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Should the following $115,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


This proposal asks the DAO funding to organize and develop the first Metaverse Architecture Biennale to be held cross-metaverse in Decentraland and W3rlds in September 21-24

Biennale would unite the best creators worldwide to manifest the significance of architecture and design for the Metaverse. During the Biennale, two metaverse platforms would showcase bespoke projects and ideas and become a place to speculate about the future of this new environment, meet co-thinkers and formulate the vision role of the architect in the Metaverse!

Grant size

115,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

4 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



There is only one decentralized Metaverse that unites all of the platforms, technologies, and communities. This is the basis of our vision of the Industry of the virtual worlds, and this is why we’ve decided to simultaneously run the event on two platforms to emphasize this idea. In Decentraland, a massive town would be developed especially for this event, and from there, you could teleport to the world in the W3rlds to explore even more unique spaces.

- colossal exhibition space in two platforms: Decentraland and W3rlds

- architectural competition open to creators with any experience

- more than 30 pavilions by creators from all over the world

- expositions by well-known architects and designers

- lectures and public talks

- thousands of amazing people to meet during the event

The event will consist of several pavilions designed by well-known architectural studios, and emerging designers selected by an open contest. In addition, there will be lectures, discussions, NFT exhibitions, art installations, and more, so anyone interested in architecture and design can enjoy the event.

We are proud to announce that we have already secured partnerships with top-tier architecture and design studios to become participants and creators of the event, such as Killa Design, Soomeen Hahm, ATRIUM, HWKN Architects, Spaces DAO, PLP Architecture, SA Lab, LAVA, Mariana Cabugueira, Il Prisma, iheartblob, and Illusorr (full list).



Candidates will send three visualizations of the 3d-modeled architectural objects reflecting the theme of the Biennale “Presence of the Future” and a 200-500 words description of the concept. The jury would rate all projects by concept, formal/spatial complexity, and atmosphere (use of light, textures, and landscape). The function of the space is not limited: to an event hall, showroom, maze, etc.


All finalists are guaranteed to receive a grant from the organizers to produce the final spaces for the event. All submitted projects will be checked by the technical team and placed on the event web before opening. On the event’s final day, the jury announces the best project of the Biennale, and its creators are invited to become the jury of the next event.


Since the Biennale is advantageous for developing Decentraland and the industry, we’ve contacted the Decentraland Foundation and have already agreed to hold an event at one of the Plazas, which are 20x20 parcels.

We are working on the master plan and public spaces for the upcoming Biennale. After generating several co-ordinally different space structure variants, analyzing each, and searching for pitfalls, we settled on a variant. The architectural city is inspired by green futuristic-fantasy towns, with tree houses and a multi-level communication system between the works of participants and public spaces, which resembles the structure of tree growth.

Roadmap and milestones

Already done / in process - concept and planning / partnerships / headliners & jury invitations / creation of event program / onboarding the best architects & designers / masterplan design & modeling / event release

1st month - the masterplan turns detailed and ready to develop / developing team onboarding / developing & modeling of event space / event release & shilling / open call for creators / Metaverse worlds building / wearables modeling

2nd month - the end of the construction of the worlds and their unification / media coverage / wearables creation & minting / marketing / building of community / developing & modeling of event space / events developing / wearables minting

3rd month - finish of developing / testing & bug fixing / deploying public versions of the buildings and worlds / 4-days festival with events and architect contest final

4th month - post-production / post-PR / media coverage / after-events / creating of Decentraland Worlds with the works of participants

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The Biennale already have an OFFICIAL WEBSITE , instagram, discord, twitter & other social networks and the content is comming soon;

Stream coverage on Youtube, Twitch and other platforms from official accounts of the event ;

We expect to reach coverage of 2+m people through creators and partners social media, media releases and collaborations with influencers; *

The accounts of the already confirmed studios have 172,000 subscribers in total. And there is the very target audience - architecture fans, who are often architects themselves. Many studios, from which we expect a response to the invitation, have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

The content of the Biennale would be aesthetically pleasing, so we expect a lot of user generated content and media engagement;

For a productive campaign to promote the Biennale, we have entered into a partnership with high-class professionals who have experience in a promo of the world’s largest festivals and events, a broad partner network of media and influencers, and most importantly - will be able to achieve results in the form of tens of thousands of fascinated visitors to the Biennale in Decentraland.

We would partner with architecture and design media for coverage, such as Architecture & Design and Crypto media such as Archdaily, Dezeen, Architizer, Cointelegraph etc;

Every press release will be posted on the v2com newswire - a platform that distributes news about architecture and design with more than 55,000 journalists and partners.

*(based on previous publications of similar events such as Monaverse competition, Renovi Competition, Decentraland Art Week etc; Influencers and opinion leaders from the metaverse and creative industries would be invited)

Some examples of our expirience:

The W3rlds platform boasts many successful events with tens of thousands of visitors and multi-million media coverage.

DEIP - the Dearch’s project on the W3rlds platform was published in more than 50 world media and covered 2+ mln views.

In September 2022, Metancy developed and held an event Metancy developed and held an event for Tinkoff Investments in Decentraland called Pulses birthday. The press releases of the event were shown to 7+ mln people, contained a description of DCL and a direct link to Decentraland.org Tinkoff Pulse’s Birthday Mikhail Shufutinsky grand show | Decentraland Events

Metancy participated in constructing and promoting of the Meta Residence Tower as a creative and marketing part. We created content, helped to develop the community and attracting attention to the project.



In addition to the “build” environment on the Biennale, the visitors would have a chance to participate in cultural and entertainment events both in Decentraland and W3rlds.


The opening ceremony is the plaza’s grand opening, where the Biennale will be located. For the first time, visitors can see the entire space of the “city on a tree” and the works of participants and guests.

The opening day will primarily familiarize visitors with the infrastructure, the competition, participants, the timeline of upcoming events, and navigation on the event map.

What does the “opening day” event consist of?

  • Opening access to the Biennale zone
  • Introductory “quest” with NFT prizes
  • Grand opening / meet&greet

Grand opening / meet&greet — The grand opening event. Gathering guests on the Biennale’s central stage, inclusion with a welcome program and afterparty. We are planning for Sunday in prime time according to the average cross-section of the audience.


  • Beautiful video business card of the festival
  • Greetings from the organizers
  • About Metaverse architecture and the role of the Biennale
  • Manifesto and parting words to the participants
  • The structure of the festival
  • Space and navigation
  • About events and activities
  • Getting to know the participants + showing their work on the screen with instructions
  • A word to the headliners and partners
  • Party announcement and NFT activity
  • AFTERPARTY with transition to the dcl+w3rlds chill zone


As part of the biennale program, public talks & lectures will be held with the participation of world architects, entrepreneurs, and metaverse visionaries, as well as presentations of participants’ works and judging of the competition program.

The events will be held on the main stage of the Biennale and in the partner spaces. Art performances and video screenings will be added to include speakers to increase attendance at the educational and public parts of the festival. Artists’ performances will complete such events - DJ sets, online concerts, conversational genres, performances, etc.

NFT drops of Wearables will accompany the events for the avatar in the event’s theme or from its participants. It can be either a simple distribution or any game format combined with space in the metaverse and activity in social networks.

  • Presentation of the buildings and worlds

  • Judging of the Biennale competition

  • The Future of virtual architecture

  • From virtual to augmented reality

  • How can architecture & design help your business in the Metaverse


Architecture carnival will become a significant event of the Biennale, for which incredible details of the scene and beautiful looks are created and animated, which we will mint and distribute between events visitors in the form of NFT wearables. The event would encourage visitors to dress as a building to have fun and reveal their personality through architecture & design. Invited influencers would stream all events on Youtube, Twitch, etc.


  • Drops of carnival NFT wearables of different rarity
  • An architectural game with quests, parkour, and quiz. Prizes from partners and organizers.
  • Ceremonial inclusion on the main screen with the announcement of the winners and the final words
  • Concert party and 3D music show

Especially for the event, we will rebuild a warm part of the space, changing and decorating the streets and buildings of the Biennale. We will add bizarre surreal NPCs in the general style of the carnival and the entire festival, which will become part of a considerable gaming activity with lots of prizes from the organizers and partners of the festival. The game will include quests, parkour, and quizzes in an architectural theme.

In the evening, guests will expect a solemn inclusion from the organizers, viewing the “after-movie of the festival” and the announcement of the winners of the competitive part of the Biennale. After that, the main magic of the carnival will begin — the performer’s concert with a 3D music show (a bright animated show throughout the space of the main square)

What is W3rlds and will they be contributing any funding to this event?

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Hey @jar0d ) W3rlds is a creators-driven platform to produce content, spaces, and events for companies in the Metaverse. Platform provides tools to create unique spaces that can be designed and built to provide a variety of engagement mechanics and activities.

It is important to mention that w3rlds is one of the organizers of the biennale and is doing a great job of making this event a superb one.

Regarding the financing - yes, the whole part that concerns the holding of the event on the platform is entirely their responsibility. Also, w3rlds managers are responsible for communication and attraction of enterprise companies, as well as for media support of the event (advertising budget, contacts with media)

Interesting project, good luck. :sparkles::hammer_and_wrench:

Great team comprised with amazing individuals. Looking forward to seeing this innovative project matures, best of luck! :beers:

Oke! good proposal and goodluck :+1:t2:

Sounds like an interesting event that will bring many people into the Metaverse. Great idea! My favorite aspects of the projects are the games, lectures, and contests. Well thought out and innovative idea! Good luck!!

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Why do we want to send people to W3RLDS when we have Decentraland Worlds that are easier to setup and actually work? I visited W3RLDS and can upload an avatar and glbs but there is no world to see them in.

Hey everyone! Wish you a great day🚀

We are pleased to announce that Metaverse Architecture Biennale is officially listed in the calendar of major events in Decentraland!

:link: Visit the Biennale website to find out all the information or become a participant

Follow us on :bird:Twitter, :large_blue_diamond:LinkedIn and :camera:Instagram to find out the news of the largest meta-architectural event first!

Hey @Existential14 ! BTW, this is a sensible remark, you’re not the first who made it to us.

We found a solution — NAME will be minted for each architect involved in the Biennale. Then we will send them instructions on creating a WORLD.

We will use this in a post promo and generate a block on the web with links to the WORLDS of architects.

Look at the update of typical details of the Biennale master plan! We are already testing the space with might and main, and we will probably show the tests to you soon.:blush:

The invited architects are already creating their works, which will soon be placed on these wonderful platforms.

This is not creative and this is something that wont bring new users.

Hi! Thanks for the comment.

Regarding the assessment of creativity, I would say that something that has never happened before is creative simply because it is unique. But it is even more important that the proposal cannot fully evaluate the creativity of the final product. Architects are creating their works and have not shown them yet, but we will soon show masterplan tests. Follow the news on social networks!

About attracting new users — this is our direct goal—both creators and ordinary visitors. For example, today, the first announcement was released in DesignBoom magazine with 10+ million readers. Instagram - 4 million subscribers.

Someone called our event marketing. Well, we’re doing a good job with it.

I have decided to vote yes because I perceive that this will probably bring about long term benefits to the community.

My understanding is that this grant will fund a project that, if it goes reasonably well, will lead to them hosting a smaller but persistent presence in DCL for the architectural industry.

It’s a lot to ask for as a 4 day event but I see a lot of long term benefit that can be derived from this as Carl mentioned.


This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 49% 10,372,469 VP (84 votes)
  • No 44% 9,511,293 VP (52 votes)
  • Abstain 7% 1,662,310 VP (5 votes)

Last minute votes forcing this through will cost you the communities support and respect. Hope you enjoy the money enough to make up for it.

Hi @MetaverseRick @Metancy

Zino here from the Grant Support Squad.

I sent you two emails to the contact direction mentioned in your proposal to start the onboarding process regarding this project funded by the DAO. Also, I’ve sent a calendar invite to coordinate our first onboarding meeting.
But we didn’t have any news from your team.

This was the first email (Jul 20)

This was the second email: (Jul 24)

This is the calendar invite:

Just a friendly reminder regarding the DAO Grants program requirements:

“Every active grant must:

  • Comply with Decentraland’s Content Policy, Terms of Use, and Code of Ethics.
  • Provide monthly updates on the Governance dApp.
  • Provide a presentation in a video format to be shared publicly.
  • Be responsive to DAO Committee and Core Unit communications.
  • Be ready to summarize how the grant funds were used every month.”

Is everything good? Could you contact us, please?

If we don’t have any news from your team in the next few days (deadline Friday, 28 of July 12 pm UTC), we must move forward and recommend pausing the vesting contract.


Grant Support Squad