winning team will receive Operating Rights of a DCL parcel for 12 months where MetaTrekkers will develop a nightclub according to the winners’ specifications. Additionally, the winning team will receive a cash prize of $800 MANA . Each DJ will also receive their own Venice Music Grow+ membership for 1 year (value $199 annually).

  • 2nd Prize - $600 in MANA or ETH (winning team’s choice of cryptocurrency), and the team’s own wearable and emote.

  • 3rd Prize - $300 in MANA or ETH (winning team’s choice of cryptocurrency) and the team’s own wearable.


*Additional $100 if they qualified in the Semi-Final Round

*Additional $100 if they qualified in the Final Round

*Also we will give wearables, emotes and cash prizes for both series to DCL community and Djs.

*At the end of the Beattrekkers, we will be giving prizes to the best performers, most creative venue, most interactive host, etc.

*If the winning artists does not want to accept the above prizes, they can choose to win from the options below:

  • 1st Prize - $1,000
  • 2nd Prize - $750
  • 3rd Prize - $500

Accountability and Metric Chart - BeatTrekkers


Accountability and Metric Chart - Concert

*Duration of the concert will run approximately 2.5 hrs to 5 hrs.

Important Notes:

  1. Twitter Space will be streamed in Decentraland.
  2. Twitter Space Host is someone who speaks and represents the whole battle. They do not represent one entity or one venue and are hired by MetaTrekkers to represent the whole BeatTrekkers series.
  3. We cannot guarantee that all artists will come to Twitter Space (event) but their payment is connected to it.
  4. Compensation fees will be split-up to approximately 3 time payment schedule. This is because the grant funds are disbursed monthly.
  5. There might be a chance that the pre-party and afterparty artists or venue will be repetitive.
  6. Compensation for repetitive acts may be lower.
  7. The strategy of incorporating opening and closing acts, as well as guest performers, is a widely accepted practice in the event planning industry, as exemplified by the Super Bowl’s Halftime Show, the Olympics, and the World Cup. This approach serves to not only attract a wider audience, but also to keep attendees engaged and entertained throughout the duration of the event. This strategy was integral to the planning of the BeatTrekkers Series from the inception of the grant proposal, and is reflected in the allocation of 36 venues for each series.
  8. Some concert artists may also be a competing DJ or performing artist.
  9. The estimated individuals to be compensated for BeatTrekkers 2 is 86 while for BeatTrekkers 3 is 76.
  10. As of March 28,2023 We are actively recruiting artist and venues for BeatTrekkers series 2 and series 3.

Budget Breakdown



  1. To be conscious of grant funds, only events held at venues outside of the MetaTrekkers Clubhouse will be compensated (e.g., the parcel owner(s) or renter(s)). Any events held at the MetaTrekkers Clubhouse will not receive any compensation or reimbursement from the grant’s funding.
  2. About the publications, our main goal is to hit Forbes and Bloomberg. If for some reason we didn’t achieve this, we will be looking for alternatives similar to Yahoo or other prominent news publications.


Month 1:

  • Utilize the Decentraland onboarding kit standard created in BeatTrekkers Series 1. This will be used to onboard all the new DJs and artists to Web3
  • BeatTrekkers Series 2 - Planning and Preparation Stage
    • Hold meetings and discuss competition mechanics
    • Meeting with competing artists
    • Meeting with guest artists
    • Meeting with venue partners
  • Concert with Venice Music or an independent artist - Meetings and Preparation Stage
    • Hold meeting to prepare concert materials and requirements
    • Meeting with Venice music or with an independent artists
    • Meeting with concert venue partner

Month 2:

  • BeatTrekkers Series 2 - Execute 4 battles per week (Week 1 - 4)
    • Conduct Battle Week #01
    • Conduct Battle Week #02
    • Conduct Battle Week #03
    • Conduct Battle Week #04
  • Host 1 Concert with an independent artist or Venice Music - Onboarding Stage
    • Continuous meeting for concert preparations
    • Orientation of new artists about Decentraland community
    • Meeting with Venice music or with an independent artists
    • Meeting with concert venue partner
  • All 5 events will promote a specific communication, marketing and advertising campaign. The campaign will be shared by the artists with their followers and fans, thus increasing Decentraland awareness and bringing in countless onboarding opportunities

Month 3:

  • BeatTrekkers Series 2 - Execute 4 Battles (Week 5 - 8)
    • Conduct Battle Week #05
    • Conduct Battle Week #06
    • Conduct Battle Week #07
    • Conduct Battle Week #08
  • Host 1 Concert with an independent artist or Venice Music - Concert #1
    • Conduct concert with Venice music or independent artists
  • The marketing, advertising and communication campaigns for this month’s BeatTrekkers DJ battles will be developed to emphasize the importance of the events and will be designed to reach a larger audience

Month 4:

  • BeatTrekkers Series 2 - Execute 4 Battles (Week 9 - 12)
    • Conduct Battle Week #09
    • Conduct Battle Week #10
    • Conduct Battle Week #11
    • Conduct Battle Week #12
  • Host 1 Concert with an independent artist or Venice Music - Concert #2
    • Conduct concert with Venice music or independent artists
  • The marketing and advertising campaigns for each performance will be developed by the MetaTrekkers team to match the specific communication required during this special month

Month 5:

  • BeatTrekkers Series 2 - Execute 4 Battles (Week 13 - 14)

  • Conduct Battle Week #13

  • Conduct Battle Week #14

  • Host 1 Concert with an independent artist or Venice Music - Concert #3

    • Conduct concert #5 with Venice music or independent artists.
  • These events will serve to open new connections with content creators from streaming and social media platforms, as we will develop the marketing, advertising and communication campaigns to fit the narrative of each channel

Month 6:

  • BeatTrekkers Series 2 - Assessment Stage
    • Awarading sessions for BeatTrekkers Series 2
    • Evaluation meeting
  • BeatTrekkers Series 3 - Meetings and Preparation Stage
    • Hold meetings and discuss competition mechanics
    • Meeting with competing artists
    • Meeting with guest artists
    • Meeting with venue partners
  • Host 2 Concerts with an independent artist or Venice Music - Concert #4 and Concert #5
    • Conduct concert #4 with Venice music or independent artists. The concert will be an anniversary Venice Music or independent artist concert. Together with it, we will also be organizing and hosting a “Thank you!” party as a show of appreciation to our core community and as a “Welcome!” to new users
    • Conduct concert #05 Day of the Dead Event
  • All the events produced this month will benefit from an “aggressive” communication campaign that aims to cross into other metaverses and engage their audiences, with the promise and delivery of the biggest artist and entertainment platform in the metaverse

Month 7:

  • BeatTrekkers Series 3 - Execute 4 Battles (Week 1 - 4)
    • Conduct Battle Week #01
    • Conduct Battle Week #02
    • Conduct Battle Week #03
    • Conduct Battle Week #04

Month 8:

  • BeatTrekkers Series 3 - 4 Hosting Battles (Week 5 - 8)
    • Conduct Battle Week #05
    • Conduct Battle Week #06
    • Conduct Battle Week #07
    • Conduct Battle Week #08

Month 9:

  • BeatTrekkers Series 3 - 4 Hosting Battles (Week 9 - 12)
    • Conduct Battle Week #09
    • Conduct Battle Week #10
    • Conduct Battle Week #11
    • Conduct Battle Week #12

Month 10:

  • BeatTrekkers Series 2 - Assessment Stage
    • Awarading sessions for BeatTrekkers Series 2
    • Evaluation meeting

BeatTrekkers Series 2 and Series 3 Accountability Schedule

Note: Battle #13 and #14 are extra slots in case unforeseen circumstances happen to the participating DJs or venues.

Monthly Concerts Accountability Schedule

Marketing Plans

This will cover BeatTrekkers Series 2, Series 3, and the Monthly Concerts for 10 months.


Last year during Metaverse week in Miami, MetaTrekkers hosted Metaverse satellite dinners to help onboard new members to DCL IRL and unite members of the MetaTrekkers community. The events had a great turnout as we had a significant number of attendees. This has helped us develop a proof of concept for a path to sustainability.

The events referred to here are critical to the sustainability of the MetaTrekkers’ operations. These events were carefully planned and executed to ensure that they were successful and attracted a large number of attendees. The success of these events generated revenue that helped support the ongoing work of the MetaTrekkers team.

To attend these events, new guests were charged a fee of $200. Not only are they a path to sustainability, but they are also a great way to increase users and members of the DCL community. Throughout 2023, our goal is to further expand on these satellite events nationally and even worldwide.

Web3, Metaverse & Crypto Miami Dinner Party (Art Basel Week) - Event Brite

MetaTrekkers Presents: Web3 & Metaverse Miami Dinner Party (Art Basel Week) - Nov 29, 2023

MetaTrekkers Presents: Web3 & Metaverse Miami Dinner Party (Art Basel Week) - Nov 30, 2023

MetaTrekkers Presents: Web3 & Metaverse Miami Dinner Party (Art Basel Week) - Highlights

Web3, Metaverse & Crypto Miami Dinner Party (Art Basel Week) - Decentraland

Web3, Metaverse & Crypto Miami Dinner Party (Art Basel Week) - Highlights


Q: Are you going to ask for another BeatTrekkers Entertainment grant in the future?

A: This is a one time BeatTrekkers Entertainment grant for 2023 expenses.


These still some of the best rosters in so many epic DJs in our community.


EDITED to remove misinformation

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No ktnx. We all know what happened last time :slight_smile:

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the only things worth knowing about metatrekkers are that he lies about stuff we all know (he onboarded biometa? lmaoooooo) and that when he doesn’t get his way, resorting to intimidation is on the table Collection 'trekkers' created by MetaTrekkers is ready for review! - #23 by ZESTYBEAM

this will be a rapid-fire no for the decentraland embezzlement club from me


This is a instant NO from me…

H @MetaTrekkers Thank you for providing detailed information on your grant request. I appreciate your transparency and commitment to the project.

I noticed that you previously mentioned aiming for a one-time grant (2022), and now you’re requesting funds for BeatTrekkers Entertainment in 2023. I understand that circumstances can change, and I’d like to get some clarification on what you think about your plans.

Could you share your intentions for BeatTrekkers in 2024 and beyond? Is there a possibility of future grant requests?
Or Have you thought about moving toward a profit-based model for the series?

Your insights would be valuable for our understanding and decision-making. Thanks in advance for your response, and best of luck with the project!

Best regards

When you don’t even answer your own questions :rofl:
“for 2023 expenses”, meaning that yes, you might ask for more grants in the future.

@jar0d The 500k gang can outvote Rob

At least a few members of the “500k gang” have demonstrated they don’t mind if RobL abuses his VP as long as he is abusing people/things they don’t like.

Hi Jar0d, I see you are becoming more and more active in DCL Dao. Just to catch you up on what’s going on in DCL Dao.

RobL voted no on my last Education proposal in December. I was the first No he voted for in DCL history. Look at his voting history. Thank you and have a great day.


Thank you for clarifying. Apologies for the confusion.

I admit, I was not paying much attention last fall to the details. It was rude of me to put that out without doing better research.

I will delete it.


Bold YES from Metancy

The MetaTrekkers team and community have been proving their importance and usefulness for Decentraland for several years, and recently they have been entering new platforms for themselves

What positive aspects do we see in the approval of this proposal

  1. Attracting new users to Decentraland — an audience of contemporary artists, professional work with social media and the community, a confident promo strategy proven in 2022 during BeatTrekkers
  2. Increasing the attractiveness of Decentraland for artists — parties from MT collect hundreds each and thousands in total, which is extremely attractive for artists who want to use Metaverse in their promotion
  3. Attracting an audience from other Metaverse platforms — not so long ago, MT began to conquer Spatial quite successfully. We do not think that this is their last platform, and we hope we will cooperate! But, since DCL is the “home” Metaverse for MT, their efforts in other worlds will somehow lead to people visiting their events who have not been to DCL before

It seems we have many more reasons, but these are the main ones for the development of DCL. See you at the BeatTrekkers 23’ guys =)


I think BeatTrekker has used its unique approach to benefit the community. First, it constructs a system that brings the community, venue provider and DJs together using a series of battle events with some rewards as incentives, which is a good way to incentivise users, landlords and many DJs to stay in Decentraland. Second, Beattrekker has its offline event which will bring DCL more new users, I think the transfer rate of this kinda IRL event will be higher. Third, this business plan is one of the most comprehensive and solid ones that I’ve seen in DCL DAO.

However, this proposal indeed needs to provide more confirmative answers on if and how it can operate sustainably after the grant period, or it will create concerns if it will keep applying in the future. Also, there should be some breakdown of some main costs like “Execution team” and “Marketing ads” to justify the budget.


Yes, I am mentioned in the proposal. Yes, I will be voting yes. I do not see how it has not been good for the benefit of Decentraland. Like the first event, these continue to include numerous different venues across the map. Several I never knew about and some were individuals land that had the opportunity to host an event at their location. Thats a win for the venues. Then there are the all the DJs that get an opportunity to show off their talent. Some may already be here, others will be brand new and get to learn how to perform in the metaverse. Then of course there is their fan base they can bring with them into Decentraland for the performance. Also many current DCL residents enjoyed the event of last year. I myself, had the pleasure of getting to meet the performing DJs and chat with them on the Twitter Spaces. I still interact with some of them today. Metatrekkers has continued to promote artists through the event and currently and even while accusations have been made about their intentions. Metatrekkers is a more than just the one person people know. There are several members that have remained in the community and see first hand what they are doing and trying to do.


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HI Jar0d, Thank you for the apologies. No big deal. We are all here to build and create. Lets all try to move in one accord to grow this space. Thanks again

Hi @HPrivakos, I apologize if my response was unclear. I still don’t understand why you may have doubts about my dedication to the project, as you know, I have been working tirelessly on DCL and Beattrekkers.

I do in fact appreciate the time you (and every community member) took to review my proposal. While my previous response may have appeared humorous or flippant to you, I assure you that I am serious about my commitment to this project.

If you have any constructive feedback, please let me know, I will take it into consideration and revise my proposal to provide a clearer answer to the question.

Hi @MetaDoge, Thank you for your feedback. We will work on this and include more breakdowns. Thank you for taking the time out to read our proposal and having the same goal to make and build DCL to become more and more prosperous platform. Your feedback is received! Thanks again!

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Thank you @Existential14 for believing in us and especially DCL. I think you know first hand how much time, energy and devotion we allocate to DCL. We believe in this platform wholeheartedly and for the past 3 years have given it all our resources. Thank you for being apart of this Journey with us from Hosting Wearable Wednesday, Fan Art Friday, Show casing NFT projects in DCL every Tuesday, Venice music concerts and Beattrekkers.You are a valuable and respectable community member and just by supporting and believing in us means so much.

Hi @Zino,

First and foremost, thank you for acknowledging our team detailed all the relevant information in our proposal. We took all the feedback provided by you and the Grant Support Squad (GSS) seriously and applied it to this proposal. Additionally, thank you for recognizing our transparency and commitment to Beatrekkers, as well as our relentless passion and dedication to building in DCL. I hope the information we have provided is clear and can be measured easily for accountability.

I highly recommend that you read through the proposal thoroughly before we submit it to avoid any further confusion and to ensure we are working in one accord. If there are any items that you believe need further clarification, please let us know in advance so we can make the necessary changes prior to submission.

I would like to address your question of our plans to move to a profit-based model for the BeatTrekkers Series. I would like to confirm here that we have shared that information within the proposal and can answer any questions based on what was included in that section of the document. We have provided a screenshot below for ease of reference for you and the community.

Further, to address whether BeatTrekkers will be applying for another grant in the future, we will not apply for another BeatTrekkers grant in 2023. One thing I’d like to bring to the table here is that I’ve noticed other projects apply for multiple grants, some every 6 months, others annually, and you have not questioned the grantees nor have their multiple proposals raised issues with you or other members of the community. You have not once in the message boards/forums asked them this question as an GSS official. I’ve provided screenshots to some examples below so that you and other readers of the forum can see what I am referring to.

Again, to further clarify, we do not plan to apply for any additional BeatTrekkers grants this year. I, however, do not know what the future holds nor can I predict how things will change. The real question should be: is Metatrekkers providing value to the community? Our goal is to continue to bring value to DCL. I think as a Grant Support Squad official, you should support the community and those bringing value to and helping DCL continue to grow over time.

DCL is a platform for builders and creators to innovate on this amazing platform and pave the way for further innovations in web 3. We are in a phase where DCL needs growth, more daily active users, and more ways to continue to dominate the market. Although my name may be tied to this project, this project is for and led by DCL community members. My job is to simply work on behalf of them.

Again, it appears my projects are held to a different standard than others in DCL. Will we start asking other projects, builders, and creators the same question? All DCL community members should be held to the same standards. My goal is to not experience MetaTrekkers and/or BeatTrekkers continuously treated differently when compared to other projects.

Your job should not strive to limit innovation, but rather, you should increase by double, triple, quadruple, etc. In Economics, there is a theory/formula of 1+1=3 called synergy arithmetic. How can we start to encourage projects to think outside of 1+1=2 and encourage them to think in terms of 1+1=3? That’s the approach to multiplying the return on investments in innovation. This is the real question. I am confident the 160+ collaborators that are involved in our projects believe they benefit and strive for DCL to also see its benefit in these efforts. as well.

As everyone knows here, this is a bear market, not just for securities, but also for cryptocurrencies. Given the metaverse and web 3’s affiliation with cryptocurrency, we are also experiencing this bear market. New users aren’t coming to DCL as they once were. People aren’t coming for free, and I don’t see any other members being able to monetize and drive profit-based projects. Meta has laid off employees and reduced their involvement in metaverses (even after a name change). Disney recently laid off employees and shut down their metaverse operations. We are on a tough path! I am one of the few that has been able to host events IRL to drive users to DCL that was able to charge non-community members $100s to join. I am doing everything I can to build in this space.

Let’s work together to grow DCL and its communities to its fullest potential. Let’s not limit those dedicated community members trying to grow our community. Our events’ turnouts are one of the best in DCL. My goal is to keep it that way.

I challenge you and the forum readers to not only look at the DAO funds as a finite resource, but also an investment that grantees are working to multiply!

I appreciate your time in reading my response and post.