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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


This proposal is to ask the DAO funding to organize, participate, and list Decentraland as co-organizer of the first Metaverse Architecture & Design Biennale to be held cross-metaverse in Decentraland and W3rlds by ARhead in 1Q-2Q 2023.

Biennale would unite the best creators from all over the world to manifest the significance of architecture and design for the metaverse. During the Biennale two metaverse platforms would showcase bespoke projects and ideas and become a place to speculate about the future of this new environment, meet co-thinkers and formulate the vision role of architect in the Metaverse!

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



We believe that there is only one decentralized metaverse that unites all of the platforms, technologies and communities. To emphasize this idea we’ve decided to run the event on two platforms simultaneously, in Decentraland a massive neighborhood would be developed specially for this event and from there you could teleport to a new world in W3rlds to explore even more amazing spaces.

  • huge exhibition space in two metaverse platforms

  • architectural competition open to creators with any experience

  • more than 20 pavilions by the creators from all over the world

  • expositions by well-known architects and designers

  • lectures and public talks

  • thousands of amazing people to meet during the event

The event will consist of several pavilions designed by well-known architectural studios such as Atrium, SpacesDAO, SA lab, Illusor, Dewans and others as well as emerging designers selected by a contest. In addition to this there will be lectures, discussions, NFT-exhibitions, art-installations and more, so anyone with interest in architecture and design could enjoy the event.


We believe that as graphic designers have created the internet we’ve been using for the last decades, the Metaverse would be created by architects and designers.

The tittle of Biennale “Presence of the future” refers to the name of the first Venice Architecture Biennale - one of the greatest events to celebrate architecture and design. "Presence of the past’’ was actually the name of the 1980 Biennale directed by Paolo Portoghesi who has managed to organize an event of global significance bringing together great architects from around the world.

Nowadays, more than forty years later our perception of the world and design approach have changed dramatically, digital design tools became the main instruments and created a totally new language and, some might say, in our society and culture Postmodernism has been replaced by Metamodernism (whatever that means after the word Meta has become a brand).

All in all, “Presence of the future” aims to recall the power of architecture to reinvent the modernity and formulate the new quality of life in the immersive virtual space. In the moment when we are witnessing the creation of a new game-changer in the way we communicate, entertain and collaborate we challenge the architects and designers to envision our future in the built form and take the responsibility for it. We believe that this exhibition would bring the life-changing power of architecture and design to the metaverse and would set up a new positive vector for its development.


1st stage: open call for submissions
Candidats will send 3 visualisations of 3d-modeled architectural object reflecting the theme of the Biennale “Presence of the Future” and 200-500 words description of the concept. The jury would rate all projects by several criteria such as concept, formal / spatial complexity, atmosphere (use of light, textures, landscape). The function of the space is not limited: event hall, showroom, maze etc.

2st stage: finalists projects realisation
All finalists are guaranteed to receive a grant from the organizers to produce the final spaces for the event.
All submitted projects are checked by the technical team and placed on site of the event prior to its opening.
On the final day of the event the jury announces the best project of the Biennale, its creators are invited to become the jury of the next event.



Atrium is global internationally recognized architectural studio with more than 25 years of experience working on projects of different scale and typology from urban design projects to boutique interior spaces, recently they’ve launched their own product design studio and metaverse spaces production. https://www.atrium.ru/

SA lab is an up-and-coming company, focused on architecture in the digital age. By using the computational design we develop an adaptive architecture that doesn’t have a final shape and easily reacts to any surroundings’ parameters, balancing between physical and virtual – it matters due to the highly digital world. SA lab / Architecture

Illusorr is a community of creatives building their own metaverse platform with distinctive architectural style, most of the architects in the company have worked for internationally renowned studios and are developing parametricism style. https://www.illusorr.com/

Dewans architects and engineering - an award winning studio with offices all over the world, and Iheartblob - an experimental architecture and design studio and the winners of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2022, have expressed the interest in participation and are in discussion about the details of the event format. https://www.dewan-architects.com/


Zaha Hadid Architects - one of the most internationally recognized studios, designers of Liberland Metaverse platform

BIG - one of the most internationally recognized studios, designers of Vice Media Group building in Decentraland

SpacesDAO - one of the most successful metaverse architecture studios founded by Fatemeh Monfared

Iheartblob - experimental architecture and design studio, headliners of Tallinn Architecture Biennale

Space Popular - experimental architecture and design studio, exploring the limits of virtual design

Crosby Studios - design studio working on intersection of art, design and fashion with several metaverse inspired projects

MVRDV - one of the most internationally recognized studios, who had designed virtual projects already twenty years ago

Asymptote - internationally recognized studio, who had designed virtual projects already twenty years ago

SHOP - internationally recognized studio, who’s recently released a collection of 2500 generated nft-buildings


Upcoming week, in early January, we will open the Embassy of Metaverse Architecture Biennale in Decentraland. This will be an exposition our own 15-parsel estate located at 67;-10. Scene built by the Metancy and Dearch teams for the presentation of the Biennale, promo activities and presentation of the event structure, including transitions from the DCL stage to one of the W3rdls spaces.

Here are few renders:




We are looking for an opportunity to invite Decentraland as the main organizer of the Biennale and discuss the possibility of holding an event at one of the plazas.

However we have our own dedicated plot in Dragon district with a size of 60 parcels as well as the ownership of 150 parcels in Aetheria district. Even if it is not possible to hold a Biennale at the plaza we will be able to organize an event albeit on a smaller scale.




METANCY - team of creative developers based in Metaverse. Creators, developers, Decentraland influencers, owners of 300+ parcels, DAO active members, creative heads and marketing pros.

DEARCH.SPACE - experimental architecture drew experienced architects to the design for the metaverse, AR and VR spaces. They believe it would create a totally new architectural aesthetic and even a new design industry.

W3rlds by ARhead - creators driven platform to produce content, spaces and events for companies in the Metaverse. Platform provide tools to create unique spaces that can be designed and built to provide a variety of engagement mechanics and activities.


  • Chief product officer, Metaverse Rick

  • Chief operation officer, Rozman

  • Chief technical officer, Demid

  • Chief design officer, Nick ET

  • Architect & curator, Sergey Nadtochiy

  • Wearables modeling, Tony


The grant that we are requesting is designed exclusively for developing in Decentraland and for the benefit of Decentraland. ⅓ of grant will be distributed among the contest participants. The rest will be directed to development, 3d modeling, onboarding, management, curation of the contest and media coverage.

Our partners from Dearch and Arhead undertake to attract no less funding in order to balance the financial contribution to the work on the project.

Roadmap and milestones

1st month - concept and planing / partnerships / headliners invitations / create of event program / dev team onboarding

2nd month - Onboarding the best architects & designers / masterplan design & modeling / public announcement / start of development & modeling of event space

3rd month - open call for creators / marketing / building of community / events development / the masterplan solution has been implemented on the allocated plaza

4th month - metaverse worlds building / event release & shilling / media coverage / wearables creation & minting / final development, testing & bug fixing

5th month - deploying public versions of the buildings and worlds / 1 week festival with events and architect contest final

6th post production / post PR / media coverage


Here is significantly detailed the budget breakdown scheduled for each month with some explanations:


Here is the basic deck of tasks after viewing which you can understand in more detail the specifics of budget allocation:


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Biennale deck: Metaverse Arch Biennale partners-compressed.pdf - Google Drive

Twitter of Metancy: https://twitter.com/metancy_agency

W3rlds by ARHead platform: https://arhead.io/

Dearch space: https://dearch.space/



We decided to ask DAO for several reasons. First and foremost, we want to make this event global for the entire Metaverse and one that will help secure Decentraland as the leading blockchain digital world, which is why we need the official support of Decentraland as the main partner of Architecture Biennale. Secondly, on the way to building such an important thing we do not want to depend only on paid sponsorship and commercials, so we ask the DAO for a grant that would cover the costs of a serious work related to event development both at the organization level and at the level of 3D modeling and SDK dev. This request is not in vain posted in the community category because the biennale is directly aimed at developing the metaverse community, generating discussion in it and motivating creators to create, which is most importantly. That’s why we really need feedback from you - anyone who is reading this now!


We are resubmitting the proposal for several reasons. Main one is that during past submit the community showed interest in the project and we worked out important clarifications that were pointed out to us during the discussion and thank everyone who gave feedback! We have also prepared a kind of MVP - Embassy of Architecture Biennale. We describe it in detail in the comments below.

Another reason of resubmitting is that we cannot move the dates of event much, since there are a considerable number of agreements with partners, participants (confirmed and potential) and a large shift in the deadlines can lead to difficulties. Also when planning the timing of the public part of the event we adjusted to world architectural events in order to get into a period of increased audience involvement.

We are aware of the pausing of grants and amendments to the rules of proposals and vesting. Metancy supports this initiative, especially everything related to more transparent reporting updates to the DAO. We think it’s fair and respectful to the community. We promise to provide information about the work done and the distribution of allocated funds in the most detailed and accurate monthly updates.


We took into account the feedback of the community during the last submit and made several important additions and changes:

A. Significantly detailed the budget breakdown and scheduled it for each month with explanations

B. Added a list of studios that have already confirmed participation and support the project at the moment

C. We stopped unreasonably predicting the number of visitors, now we provide data on audience coverage with faith in the figures that we indicated earlier =)

D. We announced the opening of the Embasy of Architecture Biennale which will take place in est. 5 days

We will share here additional information and updates on the progress of preparation for the Biennale


The Biennale would have an official website, instagram, discord, twitter & other social networks;

Stream coverage on Youtube, Twitch and other platforms;

We expect to reach coverage of 2+m people through creators and partners social media, media-releases and collaborations with influencers; *

The content of the Biennale would be aesthetically pleasing, so we expect a lot of user generated content and media engagement;

We would partner with architecture and design media for coverage, such as Architecture & Design and Crypto media such as Archdaily, Dezeen, Architizer, Cointelegraph etc;

*(based on previous publications of similar events such as Monaverse competition, Renovi Competition, Decentraland Art Week etc; Influencers and opinion leaders from the metaverse and creative industries would be invited)

Some examples of our expirience:

The Dearch’s project on the ARhead platform - It was published in more than 50 world media total covered 2+ mln views. https://deip.spaces.arhead.io/

“Pulses birthday by Tinkoff” organized by Metancy was published in mass media with a total coverage of 7 million people. Tinkoff Pulse’s Birthday Mikhail Shufutinsky grand show | Decentraland Events


In addition to the “build” environment on the Biennale the visitors would have a chance to participate in cultural and entertainment events: Opening + closing ceremonies with the announcement of the participants and the winner.

Lectures & public talks with the participating architects and designers,journalists and metaverse opinion leaders.Topics: The future of virtual architecture, From virtual to augmented reality, How can architecture & design help your business in the metaverse, etc.

Architecture carnival would encourage visitors to get dressed as a building to have fun and reveal their personality through architecture & design All events would be streamed life on Youtube, Twitch etc.

The first event will take place as early as next week - Opening of Embassy of Architecture & Design Biennale. The event will be held at the Metancy’s estate located at (67;-10). We will announce exact date&time during first days of 2023. Stay tuned =)

Hello DAO! Happy 2023 for you all =)

January 6 we invite you to the opening of the Embassy of upcoming Metaverse Architecture & Design Biennale. The scene is being developed by Metancy and Dearch.space together and will be deployed in DCL at coordinates 67 ; -10

:link: Event link

See you inside the Metaverse!

YES from me of course! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hola, meta-friends!

We have opened the Embassy of Metaverse Architecture & Design Biennale in Decentraland and W3rlds! See how it looks like!

The exposition is waiting for its guests at the address at 67 ; -10 Decentraland

Here is the mini video review what is waiting for you Tweet

• Multi-layered Metaverse

• Experimental space from Dearch Space and Metancy

• Teleport to the world inside the W3lds metaverse created by Dearch Space and Arhead

• First Metaverse Architecture & Design Biennale 2023 details

See you in the Metaverse!


This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 74,386 VP (134 votes)
  • No 99% 6,534,408 VP (134 votes)