First Metaverse Architecture Biennale (pre-proposal)

This is a pre-proposal destined to get feedback from Decentraland community and DAO members about the First Metaverse Architecture Biennale before we post the original grant proposal.


Biennale would unite the best creators worldwide to manifest the significance of architecture and design for the Metaverse. During the Biennale, two platforms would showcase bespoke projects and ideas and become a place to speculate about the future of this new environment, meet co-thinkers and formulate the vision role of the architect in the Metaverse!

There is only one decentralized Metaverse that unites all of the platforms, technologies, and communities. This is the basis of our vision of the Industry of the virtual worlds, and this is why we’ve decided to simultaneously run the event on two platforms to emphasize this idea. In Decentraland, a massive town would be developed especially for this event, and from there, you could teleport to the world in the W3rlds to explore even more unique spaces.

- colossal exhibition space in two platforms: Decentraland and W3rlds

- architectural competition open to creators with any experience

- more than 30 pavilions by creators from all over the world

- expositions by well-known architects and designers

- lectures and public talks

- thousands of amazing people to meet during the event

The event will consist of several pavilions designed by well-known architectural studios, and emerging designers selected by an open contest. In addition, there will be lectures, discussions, NFT exhibitions, art installations, and more, so anyone interested in architecture and design can enjoy the event.

We are proud to announce that we have already secured partnerships with top-tier architecture and design studios to become participants and creators of the event, such as Killa Design, LAVA, PLP, HWKN Architects, Soomeen Hahm, ATRIUM, Spaces DAO, SA Lab, Mariana Cabugueira, Il Prisma, Iheartblob, Illusorr, and others.



Candidates will send three visualizations of the 3d-modeled architectural objects reflecting the theme of the Biennale “Presence of the Future” and a 200-500 words description of the concept. The jury would rate all projects by concept, formal/spatial complexity, and atmosphere (use of light, textures, and landscape). The function of the space is not limited: to an event hall, showroom, maze, etc.


All finalists are guaranteed to receive a grant from the organizers to produce the final spaces for the event. All submitted projects will be checked by the technical team and placed on the event web before opening. On the event’s final day, the jury announces the best project of the Biennale, and its creators are invited to become the jury of the next event.


Opening & Closing ceremonies with the announcement of the headliners, participants and a lot of side activities

Lectures & public talks with participating architects, designers, journalists, and opinion leaders.

The last day of the biennale will impress visitors with the Architecture carnival. It will become a significant event, especially for which a part of the plaza will be decorated and a lot of exciting activities are already being prepared.

We will mint and distribute dozen of wearables between visitors. for example, the Carnival would encourage visitors to dress as a building to have fun and reveal their personality through architecture & design.



Since the Biennale is advantageous for developing Decentraland and the industry, we’ve contacted the Decentraland Foundation and have already agreed to hold an event at one of the Plazas, which are 20x20 parcels.

We agreed to hold a Metaverse part of the biennale in the last days of September 2023. It took some time to discuss the dates for the Biennale in order to integrate the festival into the timeline among other major events in DCL to develop and promote each as well.

The architectural city is inspired by green futuristic-fantasy towns, with tree houses and a multi-level communication system between the works of participants and public spaces, which resembles the structure of tree growth. Take a look at a few screenshots of current developments, as well as references that inspired our team:


The Biennale already have an official website, instagram, discord, twitter & other social networks and the content is comming soon;

Stream coverage on Youtube, Twitch and other platforms from official accounts of the event ;

We expect to reach coverage of 2+m people through creators and partners social media, media releases and collaborations with influencers; *

The accounts of the already confirmed studios have more than 1mln. subscribers in total. And there is the very target audience - architecture fans, who are often architects themselves. Many studios, from which we expect a response to the invitation, have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

The content of the Biennale would be aesthetically pleasing, so we expect a lot of user generated content and media engagement;

For a productive campaign to promote the Biennale, we have entered into a partnership with high-class professionals who have experience in a promo of the world’s largest festivals and events, a broad partner network of media and influencers, and most importantly - will be able to achieve results in the form of tens of thousands of fascinated visitors to the Biennale in Decentraland.

We would partner with architecture and design media for coverage, such as Architecture & Design and Crypto media such as Archdaily, Dezeen, Architizer, Cointelegraph etc;

Every press release will be posted on the v2com newswire - a platform that distributes news about architecture and design with more than 55,000 journalists and partners.

*(based on previous publications of similar events such as Monaverse competition, Renovi Competition, Decentraland Art Week etc; Influencers and opinion leaders from the metaverse and creative industries would be invited)


This proposal asks the DAO funding to organize, participate, and list Decentraland as co-organizer of the first Metaverse Architecture Biennale to be held cross-metaverse in Decentraland and W3rlds in summer 2023.

The grant we request is designed exclusively for developing in Decentraland and for the benefit of Decentraland.

That Benefits expressed in attracting a newly interested audience, a bright showcase for the entry of architects into DCL, and the creation of virtual spaces in general, comprehensive media coverage with a cheerful color for DCL.

DAO will direct funds to SDK development, 3d modeling, operational team onboarding, management, curation of the contest, advertisement, part of media coverage, and other operations.

Our partners from Dearch and W3rlds undertake to attract no less funding to balance the financial contribution to the work on the project.


On the way to building such an important event, we do not want to depend only on paid sponsorship and commercials, so we asked the DAO for a grant that would cover the costs of serious work related to event development both at the organization level and at the level of 3D modeling and SDK dev. This request is worthwhile posting in the Inworld Content category because the Biennale aims to develop the world of Decentraland and motivate creators to create in our cozy world, which is most important. That’s why we need feedback from you - anyone reading this now!


Already done or in successful process - concept and planning / partnerships / headliners & jury invitations / creation of event program / onboarding the best architects & designers / masterplan design & modeling

1st month(cliff) - the masterplan turns detailed and ready to develop / developing team onboarding / developing & modeling of event space / event release & shilling / open call for creators / Metaverse worlds building / wearables modeling

2nd month - the end of the construction of the worlds and their unification / media coverage / wearables creation & minting / marketing / building of community / developing & modeling of event space / events developing / wearables minting

3rd month - finish of developing / testing & bug fixing / deploying public versions of the buildings and worlds / one-week festival with events and architect contest final

4th month - post-production / post-PR / media coverage / after-events



METANCY - the team of creative developers based in the Metaverse. Creators, developers, 3d modelers, Decentraland influencers, community leaders, DAO active members, creative heads, and promotion pros.

DEARCH - experimental architecture drew experienced architects to the design for the metaverse, AR, and VR spaces. They believe it would create a new architectural aesthetic and design industry.

W3RLDS - a creators-driven platform to produce content, spaces, and events for companies in the Metaverse. The platform provides tools to create unique spaces that can be designed and built to provide a variety of engagement mechanics and activities.

WEB 3 Digital Marketing LLC. - their solutions bridging the power of new technologies and the Metaverse, designed for enterprise sales, marketing, and HR.

Some examples of our expirience:

The W3rlds platform boasts many successful events with tens of thousands of visitors and multi-million media coverage.

DEIP - the Dearch’s project on the W3rlds platform was published in more than 50 world media and covered 2+ mln views.

In September 2022, Metancy developed and held an event Metancy developed and held an event for Tinkoff Investments in Decentraland called Pulses birthday. The press releases of the event were shown to 7+ mln people, contained a description of DCL and a direct link to

Metancy participated in constructing and promoting of the Meta Residence Tower as a creative and marketing part. We created content, helped to develop the community and attracting attention to the project.


I’m no builder, but have always aspired to be and greatly admire the architecture that is within DCL. Your pre-proposal is thoughtful and comprehensive. Thank you for sharing! I hope your project comes to fruition.

@Metancy do you currently have a grant?

Hey @Tudamoon ) not yet and never before. How you can remember - weve got a proposal at winter, failed on the last day by someone big =(

From that point we did a great job on the project - onboarded the architects, the marketing team, got in touch with Decentraland)

Thank you very much for your support!) We hope to see you at the Biennale

My application was successfully accepted. Thank you!