[DAO: QmSJx16] Event management & NFT ticketing platform for Decentraland

by 0x06a424b0826fb195b9ed24aea37eaac65655624f (Julian#624f)

Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Our mission is to build a DApp for event management & NFT ticketing which suits Decentraland’s needs, we call it Fanszoid. And, also a custom SDK to facilitate the event creation in the Decentraland builder. Everything is detailed below. We’ve been developing a lot for the last 8 months and this week finally launched our first version of the product. With this grant we will be able to support our actual team and bring more Web3 developers with our same vision of pushing Decentraland forward.

Also, we will have our first beta launch event next week, March 12 - 8PM UTC, if you are reading this you must attend =).

Grant size

233,800 USD

Beneficiary address



Our objective with Fanszoid is to address one of the biggest opportunities regarding metaverse events: monetization. Nowadays there is no organized structure for the monetization of an event hosted in the metaverse. In order to do so we will take advantage of blockchain technology to make NFT ticketing possible in Decentraland and build an SDK to facilitate its implementation. This will bring more use cases to LAND parcels and therefore increase their value.

Managing tickets as NFTs provides many advantages:

  • Fraud free ticket resale & ticket trading
  • Tickets sync with blockchain address
  • Royalties to organizers on each resale
  • The possibility of trading an event ticket post event because of the attached value
  • Tickets will be seen as collectibles
  • Native Integrations with Decentraland

Offering a ticketing solution will appeal to promoters and artist managers where they can easily derive revenue from sales where currently this is the unknown within virtual world experiences [being mostly free].

Bear in mind that we have a lot of people that want to do things on the metaverse, but they just don’t know how. Now, there’s a tool to help them do it. Therefore bringing new people to the ecosystem.

Our primary objective is to bring a lot of value to Decentraland and the Decentraland community, such as:

  • Make available a NFT ticket marketplace
  • Generate a new revenue stream for all event organizers
  • Increase amount of events hosted
  • Grow daily active users
  • Expand awareness in the metaverse community
  • Create more use cases for LAND owners
  • Build interest in brands sponsoring future metaverse events
  • Improve user experience for event attendees
  • Increase wearable sales
  • Surge wearable and build creations
  • Provide our building on the metaverse as a people to meet & network
  • Help make Decentraland mainstream


In order for this to be possible we are building a decentralized application where users will be able to create and promote events, browse, buy and resell tickets, and manage sales and statistics in a dashboard.

We also have created the Events SDK that allows event organizers to give access to the event to users who have purchased tickets.

Link to the Github repo: Fanszoid · GitHub

Using our Events SDK, event organizers will also be able to:

  • Divide their LAND into sections: General, VIP, Ultra VIP, and so on.
  • Dress users in each section with different wearables which will only be available during the event
  • Attach a wearable to a ticket that the user will be able to use in all Decentraland, creating a post event ticket valuation.
  • Add POAP’s to every event in one click with our seamless integration

Now in-person event tickets could be attached to a Decentraland wearable.

In addition, we are communicating with the Festival District team, who worked with Decentraland on The Metaverse Festival, to see how Fanszoid could meet the future needs of promoters who need a ticketing solution.

As a final detail, we’ve launched our MVP, feel free to try it out.

For more info about our proposal you can check this presentation:

You can also find us at:

Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/Fanszoid/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/fanszoid

Website - https://www.fanszoid.com/

Telegram - Telegram: Contact @fanszoid

Discord - Fanszoid


Julian Neuss - Co-Founder & CEO - Software Engineer & crypto enthusiast. Passionate about blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, gaming and education. Founder of a software factory. Winner of several hackathons including J.P Morgan “Code for Good” 2019 and McDonald’s Ideatón in 2019. Lead Tech Trek, a student non-profit organization. Student of the Chinese language since 2017. Co-creator of “Decentraland Snap” a P2E game in Decentraland. Active participant in everything concerning crypto since 2017.

Juan Oliva - Co-Founder & CTO - Software Engineering student about to graduate from ITBA. Background in Software Development and Cybersecurity. Worked as a Web Developer for several projects utilizing various technologies such as NodeJS, ASP.NET, Java, React, and Solidity. Part-time Bug Bounty hunter for Hackerone since 2019 looking for and reporting web vulnerabilities. Been responsible for vulnerability reports for organizations like Paypal, Apple, and the US Department of Defense. Mainly interested in Ethereum and Blockchain development because of their endless possibilities.

Martin Grabina - Blockchain Developer

Caleb Faillace Villanueva - Senior Frontend Developer

Nicole Hinojo Toré - Junior Frontend Developer

Franco Leone - Community Manager & Crypto Virtual Assistant

Roadmap and milestones

Fanszoid’s team will report progress to the Decentraland community on a weekly basis and will monitor the project’s forum closely for questions or to provide updates as needed.

The proposed project will be completed within 3 Stages (approx. 2 months each) based on the following milestones and timeline:

Just to clarify, DApp and Events SDK improvements are done at every stage.

Stage 1: Foundation. Make possible the first event ever in Decentraland establishing the connection between users and hosts through our platform. Build partnerships with event organizers in Decentraland. Prepare strategy to expand and create all necessary teams. Design a digital presence in DCL (similar to Samsung).

Stage 2. Develop. Onboard new team members. Keep working on the DApp and Events SDK. Set metrics to track growth. Build the digital presence previously designed. Prepare communication strategy. Host monthly digital & IRL events. Build Fanszoid’s limited edition wearables for the Decentraland community. Host Interviews & Live Streams.

Stage 3. Launch. Finish the DApp and Events SDK with all the proposed functionalities. Provide 24/7 support, from organizers who use the SDK to users who bought tickets. Host many more Interviews & Live Streams. Make sure the community is rock solid and growing.

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Amazing work and much needed if there will be events at scale. Please email us at info@imining.com we would like to discuss your grant and possible collaborations. Best for 2022.

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do you have a proposed budget already? maybe i just missed it but i don’t see what in your proposal requires 240k USD

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Hi Dax, how are you? Yeah we got it. Maybe you missed this part

“For more info about our proposal you can check this presentation:

Thanks for the link. so are you and your co-founder getting 10k/month as salary the first month…? and 20k each in the last months? or are those devs listed in the first month additional devs? why do you only need their help the first month?

as this benefits a relatively small part of the DCL community and your team most of all, i disagree with such a large grant proposal.

Hello Dax, No. The table is in chronological order. Once you add one developer to the team on the next month the salary is included in the “Team Salary” category. As you said “Additional devs”. Hiring a developer for 1 month is quite strange.

Also, you can check our landing page (https://www.fanszoid.com/) or LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/company/fanszoid) to see the complete actual team that is working on everything.

We are 6 working full time with the project. Included blockchain developers, frontend developers, etc.

Nice proposal, the product sounds great.

I’m wondering, as the proposal says you will enable LAND owners to ticket differently for different parts of their property, will you also include the z-axis in this customization? For example, do you plan to program different access (depending on the type of ticket that a user buys) for the 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, etc.? Or will ticket access only based on x and y axis coordinates?

Thank you for your time and best of luck with the proposal process!

@gsbroz Yes. The z-axis also.

This Saturday at 8PM UTC on LAND (2,16) we will be doing our launch event. We will use many of the features. Although it’s still a Beta.

Feel free to check the event on our DApp.

Thanks a lot for your time on the feedback, really appreciate it!!!

@gsbroz Also, you could watch our preview video which in my opinion is amazing https://twitter.com/fanszoid/status/1501630817054990341

Hope to see you on Saturday =)

Great! It seems like a lot of DCL Dapp teams are still not addressing the z-axis so that’s really wonderful to hear:)

Thanks for the invitation!

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Event management & NFT ticketing platform for Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 2% 233,972 VP (15 votes)
  • No 26% 2,152,010 VP (14 votes)