[DAO: QmdSCrn] Event management & NFT ticketing platform for Decentraland

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


After everyone’s feedback we decided to narrow the scope. This will allow us to demonstrate that we deliver and that our product adds value to DCL users.

Our mission is to improve the event’s ecosystem in DCL. Our solution consists of three sections: DApp, SDK and Builder:

  • An event management & NFT ticketing DApp, which we call Fanszoid
  • Custom code for the DCL SDK that integrates with our platform
  • Simple and user-friendly smart items for the DCL Builder

We’ve been developing for the last 8 months. Last week we launched our first version of the product. We hope to see you in our launch event (Sat 8PM UTC)

With this grant we will be able to support our actual team for 6 months and also help us get to a point of sustainability.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Our objective is to address one of the biggest opportunities regarding metaverse events: monetization. Nowadays only a small percentage of tech savvy organizers have figured out how to mint their own NFT collection and sell them as tickets for an event.

Managing tickets as NFTs provides many advantages:

  • Fraud free ticket resale & ticket trading
  • Tickets sync with blockchain address
  • Royalties to organizers on each resale
  • The possibility of trading an event ticket post event because of the attached value
  • Tickets will be seen as collectibles
  • Native Integrations with Decentraland

Offering a ticketing solution will appeal to promoters and artist managers where they can easily derive revenue from sales where currently this is the unknown within virtual world experiences [being mostly free].

Bear in mind that we have a lot of people that want to do things on the metaverse, but they just don’t know how. Now, there’s a tool to help them do it. Therefore bringing new people to the ecosystem.

Our primary objective is to bring a lot of value to Decentraland and the Decentraland community, such as:

  • Make available a NFT ticket marketplace
  • Generate a new revenue stream for all event organizers
  • Bring more use cases to LAND parcels and therefore increase their value
  • Facilitate collaboration between brands and metaverse creators for sponsoring events
  • Increase amount of events hosted


In order for this to be possible we’ve built a team to develop a decentralized application where users will be able to create and promote events, browse, buy and resell tickets, and manage sales and statistics in a dashboard.

Our backend stack consists of:

  • Smart contracts: Events (ERC721) , Tickets (ERC1155) and Marketplace.
  • Subgraph to index the blockchain data.
  • A NodeJS API that aggregates data from the subgraph and allows event organizers to monitor event sales, check ownership of tickets, etc.

Using our platform, event organizers will be able to:

  • Divide their LAND into sections: General, VIP, Ultra VIP, and so on.
  • Use a Builder Smart Item to easily limit access to a LAND ( or LAND section ) to ticket owners.
  • Dress users in each section with different wearables which will only be available during the event
  • Attach a wearable to a ticket that the user will be able to use in all Decentraland, creating value for the ticket after the event.
  • Add POAP’s to every event in one click with our seamless integration

The grant will be provided as a vesting contract of stablecoins assigned to a 2-out-of-2 signatures Multisig. Participants are Julian Neuss and Juan Oliva.

Conditions of the Grant

The Grant is conditioned to the satisfaction and fulfillment of each and all of the following:

  • Fanszoid’s team shall use the funds from the Grant solely for the purpose of developing and maintaining the Fanszoid platform, as described in below, in accordance with the roadmap detailed below (“Roadmap and Milestones”).
  • Fanszoid’s team shall set up a Multisig Wallet, for purposes of receiving the Grant, with the signatories indicated above. Disbursements of the Grant shall be conditioned upon achieving the roadmap milestones and presented in the monthly reports within the timeframe set forth below.
  • Fanszoid’s team will provide the DAO with the following information:
    • Within five (5) days of the beginning of each month, a Monthly Progress Report regarding the development of the Fanszoid platform and the achievement of Milestones will be presented to the DAO.
    • Within ten (10) days of the beginning of each month, Monthly Financial Report showing use of the proceeds of the Grant.
  • Upon failure to comply with any of the conditions of above by Fanszoid’s team, the vesting contract will be revoked by the DAO, returning unvested funds.

Feel free to check out everything:


Beta on Polygon mainnet

Beta on Polygon Mumbai testnet








The team to develop the application is the following:

  • Julian Neuss - CEO & Software Engineer
  • Juan Oliva - CTO & Blockchain Developer
  • Martin Grabina - Blockchain Developer
  • Caleb Faillace Villanueva - SR Frontend Developer
  • Nicole Hinojo Toré - JR Frontend Developer
  • Franco Leone - Crypto Virtual Assistant & Community Manager

Total Hours: ~960 monthly hours or ~240 weekly hours.

Budget: 10,000 USD per month, including payroll and operational expenses.

Roadmap and milestones

The roadmap will be divided into 3 stages:

Stage 1. First we will help DCL organizers to create events using our platform while also developing more features and building partnerships with event organizers and districts.

Stage 2. Once the user base starts to flourish events will be frequently created. Now our focus will shift from doing manual things to getting sure the platform can scale. For this we will create a strong documentation and tutorial videos. Meanwhile we will still develop new features.

Stage 3. By this stage we expect to have a decent amount of monthly events hosted throughout our platform, be it from individual organizers to several districts. The team will keep delivering features and set metrics to track growth. All the statistics gathered will be shared with Decentraland.

Possible upcoming tasks:

  • Develop Secondary Marketplace for safe ticket resale
  • Add POAP integration
  • Develop Smart Item for the Decentraland Builder
  • Accept more wallets on the DApp
  • Accept Fiat/VISA payments on the DApp
  • Prepare code and SDK documentation & tutorials
  • Build Ranking, Favorites, Support, Statistics and Status pages

Fanszoid will use agile development practices to ensure a fast implementation of all requirements and the continuous improvement of such features.

Also, the team will be available every month to host an open meeting with members of the DCL community to talk about upcoming steps.

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Much better proposal. I had rejected the original one, but I approve this version.

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agreed with maraoz, much better scope

Event management & NFT ticketing platform for Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 100% 2,450,880 VP (49 votes)
  • No 0% 0 VP (0 votes)

Event management & NFT ticketing platform for Decentraland

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

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Fanz - Monthly Update #1


A month ago a proposal to help develop Fanz, event management and NFT ticketing platform, was published and approved by the Decentraland community through the DAO. This is the first of the monthly updates that Fanz as part of the grant will be publishing to communicate the work being done and the value delivered to the Decentraland DAO & community.

First of all It should be noted that we changed our name to “Fanz”.

The progress will be separated into three different sections: Front-End, Back-End and others. The main focus of this month was to help spread the word and make the Decentraland’s user base know we exist and what benefits we bring to the table. Everything while finishing the foundation bricks of the DApp.

Monthly Progress Report

Front-End Progress

In regards to the Front our main focus was on finishing the wallet integration, making possible to any user to create an event with paid or free tickets, see their owned tickets and let any event organizers use our Dashboard in which they can create, edit or delete an event, and see tickets purchased for that event.

  • Project Tech

    • Implementation Graphql Queries
    • New data structures
    • Unit Test implementation
    • Github CI Test-Build
    • Metadata Fanz (SEO - SEM)
    • Component refactors
    • General UI improvement
    • General project doc
  • Wallet

    • Login and Connect Wallets (Metamask)
      Now users can connect their Metamask wallet to pay for tickets, claim free tickets or create events.
    • Logout Wallets
      User are now able to logout their wallet. This works the same way as in OpenSea.
      Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 19.45.04
    • Switch network in wallet
      If users are in the wrong network they are now prompted with a message to switch to the Polygon network before buying or claiming a ticket or creating an event.
  • Events

    • Purchase a ticket
      Attendees can now purchase a ticket using MATIC in the Polygon blockchain.

    • Transfer Ticket feature
      Event organizers or ticket owners can now transfer the ticket to anyone directly from their inventory.

    • Claim Free Ticket
      Organizers that tend to host free events can now do it on the DApp. The benefits of this are that organizers can track which users went to which event and so on. This will open organizers a new world of statistics from their audience. And, to make things clear, if the ticket is free Fanz will take care of the transaction cost.

  • Dashboard

  • My Tickets
    This feature is inside the Dashboard but in the next update it will go outside of it. Is exclusively for users that claimed or bought tickets. It is a list of owned tickets.

Back-End & Smart Contracts progress

  • [Infra] Our own IPFS Node → Improves availability and performance of our users metadata’s, since we choose what to pin
  • [Infra] Fetch metadata from IPFS directly from the subgraph → new querying features available & more decentralized infrastructure since we do not act as proxy.
  • [DevOps] CI with GitHub Actions
  • [Feature] Truly Free Tickets (we pay for the gas thru our own api, btw anyone can pay his gas)
  • [Feature] Memberships & new contracts structure
  • [AlwaysON] Minor fixes

Marketing progress

  • Changed our name to FANZ.
  • Rebranded the company and changed the Logo
  • Revamp of landing page
  • 68% increase in social media following
  • Currently working with 5 event organizers to host new events on our DApp

DApp Changes

  • Redesigned the non-functional prototype of the final DApp to implement many more features that event organizers asked for such as: membership passes, etc.

Monthly Financial Report

The assigned 10,000 USD for April were used to pay for the ~960 monthly hours of the team, tech expenses (AWS, hosting, etc).

  • Julian Neuss - CEO & Software Engineer
  • Juan Oliva - CTO & Blockchain Developer
  • Martin Grabina - Blockchain Developer
  • Caleb Faillace Villanueva - SR Frontend Developer
  • Nicole Hinojo Toré - JR Frontend Developer
  • Franco Leone - Marketing Executive

Fanz - Monthly Update #2

Monthly Progress Report

Front-End Progress

In regards to the Front our main focus was on making the platform accessible to all users, this includes adding internationalization, making UI changes and improvements, and programming tests that will certify the features we provide are working in every release.

On the other hand, we added a new feature called "Memberships” which allows any organizer to create a custom collection of NFTs that in the future will have utility, such as giving the users free access to events, and so on. Also, the organizer can import an already created NFT collection and use it as a membership. Example: An organizer hosts a POKER PARTY and only wants to allow BAYC, Cryptopunks and ICE wearable owners to claim the tickets for free while the rest must pay a 10 USD ticket. This is just one example, the possibilities are endless. Organizers will be able to partner with other organizers and combine NFT collections to leverage the utility of NFTs at its maximum level.

We also started building the “Fanz Marketplace” which will allow users to trade tickets and memberships.

Apart from that, we prepared our platform to be free for users. We now take care of the costs of the transactions when you claim a free ticket, a membership, and when you create an event.

Done Tasks:

  • Internationalization

  • UI Changes and improvement

  • More test implementation

  • Create Membership

  • Buy Membership

  • Claim Free membership

  • Show Memberships in Inventory

  • Show Memberships list in Dashboard

  • Platform is now free for all users. Fanz takes care of gas fees in event creation.

  • Now Tickets and Memberships can be resold.

Back-End & Smart Contracts progress

On the Backend side, we made the necessary changes to the smart contracts to create Memberships and link them to event tickets, we believe this feature will prove very useful for event organizers. NFT Memberships can be minted on our Smart Contracts (through our Dapp), but our platform also allows an event Organizer to use external NFT collections (ERC721 or ERC1155) as valid Membership for their events.

Apart from that, we are developing a supporting Backend on AWS that pays gas fees for transactions such as event creation and free ticket claiming. This backend also provides useful functionality for our App users that wouldn’t be possible using only our Smart Contracts.

Tasks Done:

  • Support for NFT Memberships, minted with our own Smart Contracts or from external Sources

  • Create events with no gas fees

  • Claim tickets with no gas fees

  • Support for Web 3.0 Authentication via message signing

  • Favourites

  • Gas spending optimization

  • New backend structure + Testing

Decentraland Integration progress

We finished the first version of our Decentraland Smart items for Fanz integration with the Builder, and also updated our integration code for the Decentraland SDK on github.

See usage instructions here: Fanz & Decentraland Integration. - Google Docs

Github Repositories:

Disclaimer: Contact us at info@fanz.events or via Discord if you have any doubts!

Marketing progress

  • Weekly social media posting to grow exposure in web 3 ecosystem

  • +100% increase in social media following

  • Currently working with +7 event organizers to host new events on our DApp

Monthly Financial Report

The assigned 10,000 USD for May were used to pay for the ~960 monthly hours of the team, tech expenses (AWS, hosting, etc).

  • Julian Neuss - CEO & Software Engineer

  • Juan Oliva - CTO & Blockchain Developer

  • Martin Grabina - Blockchain Developer

  • Caleb Faillace Villanueva - SR Frontend Developer

  • Nicole Hinojo Toré - JR Frontend Developer

  • Franco Leone - Marketing Executive