[DAO: QmPwjG6] Decentasland and nft conventions meetups and education

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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


The fact is the world is changing. Me and a few like minded individuals are starting a company to educate both ourselves and the community about Nft’s cyrpto currency and the metaverse. we intend on acquiring the most influential and long lasting aspects of these new technologies familiarizing ourselves with them and hosting both real world and in verse events to help people understand what all these things actually are. we aren’t geniuses, billionaires, or avid gamers though we do have a passion for these things and though their is a lot we don’t know theirs a lot we do compares to the average community at large. we want to be the bridge between cutting edge and the consumer so the things that are out their get to the indented user.

Grant size

239,999 USD

Beneficiary address



As stated prior we both intend to educate ourselves on tech as much as we intend to teach others. and out of the our big 3 subjects, crypto, NFT’s, and metaverse, metaverse is our least knowledgeable area. we would use our grant to at first get better acquainted with all aspects of decentraland. provide community events and completions with reward both in the real world.

Our end goal is to host real world conventions with fully educated and informed partners and companies to introduce people who are intimidated by all the new tech and help them understand it. guest speakers, content creators, and developers, and classes. As a whole we believe theirs a lot of money to be made, yes very true. More importantly their is utility and potential for the average person to succeed and grow a community.

Barbershop should give discounts to a specific nft holder of their own making, crypto can help businesses efficiency speed and metaverse is going to be where people are at. but their are so many things possible and we genuinely believe it all starts with metaverse and Decantraland seems like a good fit for us.

Because of the technical nature of Decentaland its the most expensive to teach the amount of equipment we would need is a debate at this point. however we do know most people already own computers teaching them about crypto or nft’s doesn’t need any extra hardware. our focus would shift to decentraland and utilizing it for both showing the world its own capabilities but its auditory and visual capabilities make it ideal for eduating in general. if people new how to use metaverse, the covid homeschooling issue would have been virtually solved(pun not intended).

we believe whole heatedly there are a lot of problems in the world that already have solutions. People just don’t know where to look for the answers. yes we want to make money, yes success is our dream. But we are driven by our passion help and inform the community, and not by solving their problems, but by showing them the solution was already out there. you just have to learn about a few things to find it


we have a warehouse and office space dedicated to increasing our team, educating staff and storing event equipment and merchandise. our day to day consists of connecting with communities on social media and metaverse platforms promoting and providing content educating the average person. our real world events will be less frequent maybe bi weekly or monthly over the weekend after we are more established we can increase and expand

We are located in California close to l.a. so we are in a good area to start and we want to be nation wide have a team online and a team touring around. The touring team would host real world and social media competitions and planned A.R.G. 's.

the online team would be involved in args as well, but more focused on the platform and utilize decentraland and the online conveniences to improve the communities understanding for the technology.

In short the in person events are for people who really don’t know about this crypto, nft, meta thingy, and the online events are for those who want to utilize it the best they can. we just need the ability to provide the info and educate our staff on everything.


media tech and musician originally trying to see how to utilize nfts in music and the music community. has apassion for technology and utili has a history of throwing events such as raves concerts comedy shows and conventions. Also the person submitting and typing out this form

head researcher and I.T. Jacob was early into the NFT game brought us on bored to them his contributions are what lead us to our goal

Business owner Entrepreneur, Rob purchase the building, staff and equipment for our start up

and staff of 7

Roadmap and milestones

1st month: increase current staff sstart building accounts and following on nft servers and Decentraland

3 months from grant: to educate staff and get a fully integrated online in decentraland and start a community team spreading the word about real world events upcoming

set up competitions, meetups and classes in Decantraland

4 months from grant release an arg promoting clues needed to find for both in verse and in real life that lead to a grand prize spreading our name as they do so.

6 months from grant : real world events and conventions and stuff added to the arg released

9 months after grant: if no one has solved the arg the closest gets a prize and the arg is complete, the arg can still be solved and reward will be granted but no new clues.

12 months after grant: new arg and company is fully realized

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What is Decentasland? Did you mean Decentraland?

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:joy: Lmao yeah, a spelling mistake in the title of a proposal is always a bad sign…

Decentasland and nft conventions meetups and education

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