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Should the following $30,000 grant in the Documentation category be approved?


An informed and educated user base is happier and more productive. We will create comprehensive, current, and understandable educational content about Decentraland for users of a variety of skill levels.

Grant size

30,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

10 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



Talented, competent creators who don’t know the specific people with the accurate, cryptic answers they need become frustrated and leave Decentraland. Dedicated, long-time Decentralites who have waited in vain for essential documentation have already begun to leave. Current documentation is inconsistent and incomplete. It takes a long time to track down relevant, current and functional information. Decentral Ed, Canessa and AwedJob, with 18 years of teaching experience combined, will help more people faster, and more effectively with up-to-date information located in one place, and updated frequently.

Decentral Ed will look at existing public questions, and we will ask people about their gaps in understanding during twice monthly “DEd Reckoning” sessions (“open knowledge” discussions held in the DEd.dcl.eth world using DCL Cast) to find out what people need to know. We will then create documentation addressing these topics.

We will deliver subject specific, cross-standard, information in text form located in one authoritative place. An online document can be more easily updated and maintained than a soon to be outdated “how to video”. Our documents may also be printed, making them readily available when you are away from your computer as well. Text is easily queried, referenced, and digested by search engines and large language model A.I.

Decentral Ed will separate documents into three standards, update them regularly, and ensure their accuracy. These standards are: Governance, Social and Development. We will write documentation for people at the novice and advanced beginner levels. These are the first two of five different skill levels: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert. We feel that there is an existing body of proficient and expert level documentation. We will not be creating documentation for those top two skill levels.

Decentral Ed will produce a minimum of 200 documents over the course of 2,000 work hours during a period of ten months. The subject matter for these documents will come from DEd Reckoning sessions and from existing unanswered questions found on Discord servers, Reddit posts, GitHub repos, and StackOverflow posts. We will fill existing gaps like “how to rotate a scene in SDK7” and “Deploying multiple video screens from one m3u8 video stream.” The “DEd Reckoning” sessions will begin as twice monthly sessions but may increase to twice weekly sessions as schedules allow. These will be streamed live inside DEd.dcl.eth using DCL Cast, streamed to Kick, and uploaded to YouTube for archival purposes.

By the time we submitted our proposal in the third quarter, there were other, previously submitted proposals in the Documentation category. With their passage the remaining budget for this category was $9,000. Our proposal was therefore considered outside of budget. This proposal is our re-submission at the start of the fourth quarter. Recent changes have required AwedJob to take a full-time teaching position. This is why the project duration has been increased to 10 months. Both Canessa and AwedJob will only be able to commit a few hours a week during their full-time jobs. The Roadmap and Milestones have been edited to reflect this.

Roadmap and milestones

2 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 29 hours

3 documents, 2 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 48.5 hours

6 documents, 2 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 69 hours

6 documents, 2 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 69 hours

22 documents, 2 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 197 hours

22 documents, 2 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 197 hours

22 documents, 2 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 197 hours

22 documents, 2 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 197 hours

22 documents, 2 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 197 hours

30 documents, 8 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 324 hours

30 documents, 8 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 324 hours

15 documents, 3 DEd Reckoning Sessions, 151.5 hours

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Decentral Ed Supplemental

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Budget details:

  • Two people, working a total of 250 days, at 8 hours per day, over the course of 10 months between 16 October 2023 & 15 August 2024 = 2,000 hours
  • 2,000 hours at $15/hr = $30,000
    • 8 hours per doc for 200 docs = 1,600 hours at $15 per hour = $24,000
    • 10.5 hours per “DEd Reckoning” session x 37 at $15 per hour = $5,800
    • 14 hours grant prep at $15 per hour = $200
  • Hours not worked will be refunded to the DAO at $15/hr
  • Unfinished documents below the 200 document minimum will be refunded to the DAO at 8 hours per document x $15 per hour = $120
  • Unfulfilled sessions will be refunded to the DAO at $160 per session

Work Samples:

FAFO Sessions:

Quick Tip With AJ on X.com:

Going to vote yes because I doubt there will be much more documentation proposals, but I would like to see more quarter proposals than a year proposals that get all the budget of the quarter and cancel any other proposal. You could get the same amount by renewing a proposal every quarter.

Im voting no on this. I don’t see how hundreds of documents will help this platform grow.

We’ve reached and exceeded the acceptance threshold! Thank you to the supporters of this proposal. We appreciate your recognition for the need of documentation that will assist novice and advanced beginner users of Decentraland. Whether it’s a renter looking to deploy an exciting new idea to a parcel or an artist wanting to display their NFT art, you agree with us that this information needs to be easy to find, up to date, and extensive. We look forward to continuing our work on the Decentral Education initiative.


Congrats, do your best :slight_smile:

Decentral Ed - v2.0

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 58% 8,813,293 VP (109 votes)
  • No 32% 5,120,594 VP (20 votes)
  • Abstain 10% 1,685,133 VP (12 votes)

Decentral Ed - v2.0

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)

Vesting Contract Addresses: 0x64491fee502B58b3b8F998c4823564D92Aba65A2

For those wishing to attend our DEd Reckoning Session, it is located in the DEd.DCL.ETH world. They take place every two weeks starting on December 3rd at 9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm UTC.