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by 0x2fcd5b84e04ea940afff17173e67ec64376e1dfc (tangpoko)

Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Since its Grand Opening in February 2022, Dollhouse has had over 100,000 visitors and become a beloved gathering place for the Decentraland community. Dollhouse has a reputation for community building and successful onboarding, throwing several community events a week as well as special events throughout the year. Many newcomers’ first experiences were at Dollhouse - we have been described as a “home away from home”.

I am asking for a Tier 5 Grant to cover expenses for Dollhouse, as well as to provide funds for more ambitious events and unique experiences for the community throughout the year.

Grant size

115,600 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Dollhouse is known as a place of friendship and unity, where everyone – friends and newcomers can feel safe, seen and heard.

My vision is to continue to operate Dollhouse at its current high level and additionally curate and create unique experiences throughout the year that are press-worthy, capturing mainstream attention and giving newcomers a reason to onboard.

Background: Dollhouse has held over 100 events to date. At least three events are held consistently every week, including two music-based events and regular hosting of Beyond The NFT. The weekly Wagmi Wednesday party is enjoyed by all and stirs up the marketplace each week as people purchase wearables to fit each weekly theme. One of our recent regular events is a weekly live art/music show. Memorable community special events include DCL Prom Night, May The Fourth Party, the Babydoll Awards, and the first One Metaverse party streamed both in Spatial and in DCL.

One of my main missions is to onboard more DJs and musicians into the Web3 space, with an emphasis on female and underrepresented groups in the space. To date we have hosted over 30 DJs/musicians at Dollhouse. All events have been free and open to the community.

This year, Dollhouse has hosted:

  • Multicultural events like the the two-day Latin Festival
  • NFT project events such as Killabears
  • Virtual/IRL hybrid events like NFT BC and Holotopia Fashion Show
  • Multiple wearable launches for the community
  • Inclusive events such as the Pride Party with Baby Yors
  • The first official multi-metaverse event with Spatial
  • Branded events with Decentral Games, EveryRealm and Mixcloud

DJs and musicians we have featured include :

  • Alison Toy
  • Baby Yors
  • Y3LDA
  • Elyse Rich
  • Evie The Cool
  • Sky Jetta
  • Mo Mami
  • Allis
  • Chris Stylez
  • DJ Webber Don
  • UnkFunk
  • June Jissle
  • GranolaBoy
  • Zoo Bros
  • Roxie J Summers
  • DJ Hu Dat
  • Soultry Dubs
  • AkaHorus
  • GucciToe
  • Stoney Eye
  • Jack Frost
  • Bufalo
  • Pansd
  • Abilitea
  • CJ Trax
  • K3YFLO
  • DJ Jacks
  • Beni Swift
  • New Girl
  • 0xBlnky
  • Mr Swe
  • Edolena
  • The Perris
  • VJ Deliria

With the funds from this grant, Dollhouse will continue to:

  • be a home base for the DCL Babydolls
  • foster a culture of belonging and be a safe space for women and newcomers
  • provide high quality weekly events for the community
  • be a launchpad for DJs and musicians entering Web3/metaverse space

Dollhouse will also be able to:

  • retroactively cover some costs from our first year of operation
  • continue to consistently operate at the same high level we have shown to date
  • plan more ambitious Special Events crafting unique experiences and bringing in higher profile talent to attract mainstream attention and encouraging newcomers
  • increase marketing efforts both in and outside the DCL community
  • hire an assistant to help coordinate events
  • hire a community manager for our discord/socials



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Budget Details

Server: This livestream service is consistently stable with no downtime or skipping. Technical support has been reliable and immediate. Additionally the operator has offered me a discount which started in September of this year. $3900

Code/Build: Covers basic SDK/3D updates and custom changes done for every show throughout the year. Any service needed beyond regular events/maintenance will come out of the special events budget if necessary. $6000

_ Weekly Events:_ Two weekly DJs will be paid an inexpensive but fair price per set.
Marketing: Includes any photo/videos/design services that I don’t do myself. Press releases and/or paid ads to get mainstream attention and give potential new users a reason to come into Decentraland. $15,600

_ Marketing:_ Includes any photo/videos/design services that I don’t do myself. Press releases and/or paid ads to get mainstream attention and give potential new users a reason to come into Decentraland. $36,000

_ Special Events:_ I want to bring in high profile talent - performers with strong social followings that can be incentivized to come into Decentrland. Special events may include elements of gamification and new special effects, and things like prizes and awards for attendees I want to curate and create unique experiences that are buzz-worthy and will bring attention to Decentraland. $28,000

_ Staff:_ Need assistance with event coordination and community management. Looking to bring two staff members on board to assist with this in the new year. My intention is that these hires will come from within the community. $36,000

_ Retroactive Costs:_ Recover some operating costs and expenses from 2022. ) $16,100


Q: Are you going to ask for another grant in the future?
A: This is a one time-grant for Dollhouse 2022 / 2023 expenses.

Q: Is Tangpoko receiving any compensation from this grant?
A: No, Tangpoko is not accepting any compensation from this grant.

Q: Are the DCL Babydolls accepting any compensation from this grant?
A: No, this grant is for Dollhouse. The DCL Babydolls are not accepting any compensation from this grant. Although Dollhouse was created in conjunction with the DCL Babydolls, they are two separate entities.

Q: Will this grant money be used for land purchase or rental?
A: No, the grant money will not be used for land purchase or rental fees. I have a long standing relationship with Dollhouse current landlord, and should that change for any reason, I am grateful to have the support of many in the community that would host Dollhouse on their land.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tangpoko (owner operator)

  • founding member of DCL Babydolls
  • founder of the House of Tang
  • Advisory Board Member of the Elite World Group Women In Web 3 Council

Assistant / Event Coordinator (will hire)

Community Manager (will hire)

Roadmap and milestones

Timeline extends from the present to the end of 2023.

  • Continue our consistent high frequency programming
  • Special events: Ex. DCL Prom 2023
  • All Female DJ Music Festival
  • Collaborations with other venues, both in DCL and potentially in other
    metaverses or IRL/Virtual hybrid events

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I believe that the Dollhouse has brought a lot of value to our community since it opened in February. I’ve watched Tangpoko host parties and events consistently, and has created an atmosphere that people return to again and again. I believe that with funding from the DAO, the Dollhouse can start expanding into a larger mainstream audience, bringing more value and DAU back to Decentraland.


@tangpoko Thank you! This has been a breathe of fresh air and a beautiful example of how a proposal should be laid out. The questions are being answered about the funds and are broken down well.

I know this is a one time operation for these two calendar years. Are you planning to come up with a model for sustainability?


Super easy YES from me! Tang and the gang are are staple in the DCL community! XOXO


100000000% Bullish on this proposal and on Dollhouse.

Tangpoko and the Babydolls have proven time and time again that Dollhouse has what it takes to attract, onboard and introduce new members to the community. Decentraland would NOT be the same without the high quality events that Dollhouse provides for our community.

Dollhouse has been consistent for months hosting at least 3 events a week. Tangpoko is a very active member of the community in multiple aspects. She is a very driven and highly motivated individual , that has always put the good of Decentraland first. Babydolls go above and beyond in onboarding high profile names to the space and bringing value to our world.

Whenever i meet a new user on Decentraland I almost always take them to Dollhouse because of their consistency, its a place where anyone can feel safe and overall its one of the few places that provides some of the best content Decentraland has to offer from a users point of view.

I strongly believe Dollhouse is an important part of our community from the new user standpoint because it provides a gateway for them to want to be creative, Many of our active community members attend dollhouse events at a weekly basis and the environment the Babydolls provide make it easy for the new user to feel welcomed

I have known Tangpoko since before the Babydolls were formed, and I will tell you all that Tangpoko has always been the same loving , caring and passionate person you all see before you today.

$115,600 for a onetime grant is only a drop in the bucket for what they really deserve for all the value they have already brought to our ecosystem. A true pillar in our community


Voted YES:

I appreciate the budget breakdown for 2022 and the proposed budget for 2023. I have attended multiple events at Dollhouse since its launch in February 2022. Whenever I welcome a new user into Decentraland I bring them to Dollhouse whether there’s an event or not. Tangpoko can often be found there getting ready for a party. She usually leaves on a great mix of music for visitors to enjoy.

The build itself is indicative of Tangpoko’s persona: bright, friendly, open and welcoming. It’s easy to walk in and start dancing. Dollhouse is an exemplary location, event location, and activation experience.


So many other have said it so much better than I could above, but the value is there no question. So a very easy YES.


I voted yes. I don’t go to many Dollhouse events, but undeniably, they are a cornerstone of the DCL community. If this is where they can get without help, imagine what they can do when Tang doesn’t have to stress about server costs.


Easy Yes! Tangpoko has been an incredible leader in this space, and brought so much value and life into Decentraland. I have no doubt in my mind this will take the Dollhouse to a new level. Job well done! * high fives *


Yes! Love Dollhouse. :smile:


This is an easy yes vote for me. Dollhouse was one of the places I found in my early explorations, and it’s the one that I keep coming back to. If it wasn’t for Dollhouse, I likely would have moved on pretty quickly. To help illustrate my point, I recently made a secondary wallet just to make it to Dollhouse events on time if I take too long grinding at ICE Poker, and the spawn location for both of my wallets is set to Dollhouse. Typing much beyond this would just belabor the point and just be a rewording of things others have said above, but to re-iterate: YES.


Everything has already been said.

Its a YES from me aswell


Everyone has said such beautiful words. Tangpoko deserves to hear them all. She has put her heart and soul into making the Dollhouse a welcoming place for Decentraland users. I remember being new to DCL and going to the dollhouse opening. I had such bad anxiety because I didn’t know many people in DCL. The warmth I received that day has never gone away. Tangpoko always has her doors open for us and the Dollhouse is my home,my safe space in Decentraland. It is for so many of us. Being able to bring more attention to Decentraland would be doable
because of this grant and Tangpoko will deliver. She’s involved with so much in the community and has given us so much already.


Yes!! :star_struck: Dollhouse is amazing.


Yess!! This is a great proposal and DCL has a vested interest in keeping the Dollhouse where it is!! The Dollhouse brings so much value to DCL. It is a welcoming, safe spot for holding events, onboarding and so much more. I vote yes.


Tangarang :cupid: this is a easy vote. My delegate did the leg work.


Dollhouse has proven its value time and time again to the DCL community and those entering the space. Over the last year, Dollhouse has demonstrated commitment to improving and diversifying what we are all working to build here. This is an easy YES!


Easy YES from me! Love all the events and love all they do for the community.


Heck Yeah! love this place :sunglasses: :fire: :raised_hands:


Very well written and I loved FAQ, voting a yes for this proposal with both my account and my teams shared account @DuelArenap2e !