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Should the following $31,200 grant in the Documentation category be approved?


An informed and educated user base is happier and more productive. We will create comprehensive, current, and understandable educational content about Decentraland for users of a variety of skill levels.

Grant size

31,200 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Talented, competent creators who don’t know the specific people with the accurate, cryptic answers they need become frustrated and leave Decentraland. Dedicated, long-time Decentralites who have waited in vain for essential documentation have already begun to leave. Current documentation is inconsistent and incomplete. It takes a long time to track down relevant, current and functional information. Decentral Ed, Canessa and AwedJob, with 18 years of teaching experience combined, will help more people faster, and more effectively with up-to-date information located in one place, and updated frequently.

Decentral Ed will look at existing public questions, and we will ask people about their gaps in understanding during weekly “open knowledge” sessions to find what people need to know. We will then create documentation addressing these topics.

We will deliver subject specific, cross-standard, information in text form located in one authoritative place. An online document can be more easily updated and maintained than a soon to be outdated “how to video”. Our documents may also be printed, making them readily available when you are away from your computer as well. Text is easily queried, referenced, and digested by search engines and large language model A.I.

Decentral Ed will separate documents into three standards, update them regularly, and ensure their accuracy. These standards are: Governance, Social and Development. We will write documentation for people at the novice and advanced beginner levels. These are the first two of five different skill levels: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert. We feel that there is an existing body of proficient and expert level documentation. We will not be creating documentation for those top two skill levels.

Decentral Ed will produce a minimum of 200 documents over the course of 2,080 work hours in a period of six months. The subject matter for these documents will come from existing unanswered questions found on Discord servers, Reddit posts, GitHub repos, and StackOverflow posts. We will fill existing gaps like “how to rotate a scene in SDK7” and “Deploying multiple video screens from one m3u8 video stream.” Decentral Ed will field suggestions and answer questions during twice-weekly “DEd Reckoning” sessions. These will be streamed live inside DEd.dcl.eth using DCL Cast, simulcast to Twitch, Kick, and YouTube and will be recorded.

Roadmap and milestones

12th - DEd Reckoning Inaugural: ask Canessa & AwedJob about this proposal ||
21st - DEd Reckoning Governance: How to DAO, delegate VP, and get involved ||
26th - DEd Reckoning Social: How to rent land to host your first party in DCL ||
28th - DEd Reckoning Development: Guest developers discuss Smart Wearables and SDK7 ||
6 work days for documentation creation

22 work days, 8 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 33 documents

20 work days, 8 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 30 documents

22 work days, 7 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 33 documents

22 work days, 8 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 37 documents

20 work days, 8 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 37 documents

18 work days, 6 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 30 documents

End of grant celebration

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We are posting this as links are not allowed within the body of the proposal

Budget details:

  • Two people, each working 130 days over the course of 6 months between 25 September 2023 & 25 March 2024 = 2,080 hours
  • 2,080 hours at $15/hr = $31,200
  • Hours not worked will be refunded to the DAO at $15/hr
  • Unfinished documents below the 200 document minimum will be refunded to the DAO at 8 hours per document x $15/hr = $120
  • 45 “DEd Reckoning Sessions” at $160 per session.
  • Unfulfilled sessions will be refunded to the DAO at $122 per session

Work Samples:

FAFO Sessions:

Quick Tip With AJ on X.com:

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Education is always good, to add something, what I would like to see is a gamified education program with non-transferable certification NFTs.


Education in web 3 is crucial to onbaording and getting new people involved. Onbaording is not a 123 step. Growing, sharing information will help others get familiar and also bring more confidence when they do enter into the space, or brush up on their skills.
I am also doing education in DCL, and I know there is always room for new information, and content. Especially for different subjects.

Some suggestions you can give to the community, for members to ask questions or get feedback

https://www.typeform.com/ I find this helpful for answering the needs, and getting data on the people around you to make the experience better.

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I have learned a ton from @Canessa and @AwedJob over the years and continue to do so. Easy Yes from me.

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Voting to abstain for now as this grant would be is competing at the moment with,

otherwise I would vote in favor. :handshake:

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Thank you for your suggestion. Assessments and acknowledgments are an important part of the education process. We chose to focus on the documentation for this grant. Experiential learning and demonstration of understanding are core components of what both @Canessa and I have done as licensed educators.

Thank you for your consideration and for your fiscal responsibility.

Thank you Serena. I appreciate your suggestion regarding user feedback. We will give it a close look.

And I you Aaron. We are all teachers and we are all students.

Excellent use of a very conservative amount of funds for this task. These documents should be created by educators–thank you for taking this on, Canessa and AJ. <3

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This is a very good idea and seems to be able to be done at a reasonable cost.

Where will this be available? And as for updates, will there be continuous costs to maintain? If so, what do you project the costs to be?

Love the propossal!! Agree on to use gamification tools in it, like the welcome one you showed me AwedJob when I 1st log in

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According to the guidelines set out in the Grants → Grants Program → Documentation section (link)

The content should be published on official mediums to be found and preserved for posterity.

We take this to mean on sites maintained by the DAO and Foundation. For example, the docs.decentraland.org points to a GitHub docs repository. That could be one location for the 200 Decentral Ed documents we create.

Yes. The initial creation of these 200 proposed documents by two professional educators is set at $15/hr. The maintenance of these documents over the course of the six month grant duration is included in the budget. Beyond that timeline, continued maintenance would require additional funding from the DAO.

I am working on a more detailed response to your question. I hope to post it later tonight. Canessa and I have an open call tomorrow where we will field questions and provide more detailed answers. The basic info is in the roadmap section of the proposal. I will post specifics about the first “DEd Reckoning” session soon.

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When someone puts their heart into supporting and growing the Decentraland community long-term as both Canessa and AwedJob have, it is not only good for the ecosystem to support their future endeavors at a fair price, but it is just.

Access to professionals in this niche at $15/hr is a more than fair price, which could be seen as an even lower cost thanks to all the retroactive experience and time that has been committed free of charge - more importantly, I am certain that the accountability here is extremely high, and the DAO will only pay for real hours worked that are not inflated.

Little things such as IPFS documents over existing centralized solutions shows a level of expertise and care that I am sure will be brought to this series in general.


Thank you both for being generous with your costs. I appreciate the answer also.

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Tonight at 9p PDT/12a EDT @Canessa and I will be hosting the first DEd Reckoning Session. Please join us in world on DCL Cast or via Kick or Twitch.
Just follow this link:

Here’s the post on X

In addition to platform improvements, this is the kind of small grant that I can get behind. Educators who are ingrained in the DCL society, really appreciate this initiative. Look forward to what you two smarties will do. :handshake:

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Teachable Moment
Outside Of Budget language

Due to the timing of our proposal’s submission and the new quarterly budgeting system, Decentral Ed is currently Outside Of Budget. It can’t be funded this quarter. With the proposals in the Documentation category that have either reached their VP Threshold or have been passed and vested, the remaining available funds is around $9,000 USD.

Thank you to all of our supporters for voting YES on this proposal. We will resubmit this same proposal, with adjusted Roadmap dates, on 2023-10-01T05:00:00Z. In the meantime, @Canessa and I will host the three additional “DEd Reckoning” sessions on the dates listed below:

2023-09-22T04:00:00Z- DEd Reckoning Governance: How to DAO, delegate VP, and get involved
2023-09-27T04:00:00Z - DEd Reckoning Social: How to rent land to host your first party in DCL
2023-09-29T04:00:00Z - DEd Reckoning Development: Guest developers discuss Smart Wearables and SDK7

If you missed last night’s “DEd Reckoning”, you can view an archived copy of the stream here:

We’d love to see you in-world, on stream, or here in the forum to field your suggestions and answer your questions.

Knowledge is one of the few resources that increase in value the more it is shared.


I enjoy reading this proposal. Thank you for this great initiative.

We are live in DEd.dcl.eth right now


Thank you to everyone who supported us! While our proposal ends in 8 hours, rest assured that we will be resubmitting this same proposal again at the start of Q4 on October 1st, 2023. Better documentation for Decentraland is on the way.

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