[DAO:3kjcxra] SinfulMeatStick - Community Building, Onboarding, Education, and Growth

by 0xc82fd31500576f394b59be3b10c154b584ea6004 (ShelleyVan)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


SinfulMeatStick (Sinful) is a highly supportive, essential Decentraland (DCL) community builder and Twitch streamer. Through his company, SinfulMedia, he is seeking DAO funding to help continue providing high-value content to the DCL community, as well as help provide streaming services to fellow community members who may not have this resource free of cost.

As a Twitch streamer, show host, community builder, and content creator, Sinful has worked with established DCL groups, projects, and wearable creators such as The Babydolls, The Rocking Uniquehorns (TRUs), Penguin Fight Club, Tangpoko, and Kirzoz. Financial assistance from the DAO will allow Sinful to focus his full attention on creating, building, and expanding the DCL community.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



As one of the most active Twitch streamers and content creators in Decentraland, Sinful has been creating and onboarding new users in the space for more than eight months, an accomplishment he says fills him with gratitude and pride. Sinful also hosts a weekly show titled, “Beyond The NFT,” which is streamed simultaneously on Twitch and in Decentraland.

During the last five months, he has interviewed some of the most iconic figures of DCL, including Roustan, Aaron Leupp, Tangpoko, Micheal K, DoctorDripp, and many more. Additionally, “Beyond the NFT” has been a springboard for many aspiring musical talents in DCL, such as CIB and BabyYors. Recently, Sinful interviewed Kelly Ann Collins, founder, and CEO of VultLab and Into The Meta News (https://kac.start.page/).

Sinful also hosts the highly engaging, weekly Twitter Spaces talk, “Decentraland Community Building," along with long-serving DCL community member, Canessa. During the show, Sinful and Canessa give community members a stage to voice their feelings, ideas, and concerns about Decentraland, and they also discuss ways on how we can bring web2 audiences into our home world, Decentraland.

Sinful is a founder of the Community Building Decentraland (CBD) Discord server, where Decentraland community members are actively engaging with one another in efforts to build a stronger and more collaborative Decentraland environment. Since the launch of this Discord server, it has quickly become a hub for many DCL communities to connect, network, and create, as well as share knowledge and resources. Sinful is active in numerous web3 Twitter Spaces, always inviting artists, singers, and creators to join and explore the possibilities this space has to offer. Sinful also invests much of his time in welcoming and onboarding new members to the DCL community, a personal approach that he believes is of primary importance to retaining new users.

Many of you may know me as the manager of the TRU Band Room–I’m ShelleyVan. I’ve been a DCL citizen since July 2021. In that time I’ve planned and hosted nearly 300 live events and onboarded nearly 100 musicians and countless new users. During this time, Sinful has remained an integral part of the community-building process, providing a friendly voice and wealth of web3 knowledge to anyone I send his way. As part of the DCL ecosystem, Sinful is crucial for growth.


Funding from the DAO will allow Sinful to continue providing content to our Decentraland communities and, through SinfulMedia, provide high-quality streaming services to fellow DCL members free of cost. He also plans to make user-friendly “how to” videos to make the flow of information easily digestible for new users. Both “Beyond The NFT” and “Decentraland Community Building” Twitter Space are broadcast to Twitch and Decentraland via RTMP server, providing clear content of the highest quality in Decentraland and on Twitch.

The RTMP server is Sinful’s biggest financial consideration and continuing to fully fund that server often stifles his creative process, which neglects the community of valuable content and community building. Keeping the RTMP server funded is crucial for the onboarding of new musicians, artists, and DJs by allowing Sinful to provide them a stage on which to perform.

Preliminary work Beyond The NFT: Average 30 viewers on twitch and 40-50 users on parcel

Decentraland Community Building Twitter Space: Average 20 viewers on Twitch, 35+ listeners on Twitter, and 15+ people on parcel

Fund Allocation for 1 year:
RTMP funding: $5500
Hardware costs: $5000
Software/services: $1000
Travel: $5000
Salary: $43,500 (approx. $20/hour at 40 hours/week)

Average annual salary for Community Relations Managers in his area is $99,000 as of July 26, 2022, but the range typically falls between $82,150 and $119,916. (Source: salary.com)


SinfulMeatStick: Twitch Streamer, Content Creator, Community Builder, Show Host, Event Organizer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SinfulMeatStick
Twitch: Twitch

Roadmap and milestones

Continuation of the SinfulMedia weekly shows, “Beyond The NFT” and “Decentraland Community Building” Twitter Spaces, for the next year.

Provide community members who have presented Decentraland programming ideas a time slot to broadcast their show using the SinfulMedia RTMP server.

Creation of “How To” videos, which include highly engaging, useful information for new users in web3 to utilize throughout their metaverse journey.

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My vote is a resounding YES for this proposal. I’ve worked alongside Sinful as a co-host for our weekly Decentraland Community Building Twitter spaces, and I’ve witnessed first-hand the amount of time, energy, and passion that he dedicates to Decentraland. After every single show, Sinful streams from Genesis Plaza as he answers questions for new users and helps walk them through navigating Decentraland. Sinful brings value to the community not only as a show host for Beyond the NFT, but also as a very active DAO voter with VP entrusted to him by many different stakeholders. It’s my understanding that with a grant such as this, Decentraland can secure one of the most beloved and invested public figures to continue to represent our community across multiple venues (Streaming, in-world, at IRL conventions). Because so much of his time is dedicated to onboarding new users, supporting him with this grant also aligns with my core value of onboarding and retaining Daily Active Users in Decentraland.

A YES vote for Sinful will have a ripple effect across our entire community, and will benefit creators, builders, investors and everyone who calls Decentraland their home.


If anyone deserves to be compensated for the hard work and dedication they put into building up the DCL community, its Sinful. He is a shining example of what we should all be doing to serve the community and to help grow our user base.

I’ve never known him to be anything but kind, generous, welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate to everyone around him. He is a friend to everyone and a stranger to no-one. I’m lucky to call him my friend and proud of everything he has done to serve our community. The world needs more SinfulMeatSticks and I am glad he chose Decentraland as his home base.

Please consider giving him your yes as well. Thank you for your consideration and support.


Will vote yes if grant is for $69,000


Sin deserves this so much!! Hes done so much for DCL and even the community! I cant wait to see what opprotunities come from this!


This proposal is almost an instant yes vote from me just because of the bond I have with Sinful. He’s such a positive and motivational person. Constantly onboarding and providing quality experiences to new and current users of Decentraland and web3 in general.
Keep up the great work!



Instant YES from me!


I support this proposal


I will second billy on this. 69k seems a solid number


It’s sinful not to vote yes on this!


Custom name :white_check_mark:
Clear and logical budget breakdown :white_check_mark:
Doing more for the community than most :white_check_mark:
Helping bring in new users, and helping them stay engaged :white_check_mark:
Bringing valuable content to Decentraland :white_check_mark:
Engaged in community issues, and active participant in the DAO/Forums :white_check_mark:
Offering support to others without hesitation :white_check_mark:
Helped other streamers get their start :white_check_mark:
Getting my vote YES :white_check_mark:

Seriously though, Sin is an icon in the space, and more than deserves a passing of this proposal. If you’ve been in the space for any amount of time you have seen his impact, and most likely are who you are today because of crossing paths with Sin. Myself included. He helped me as a new person, showing me DCL on streams, answering questions, and being so open to anything I probably annoyed him with. Now he is one of my best friends in DCL, our fearless co-founder along with Canessa, who I am lucky to work along side with in leading the Community Building Decentraland discord. Everyday I get to collaborate and build with Sin is a better day. It would benefit DCL and all communities to pass this proposal. :sparkles:


for real there would be a lot more to say about what this man brings to the community. see what the comments say, especially to site some of them : Brandon & Frank & ckbubbles & Canessa and others as well :wink:
without hesitation :laughing: YESSS SIRRR :fire: :fire: :fire:


I vote YES on this proposal. I have known Sinful a long time, maybe longer than most. He is the most selfless and supportive person I have ever met, giving everything he has to help someone no matter who they are. He advocates for Decentraland all day and all night - not for himself, but because he truly believes in this community. He believes in every single one of us and what we are trying to build here. He is the best kind of leader, the kind who brings out the best in everyone he meets. Sinful for president!


This is a great proposal, and I am confident Sinful will exceed expectations. I would love to see DAO funds utilized to elevate community members who are here everyday like Sinful. LFMew!


I veni Mew, I vidi Mew, I vici Mew.


Purposely trying to find a reason to vote no, but i can’t! Sinfulmeatstick represents a great impact for new users and active community members in decentraland. The amount of effort towards helping and supporting each individual push forward in this space is unbelievable. As some may know he has pulled plenty of all nighters in dcl just to have the chance to catch and help new users in different time zones from around the world. I’ve witness second hand, and it’s awesome to have someone like that in this community go the extra mile. Automatic yes, for outstanding inputs and being nothing less than Sinfulmeatstick!


I’m vote #69 haha. I may not have a lot of voting power, however my vote is an absolute YES! Sinful had me on his Twitch stream “Beyond The NFT”, which gave me a platform to showcase my art to the rest of the DCL community. I know Sinful would put these funds to good use, which would allow him to expand upon the work he already provides to the community free of charge.


Hard YESSSSSS from me!


Nothing but love and respect for Sinful Mewstick! A positive and compassionate community member that gives so much! Deserves this! :heart:


Will a plot of land embrace the new user and welcome them? Could a bot become their friend and show them around? Is there any wearable smart enough to know when someone just needs a good listener to hear them talk about their struggles?


Decentraland is comprised of the people within it. I can think of no other better person to serve as its streaming and in-world ambassador than SinfulMeatStick. I wholeheartedly vote yes on this proposal to position him in front of daily active users, existing and as yet undiscovered.