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Should the following $2,400 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


we will be building and developing a decentraland Africa community through inperson events that will serve as a vehicle for education , awareness and onboarding Africans in to the metaverse, this events will be a practical demonstration of how to get in and access the opportunities available , guide artists to proper resources that will be beneficial to them

Grant size

2,400 USD in MANA

Project duration

1 month

Beneficiary address


Email address



As part of our awareness creation on the blockchain technology in Africa and our value addition to the decentraland ecosystem, we intend to introduce an educational outreach program that will provide the platform to educate the student communities in Nigeria on blockchain technology and also facilitate on-boarding of the student community in Nigeria into the decentraland ecosystem and metaverse. In this regard, we intend to introduce a monthly program dubbed, metaverse summit, a program with the aim of enabling young Africans, especially students, dvelopers, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to identify and explore the opportunities that are available to them in the metaverse ,
The metaverse narrative, though an emerging technology has a lot of potential and opportunities for students, entrepreneurs and more especially the African community in helping curb unemployment deficits. it’s our conviction that, awareness creation and the on-boarding of students at the grass root level through education would be a significant starting point for the early adoption of decentraland by individuals, artists and businesses, with the aim helping them provide solutions that meets local expectations. In Africa, metaverse hasn’t gained much attention in spite of its huge potential and the significant impact it could make in the life of many startups, developers, artists and the continent at large, in terms of providing real time solutions that addresses the challenges that confront the continent we intend to work very hard to reduce this

The plan is to organize two events, an in person event and setting up a decentraland twitter channel for Africa, The first part of the initiative will be the in person event… The expectation is that, by the in person event, we’ll establish campus decetraland representatives. With this initiative, we are focused on educating and onboarding students and people in attendance in to decentraland and metaverse.the event will focus on

• Introduction to metaverse
• What is metaverse
• intro to decentraland and how to create an account
• How to create buy and sell on decentraland

The key to the success of this project is to partner with existing student communities and associations that will help us get a foot in the door. We then hope that the value proposition of decentraland will be enough to make them want to learn more. We have already established relationships with a few associations in varrious universities and are discussing details for the events. Taking into account the audience for our program, we will have to create interesting and insightful content with this specific targets in mind. After catching their initial interests at our events, we need to continue to provide opportunities to keep them actively engaged in the community and learn more about the community. Allowing everyone to participate to the best of their ability, at whatever level they are starting from. we intend to hold these events in Enugu state University of science andTech, federal university of Technology owerri

Roadmap and milestones

a total of 2 events that will have atleast 50-80 people in attendance in each of the event.
event pictures and contacts of attendees
summary report and feedbacks

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Hello, thank you for this proposal, it makes sense imo.

Whats your history and experience within Decentraland ?

Can you tell more about your project in Decentraland DAO Discord server - Decentraland DAO ?


Yes!! I agree with @web3nit it makes sense.

I would also like to learn about your history and experience within Decentraland.

The only additional question I have is will there be a meeting place or event within Decentraland?

Thank you for taking the time to write this proposal, I look forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:


I would like very much to see this happen. I will wait however until the current questions are answered. Thank you.


thanks , i got into the metaverse world through decentraland, it has mostly been learning and understanding the concepts and value.

ok am heading to the server now

i will like to get people excited and onboarded first, i beleive as the community begins to grow and take a life of its own we will start our meetups and other activities within decentraland

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Hello @olis,

I have a question, how much of a role specifically will Decentraland have in these events?

Thank you!

thanks, it is completely a decentraland event, to get pople to learn about decentraland and metaverse , how to get started and also getting a local community started. there will also be decentraland branding, the merch , the banners etc

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we can also have someone from decentraland or the community speak to us briefly in the events virtually, it will also be agreat booster

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I have voted yes. Considering the size of the grant I think it is worth a shot. Africa is a huge opportunity. This is one of the types of grants we need to give a try and reach those who are not in the Web 3 space instead of us continuing to promote and advertise within the Web 3 spaces. We are only advertising to ourselves in those cases.

thanks a lot, i also appeal to those who abstained , if there are any concerns they may have i am available to address them


This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 11% 540,332 VP (37 votes)
  • No 42% 1,998,159 VP (13 votes)
  • Abstain 47% 2,121,613 VP (36 votes)